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Thunderbird Black Matte Finish How can I clean the Matte finish without damaging it?

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 03:55 PM


This has got to be the best place to be at today, I'mglad to be part of this family.

So guys, here goes my very first post:

I was introduced to psychedelic music and rock and rollbefore I could even talk.

When I was a baby my older sister used to calm me downby putting a huge Sonny Headphones on my ears with Pink Floyd and Beatles,which worked for me like a soothing miracle.

She basically brainwashed me withan unbelievable amount of rock and roll for years. Thank god for that!

When I was 12, the damage was done (HA!), rock and roll wasalready in my blood.

So, I joined to my first band, and I immediately pickedthe Bass Guitar… That Sound Brothers! That Sound!!!

We started playing only Beatles for a few years, until I discoveredDef Leppard and all of godsend bands of Classic Rock coming out from UK.

Sincethen I have been in cover and tribute bands enjoying the best music evercreated.

Ok, that's a bit about me, so here is my first question,I need some advice from you guys:

I just bought a Pitch Black Epiphone Thunderbird BassGuitar, I can't be happier.

I have played Fender, Hofner, Rickenbacker, etc. (sorryfor mentioning these brands in this Forum), but nothing gets even closer tothis mean bass guitar, the Thunderbird exudes rock and roll just by looking atit.

The finish is completely BLACK MATTE, almost like a suede/velvetyfeeling to the touch.

Problem is, greasy/sweaty fingers leave marks everywhereand I just don't know how to clean it.

There are lots of misinformation on internet about how toclean Matte Finish, but nobody say anything about Thunderbirds.

I'm lookingto hear it from Epiphone directly… How can I clean this beauty without damagingthe finish?

Any happy owner of a Pitch Black Thunderbird around?

Best regards to everyone,


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:49 PM

Welcome to the forums Luigi. While I don't own your specific bass, I do own an Ltd H7 2015 40th Anniversary 7 string guitar and an Ltd B-4E bass, both of which have satin poly finishes. I sweat a lot and for those times when either a dry cloth or one with a small amount of water doesn't get the job done, I will spray a small amount of Dunlop 65 polish/cleaner on the cloth. It has worked well for me getting the crud off without doing any damage to the finish.

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 11:27 PM

Welcome to the forum Luigino. Posted Image Nice great looking Thunderbird. (By the way, tons of folks here have lots of brands of guitars, so it's not a dirty word to mention what you have.) Gibson is still mainly loved and honored. Anyway, I don't have anything finished in Matt but was wondering if Dunlop would clean it too. I use that on all my guitars I have and does a great job.

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