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  1. In Topic:BB Pros in SG?

    15 October 2017 - 12:48 PM

    View Posthi13ts, on 14 October 2017 - 12:54 PM, said:

    Hi friends,

    Firstly, just want to ask if anyone has put BB Pros in their SG. They mostly come with Les Pauls so I haven't had a chance to try one in an SG. The reason I'm thinking of putting them in instead of, say a BB 1/2, is because they use Alnico 5 magnets, which from what I understand, was the magnet used consistently from '61 onwards. I have 57 Classics on all of my Gibsons. Great pickups; they respond differently in each guitar, but I do notice that it might be a little subdued in the SG for my taste. I was thinking of something more breathy and chime-y like the BB 1/2, but got to looking up history of the pickups and I figured the wax potting in the BB Pros would be practical and the fact that it uses an Alnico 5 magnet would be more accurate to what it was back in the day. Any opinions?

    Also, on that note, does anyone know why the 57 Classics use Alnico 2s? From what I've read, Seth Lover's design specified Alnico 5. According to Gibson, they followed that design to a T when making the 57 Classics. Clearly, if that is the case, they did not recreate it accurately. I don't want to give the impression that I'm dogging on them. They are legitimately one of my favorite pickups. Covers the entire spectrum. I'm just speaking from a mindset of historical accuracy. I read that during the late 50's the pickup builders did not always use 5s, but 2s and 3s as well. Maybe that's why Gibson decided to create the BB line and 57's with 2s. Any thoughts or facts?

    Thanks for sharing, I did not know much of this. I would encourage you to try the BB Pros. I have them on my 2010 LP Standard. They are the main reason I got my Standard. It sounds awesome through a Marshall DSL15C.
  2. In Topic:Trying so hard to get into the SGs

    12 October 2017 - 04:19 PM

    Do yourself a favor and try out a Special 2017 T. If you can still get your hands on one, you might just like it. After changing the crappy factory strings on mine, it really came to life! This is one of those guitars that you won't even need effects on, when you play it through any decent tube amp. It does sound cherry going through good effect pedals as well.
  3. In Topic:Gibson SG Help

    29 September 2017 - 11:26 AM

    What all the others on here have stated. I feel it is not a bad deal but, I myself would see if I can get it for a less like $150. You don't know what shape that neck is going to be in after you put it all together. It also looks like it has been through some abuse. $200 might not be bad if the neck does not look like it has been used to shoot arrows with.
  4. In Topic:The 2017 SG Standard and the Poker Chip

    14 September 2017 - 06:06 PM

    Yeah it does look decent even without the poker chip. I recently got a 2017 SG Special without the poker chip and decided to pick one up from StewMac. It took less than five minutes to install with the proper tool to hold the round piece in front of the chip.
  5. In Topic:Imgur?

    12 September 2017 - 02:35 PM

    View Postsparquelito, on 12 September 2017 - 07:56 AM, said:


    Imgur used the edge of her spatula to fine-chop a clove of garlic.
    The butter began to sizzle a bit, and so she dropped the garlic into the iron pot, and a glorious aroma arose into the small, cramped kitchen.

    The old woman spoke from the doorway. "Miroase minunat, Imgur. Mama ta ar fi māndră de ceea ce a devenit un bucătar bun."

    "Please, Bunică. Try your English. We are no longer in Romania, and we must adapt to our new home country now."

    Imgur's grandmother hesitated, and tried again. "You are such the good, eh, cook, young one. Your mother would be made the proud."

    "Thank you, mother of my mother!" Imgur smiled. "It's too bad she never lived long enough to see this new place, and to enjoy the opportunities we have here."

    She paused, and added some chopped scallions to the pot.
    "I do miss her."

    Bunică uttered, "To be the sure, she would not enjoy that attention and favors that you are enduring here and now, from the young men. They are so much beating down the door for your smile and your company."

    Imgur grinned, "Like my mother before me, and you so on back in Sibiu. Grandfather tells me that you were the most beautiful girl in the village, and that all the boys were in competing for your kisses."

    "Such a story teller, that one! He exasperates!!"

    "Exaggerates, you mean to say, grandmother."

    "Yes, and anyway, you know that Gheorghe Iliescu was the only boy who ever stole a kiss from these lips. And here he is 60 years later, making the snores from his easy chair, enough to wake the devil himself!"

    Imgur paused to listen to the rumbling from the living room beyond the hallway. "Yes, he is quite loud, that om batran."

    Bunică finally leaned forward, and expressed that which she came to say.
    "Imgur, I have been reading the guitar conversants on the computer. Can you tell an old woman, who is this JAC, and why does he want to use you so?"

    The girl blushed. "He's just a friend, grandmother. He's frustrated because he couldn't get me to work for him. It's a long story."

    "And so now he resorts to badgering other girls? Phoghta Buquet and 'BB'? He is very much a rascal, that one. You should be wary."

    "I'll be careful, grandmother." She poured the chicken stock into the pot, and gave it a stir with the spatula.
    "Do not to worry. You know that I am saving myself for the right one, and someday I will be blessed with love and marriage, just like you and grandpa have."

    The old woman brightened, and kissed Imgur on the forehead. "You should just make sure that your logodnică does not snore so, then you will be truly the blessed one!"

    "Ha ha ha, yes!"

    Imgur turned down the heat, and covered the pot. "So, would you walk to the market with me? This supa de pui cu taitei requires some dumplings, and I fear I am having no ingredients to make them."

    "Yes, let us călătorie to market. I'll get our jackets, it looks like the rain."

    Imgur turned the stove off, set the cooking pot to the side, and accompanied the elder eroină out the door and into the cool and drizzly morning.


    Posted Image

    After reading this, I really appreciate your creative input here. Thanks!



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    03 May 2013 - 19:15
    I think that's a guitar center exclusive if I remember selling them there then!
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    26 Dec 2012 - 22:00
    If music be the language of love, then play on!
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