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490R Humbucker, 498T Humbucker or Burstbucker Pro Humbuckers?

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 04:02 AM

View PostCajunBlues, on 12 April 2012 - 02:38 PM, said:

I am pretty shocked nobody has corrected this post.. .or maybe I didn't read the thread good enough..

490's are not ceramic.... They have alnico magnets... [flapper]

True! Excuse me for the misleading information. Cheers... Bence

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 07:45 AM

490R/498T is a more versatile choice, that's what I have on my SG, I prefer them over 490R/490T I had on my Les Paul (I've changed them a few weeks after).

498T has a great output, a good definition and a nice grain, but it could be too trebly sometimes, high output can also be a problem. It's a good pickup for a more modern rock vibe. A good choice to add with a vintage pickup. I like it.

490R is not my favorite pickup, I find it lacks bass, it's not that warm neither. I will change it soon in my SG. I'll try it with different settings before, maybe I'll get better results. I couldn't be satisfied with it in my Les Paul, I like my A2P much better.
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Posted 15 August 2012 - 02:46 AM

I have limted experience with these pickups but here is my take on them. I have the Burstbucker Pro and Pro + in my 2012 LP Standard and the '57 and '57 + in a Gibson Midtown Standard w/Bigsby.

The '57 set is not high output but more so than the BB Pro's. I am not a high gain type of player but I do go after a blusy distorted tone and sometimes a bit more like a Led Zep thing. The '57's deliver a very nice PAF type of tone and is quite satisfying. They bring out the tone on this faux semi-hollow type of guitar. The BB Pros on the other had have a bit less gain but to my ears more complex and interesting overtones. I like them a lot, subtle but definately noticeable. On the LP I like to split the neck coil and combine it with a full humbucking bridge. A real sweet combination that is a fave of mine.

When you start adding a lot of distortion a lot of the subtly is lost. Not all but the differences are less. I do not have any experience with the 490's and 498's except for in store try outs. Lots more output and just over the top for me. I find it harder to clean up a distorted pick up than overdrive a lower gain type. I play Srats and Tele's and they have way less gain but can still get a good dirty sound with the right amp or pedal.

You can't say which is a "better"ick up because we all have different tastes and different guitars react differently to different pickups. You really have to go with what you want to hear and go with what your ears tell you.

To my ears the higher the output the less subtle the tne. That's just my opinion and YMMV.

Us guitar players are always after this never ending quest for the Hoy Grail of tone. Happy hunting.
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Posted 15 August 2012 - 09:51 AM

I've just about settled on BBpro's to replace the ceramic pups in my LP classic. Compared to the 498T, which also has Alnico V (as does BBpro), the BBpro's are not as high output, but are much clearer, and yes bright. Compared to the BBpro, the 498T sounds dark and muddy (to me). I can tame the treble of the BBpro with the tone control, but can't get the clarity that I want out of a 498T. Both have the nice, tight bottom end needed for palm muted chugging, but the BBpro is more versatile, IMO.
The BB3's have Alnico 2 mags, and are higher output (louder) than BBpros, and are sweeter, but lack the tight bass response I like. All the BBs have uneven windings on the two coils, which gives them an "airy" complex 3-D type of quality, that I really dig. The 57s and 490/498 have even windings which gives them a smoother, creamier kind of sound.

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