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coldshot1  Hello SG fans

Today, 08:42 AM

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coldshot1  Today, 08:43 AM
Hello from Santa Rosa,
My SG Les Paul 1962 ser.#60708 has an Ebony w/mother of pearl inlay butte plate w/vibrato bar. I talked to the old Gibson historian about it. He said he had one on the cover of his book Guitars and Basses...does anyone have that book? or any info on what my guitar might be worth? It is priceless to me...I still play it semi-professionally after these 50 years and no buzzes.
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coldshot1  Today, 08:48 AM
When I first played that guitar on stage as a high school kid, it turned my whole life around, such a difference from playing anything else! I was already popular but this was over the top!
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  Join me in a group effort? Stay tuned! ;)

Yesterday, 12:34 PM

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guti326  Hola, soy Federico mando saludos desde Uruguay

Aug 10 2018 08:44 AM

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McMaradona  Hello from Glasgow

Aug 07 2018 02:01 PM

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Doc Rock  Good evening fellow Rock n` Rollers, greetings from the east coast of Ireland..

Jul 30 2018 12:10 PM

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craig1957  good to be a member of the Gibson group. I only haver a chet atkins gibson now , but i've owned many

Jul 29 2018 05:22 PM

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craig1957  Jul 29 2018 05:22 PM
shopping for a lespaul custom
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craig1957  Jul 29 2018 05:22 PM
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Noithatcaocap  Chuyên Gia Nội Thất Cap Cấp sô 1 Việt Nam

Jul 26 2018 11:38 AM

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tuanhan95  Máy bơm nước Wilo:

Jul 26 2018 03:51 AM

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surfat6  1992 Gibson Avanced Jumbo

Jul 26 2018 01:02 AM

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surfat6  Jul 26 2018 01:05 AM
I bought a 1992 Gibson AJ today through Reverb, it arrives in a few days. Not a lot of info online. Does anyone know how many AJ’s were made in 1992 ? Reviews, thoughts, any info would be great, thanks.
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  Good morning

Jul 21 2018 10:39 AM

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john wicky  sleeep

Jul 12 2018 02:07 AM

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Les Polman  I've bought a second hands Gibson Les Paul Customshop Black Beauty without papers.I would love to now where it has been build and What year she is made.Can you guys help me out with that

Jul 11 2018 08:39 AM

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MrTexasJamm  Has Gibson used Argentine Osage Orange (Maclura tinctoria) to make a guitar body or neck?

Jul 09 2018 07:01 PM

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MrTexasJamm  Jul 09 2018 07:02 PM
I would really like to try a neck made from this wood. I think it could be superior to many others.
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