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Wolf wallpapers for your phone and PC Wolf wallpapers

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Posted 26 July 2016 - 06:58 PM

Wolf are wild animals hunt in herds. As the largest member of the canine and also the most aggressive. And the wolf also symbolize the masculine strength, unity, perseverance and success. Here we will call you to recommend to the wolf wallpaper for you to admire.
North American grassland Wolf originating from North and Central America, although each has a myth that is a subspecies of gray wolf species diverged from Europe. Coyote has its own characteristics, different from other wolves from the original shape, ecological character to herd structure. The scientific name is Canis latrans thereof, mean dogs barking. A grassland wolf about 90cm long when mature, with a size similar to the average dog. The northern subspecies of Wolf usually bigger grassland compared to their southern subspecies. Eastern coyotes largest size in all subspecies, and they were identified as a result of mating a few wolves left in this area with the same coyotes coming from the states Northeast of the United States.
Animals wolf is the only wisdom that can not be trained. It lives paranoia, pride, and freedom. For it is not the freedom to live without the rules. That is to live under their own laws. Arctic wolves can withstand the harsh climate of the polar regions. They can survive in temperatures below zero for several years, in completely dark conditions for 5 months, and can starve for weeks. Photos wolves between the snow is a beautiful picture. Winter wallpaper favorite for the winter and loved animals.
Wolf and Moon live wallpaper brings you the latest background images of wildlife species, beautiful! Go explore the mountains with breathtaking wolf running gracefully between forests and shrubs! This stately animals is scary, but beautiful at the same time! If you take pleasure in the sight of the vast prairie covered in stately wolves.
People tell lone wolf and cruel, and have also told cold and ghostly moon. But they have never tried to befriend the wolf to hurt our hearts to understand how, as well as never swirled moon to understand its soul reef break off how?
I've read a lot of literature on wolves, but there have never seen an empathy. Where wolves are seen only in the eyes of fear, despise and evasive. Because of the fairy tale, the wolf is just a villain, described by the words brings a touch of disgust, ... occupies in the hearts of some black. But what one knows how lonely wolf. Wolf is a sacred animal symbolizes teamwork, courage and discipline. Wolves have a very strange magic. The behavior of wolves. The intelligence of wolves. The patience of the wolf. Ability to organize combat wolf. The ambition of the wolf. The Revenge of the wolf. Wolf howling loneliness, because resentment, because cold sadness tore the heart ... because too grief by getting too much of deception from teammates, because lost all confidence in himself that he did not what will be done to howl, howl loudly to prove that I am the moon as strong mascot, wild. But that still float howling sorrow, the sorrow of wolves. Finally, the wolf tears froze as ice inside the wolf. By swallowing tears crying inside, as if howling anhydrous permanently vanish into the moonlight, so no one could see the wolf cry, so that no one understood how lonely it. The lives of wolves, wild coldly life of a warrior, a powerful mascot. But throughout his life to the lonely, the wolf still alive, still have to fight as a hero. With the wolf image below will help you interesting insights about this species. Download computer wallpaper hd on wolves to express strong or sometimes their own loneliness.

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