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playing with the grandkids, grilling, HO railroad, music......I play a lot of different places in the KC area. Pizza parlors, coffeeshops, bars, libraries, farmers markets, parks...anywhere they won't arrest me. I write a lot of my on material, but also do many cover songs. And I really like Gibsons and Martins.

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  1. In Topic:Advanced Jumbo w/ Adirondack anyone?

    Yesterday, 04:00 PM

    My Koa AJ has an Adi top. Sounds very good. To me, the Adi top seems to resonate more. However, I have to admit, the Stika spruce tops on my Dove, Rosewood AJ, and J100 also seem to resonate. I think that for me the Adi top sounds every bit as good (maybe a bit better?) as Sitka, but most of all I think I like the look of it. The grain is cool. Or, in all honesty, maybe it's the burst that makes it look so cool...... All things considered, I don't really think there's a hell-of-a-lot of difference between the two. A great guitar is a "great" guitar.... Don't know if the additional price is justified. Others may feel different and they may be correct.
  2. In Topic:Progress?

    Yesterday, 03:18 PM

    As far as "open mics" go, most people are never ready until they finally just do it. Lars, if you're waiting until you sing on the level of some professional artist, you'll be 100 and by then you won't care about doing it. Get out there and play, my friend. Be who "you" are. You will learn a mountain of information, gain confidence, and likely make a few friends. If all you do is sing for us, all you're going to hear is "Yeah, that sounds better," "It's good, but you need to sing higher," "Sounds good, but you're a little off-key," "You're doing great," "Doesn't sound as good as the last time," "Getting better," "Yep, you've really improved."----and none of our comments, praise, suggestions are going to make you sound like you want. We all simply sound like who we are (and I enjoy your music, so keep putting it on here).....We can all tell each other how good we sound in our songs until the cows come home, but aside from a very rare situation, none of us are going to be out there in the audience when one of us performs in public. Not trying to rush you, but I'm running four (at the moment) "open mics" each month and I hear people that can't play guitar as well as you do and some who struggle with the same doubts about singing that you have. Some people are still fighting with G, C, D. I think you're at a point where playing in public will make you stronger and inspire you to do better......Just my view. Doesn't make me right and someone else wrong. Keep posting your songs and I'll keep commenting AND I'll keep thinking that you're ready for another venue besides here. [thumbup] [thumbup]
  3. In Topic:Old pic found

    Yesterday, 02:37 PM

    [thumbup] [thumbup] Absolutely great photo. A "slice of life" caught in that very moment it happened. That old adage about "a picture speaks a thousand words" is proven in this photo. This kind of thing is real inspiring to me. I enjoy looking at old photos...... Lots of story and songs in that pic. Your dad, his gun, the guitar, your two uncles, even the piano....and the picture on the wall of a pretty woman...Mom? Grandma? Aunt? Another song in that. And below that pic is a photo of a couple. That's another song. And then there's even a song about all the good memories about that house. Ksdaddy, you've got a treasure chest in front of you. Thanks for sharing the gold. [thumbup]
  4. In Topic:Progress?

    Yesterday, 12:03 AM

    That's right-----"have fun." Not many of us are making much money doing this, so we better be having fun....... If you're hearing your own improvement, then you're enjoying yourself and aside from professional musicians, that's pretty much what this is about. Your improvement is obvious. Now get to an open mic and let an audience hear you. Your confidence will grow even more.
  5. In Topic:My Guitar Version Of "Desperado"

    26 April 2017 - 11:54 PM

    Yeah, that is real sweet. Nice, quiet rendition on one of those legendary songs. Your vocals were excellent to my ears. Wasn't expecting to hear Rondstadt's version or Cash's. Yours is just as personal and easy-on-the-ears......and that is a good-sounding guitar. I like all the single notes. Nice arrangement.


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  1. Photo


    05 May 2014 - 23:43
    Did you get a chance to hear the Zager ZAD80 I am purchasing vs. my Gibson J200?
  2. Photo


    01 Mar 2014 - 15:45
    Never been to his shop, although I play up around Lawson a couple times each year (music festivals). When I've used him I typically have him pick-up my guitar at the nearby Guitar Center......
  3. Photo


    01 Mar 2014 - 08:34
    Keith George. Have you ever been to his shop? It can be kinda scary for the uninitiated.
  4. Photo


    28 Feb 2014 - 12:14
    I always get a kick out going to Mass Street Music. My repair guy though is over in Lawson Missouri. It is about two hours from me but well worth the trouble.
  5. Photo


    04 Jan 2013 - 21:24
    Hi MissoriPicker, just wanted to ask what kind of lacquer you used for your pickguard? My buddy wants to make sure he gets the right kind. Any other advice about it? Did you do the entire guard or just the design? Thanks
  6. Photo


    04 Sep 2011 - 09:54
    Anybody been playing guitar lately?
    Good one Picker......sometimes, it gets REALLY silly in the forum
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