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memphis es339 traditional pro body construction

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 09:05 AM

I have a Gibson Memphis ES339 Traditional Pro (no F holes and a cavity cover on the back). Its a great guitar, but I couldn't live with the strap button placement on the back of the body. On other 335 style guitars I have fitted a strap button on the upper horn (like a les paul), but I have had to glue a strengthening block inside the laminate guitar side at the button position to take the screw. Usually its easy to put this through the F hole and draw it into place with a piece of wire, however
there are no F holes on the Trad Pro. I looked inside the P/u cavities but they are solid wood all round. I nearly decided not to do the job, as to insert a block into the upper horn would mean opening a hole inside the P/u recess to feed the reinforcer wood piece into the upper bout. So before drilling inside the P/u cavity I decided to pilot drill the strap button screw hole (no going back now) and to my surprise the side wood on the upper horn was over half an inch thick and would take a strap button screw as well as a solid body so no need for reinforcement inside............Easy job now.

I read that the Midtown 335 size guitar was a solid centre core routed out each side to make it semi hollow and a maple laminate top and back fitted, making construction easier and cheaper. I can only assume that the Traditional Pro is made the same way. But I can't find any information on the 339 Trad Pro construction apart from forum chat where folks assume the sides are thin laminate like the other 335's and 339's.

Does anyone know for sure?? Just curious, as I think I have seen the answer......By the way, I have a few Gibson guitars (Les Pauls Nighthawk) and this is by far the best quality for fit, finish and playability of all of them.

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 11:21 PM

Yes I believe you are correct on the assembly of them. The differences are that one has a ply constructed top or laminate if you will and The others have a carved solid wood top like a Les Paul. I do not remember which was which but I was looking at 339s a while back and read about their construction processes that Gibson used in different models. I always wanted a nice big no f hole Chuck Berry looking guitar in black with block inlays. Good luck as I am sure yours is nice too.
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