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New Member and New Gibson owner from Montreal

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 05:03 PM

Hello all! I'm new to the forum and also I am a brand new owner of a Gibson Les Paul traditional 2016. I've been playing Fender for many years, I've never played or owned a Gibson. Now that I have one, I am taken in by the Gibson mystique. However, I have some minor issues that I need some answers from Gibson owners. Staying in tune. I guess with a proper set up this will eliminate the issue? Secondly there is a slight imperfection on the fret board(16th fret 12th) fret and thirdly, there is a paper thin sliver of glue residue or something on the nut. It's peeling off. I've had the guitar in my possession for less than a week. Are these normal for Gibson? Should I get a refund? It's a cherry burst and the only one left is a desert burst. I've included two photos. Cheers!

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 08:38 PM

Welcome Brando. Someone more qualified with Gibsons should come on and answer your questions shortly. I have a 2007 Gold Top and love every bit of it. It's still like New condition. However I have heard of a few with complaints on some newer models.

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Posted 20 February 2017 - 04:09 AM

Welcome to the board. Gibsons are definitely a bit different in build than Fenders and in my opinion many have unique character differences. I have a custom shop from 2013 that has a tuner that has a slight variance in length from the other 5 tuners. It looks weird from the back of the headstock but the guitar plays and sounds like a dream. I have a 2016 SG faded that has some glue on the nut on the sides of it but it doesn't impact functionality, only looks if I look really hard for a flaw.

You have to determine what is important to you. A Gibson guitar is inspected by a human before leaving the factory and people manually are supposed to wipe off extra glue or make sure the binding is clean. When you spend over a thousand dollars for a guitar, you should demand quality. If you find the imperfections unbearable, return it. You did not describe the imperfections in the fretboard but the glue is a non starter for me. If I like a guitar, a little bit of glue peeling off the nut isn't an issue.
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Posted 20 February 2017 - 08:48 AM

A setup will help and should always be done. You probably have the same problem many new Gibson owners have, Strings binding at the nut.. (eg: Hear a plinking sound at all when tuning?)

If that is the issue the nut needs to either be lubed (big bends nut sauce) or the nut slots need to be widened a bit which is the permanent fix. If this is your concern, it's not a big deal, it's very common..

Pics will help with your questions on what sound like some cosmetic issues.

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 04:24 PM

Welcome to the forums Brando! As said; get some photos up and we can take a look. The thing on the nut could be glue, or a thin layer of lacquer. This could be a cause of the tuning issues, or just one of those small things - either way it's not a bad thing.

Might be worth taking to a local luthier and getting the works (setup).

For photos - try a free photobucket account. You just upload and then when viewing the image click the IMG thing, and this copies a link to the image, which you then paste in the body of your post here.
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