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Starting to wonder, if I love the "idea" of a Les Paul, more than the guitar, itself? SG's have (almost) taken over, for me.

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 02:02 PM

View PostAlanH, on 01 August 2017 - 11:43 AM, said:

I'm not so sure Mr Young Jr would say his SG is muddy.....

I would agree Alan, Mr. Young does not sound "muddy" at all. And when I played one for a year or so I didn't have a hard time getting a bright clean sound. But in fairness I seem to recall seeing SG Angus models that had either some special pickups or wiring or something that was different from a stock SG and that might contribute a lot to how his SG sounds different than the one you can buy at Guitar Center for $1200 or so. [confused]

But overall to my ear I had a harder time getting the mid-range heavy tone that I can easily get from a LP out of an SG whereas bright high frequency was pretty easy.
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Posted 11 August 2017 - 12:01 PM

A lot of the time in my life, back when I could actually afford things like, say, food, I found my "beater" guitars were the ones that I went to, and my "good" guitars spent most of their lives in their respective cases.

I guess what I'm saying, in a roundabout way, is play whatever feels best. I'm fairly certain a 50s Les Paul would be an overall better guitar than my Epi Plustop with the 60s slimmer neck, but I'm equally certain I'd sound worse on the Gibson, because Pinch abhors a baseball bat neck.

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 06:34 AM

I love my 1992 Les Paul Standard but only for the first 20 minutes or so I am playing it standing, then my back says get that 10 pounder off me...
It has plenty of sustain and bite even more with its new Pinnacle machined steel bridge.
I got a 2005 SG standard that could have replace it for longer standing playing time, but the rounded '50s neck was not as great as my LP slim '60s, I never could bind with it.
It was almost as good sounding as my LP sharing the same 498/490 pups but with maybe a bit less sustain and more mid focussed.
I finally sold the SG to finance a Warmoth telecaster project involving full mahogany body and bound tilt back standard thin neck. It has everything I love about my LP including the 490R plus what I wish it had like a 25.5 scale and 2 pounds less...

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 04:27 PM

Got out my Gold Top Classic Custom, and played on it, exclusively, for several days now. Yep...I still Love it! [thumbup] [biggrin]

However, my SG's still tend to be my "go to" guitars, when playing "out/live," even so. I guess it's
the combination of weight, looks, and their total Bada$$ tone. The LP has all that, too...except for
the weight factor. Oh, I don't know...I love them both (ALL)! LOL [rolleyes] [biggrin]


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