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  1. 2002 PRS SE Santana has arrived

    18 May 2017 - 10:38 AM

    Just arrived a little bit ago from Reverb by the UPS man. [biggrin]It's an '02 PRS SE Santana model. It's the model with the diagonal inlays. Always thought thee particular Santana models were cool. The color is deep aqua blue. Feels, plays, and sounds great. Good shape, too, aside from one chip on the bass side of the headstock and looks like either the under coat is showing or someone tried to make it look better with a blue sharpie, which wasn't stated or pictured in the Reverb ad, but not a deal breaker with me.[smile] Here are some pics.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  2. NGD

    17 May 2017 - 12:49 PM

    The UPSman delivered this beauty from Reverb today. [biggrin]It's a 2002 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. Pretty mint condition. Looks brand new. Ad stated it's never been played. But there was fret marker stickers on the side of the neck. I immediately took them off. It's a limited edition model. Rare Burgandy Mist Metallic. Also it has zebra pickups and a 3 way switch and a push/pull coil split which were a special order, which as I think is pretty sweet. Also have a 2002 PRS SE Santan coming, too, which should be here tomorrow. [biggrin] Anyway, here is a pic.
    Posted Image
  3. Haven't done this in awhile.

    04 April 2017 - 10:36 PM

    Sorry I haven't done this in awhile. But, when I first got my male Newfoundland, Duke, and my male Boston Terrier, Boomer, and posted on here a few of you asked for updates and I said I would. Posted a couple, I believe, but here is another. Both are doing good still. Duke just turned 1 year old on the 25th of March. Duke is still going through that crazy pup stage, but finally starting to mature some, haha. Boomer turned 8 months old on the 23rd of March. Aside from some minor bathroom mess-ups in the house he is doing wonderful! Typical crazy and comical Boston Terrier, though, haha. Here are some pictures. 2 of my 5 dogs, haha.
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  4. New little addition

    04 April 2017 - 09:04 PM

    Call me crazy, but I got a new pet today. Got a hamster. Winter White Hamster. I have and had dogs, a cat, fish, and lizards in my life time, but never any rodent type pets. So, I wanted to experience one and decided on a Winter White Hamster at PetSmart today. Named him Slinky. He was the calmest one in the bunch. He is actually doing very well. Calm and seems to love to be held and seems to love attention. Already getting attached. I am a HUGE softie for animals. I'm one of those people who would take them all if I could. Doing good from the start. Happy early birthday to me, haha. Well, I guess you can say I have a zoo. [flapper] Five dogs, fish, a Betta tank with a Betta, a Bearded Dragon, a Leopard Gecko, and now a hamster. I guess that qualifies as a zoo, haha. [flapper] Anyway, here are pictures.
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  5. NGD

    03 April 2017 - 11:59 AM

    Have a birthday coming up on the 13th and my dad ordered this for me for an early birthday gift. Had my eye on this on for a good while. It was listed for a hair over a year. It is a 1999 Martin DXMAE acoustic electric. USA made model. Not Mexican made like these models are today. I have always wanted a Martin for as long as I can remember. Been much since I started playing, so I finally got one. [biggrin] $400 plus shipping. Pretty great deal for a USA Martin is you ask me regardless of the model.It plays and sounds wonderful as any Martin.Feels really great. Does need new strings, which I have ready to go for it. I think the electronics may be a passive system, because I didn't see a battery compartment, but I'll look when I restring it. Though, I don't have an acoustic amp, I did plug it up briefly to my Fender Hot Rod DeVille on the clean side just to make sure the electronics work and they do. It in wonderful shape. Mint with the exception a couple extremely minor scuffs that you wouldn't notice if it wasn't pointed out. Very happy with this guitar! Anyway, here is a pic.
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    G Mac 

    07 Sep 2016 - 18:45
    Hey, Guitar God! Just wanted to say,"Hi!". That is certainly an impressive list of instruments, amps and effects! I'm a bit envious. Hope all's well in the Volunteer State...
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