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    acoustic man 

    28 Mar 2014 - 01:10
    Hi Aster .are the GHS flat brite strings as good as pyramid flat wounds . Im from the united kingdom. Im thinkinh of trying a set next time cheers Richie
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    23 Feb 2014 - 01:06
    Hi, Aster1!
    I've just read your post about Epiphone EJ160E regarding bad hum problem.
    Now I have the exactly same problem with my EJ160E. I'm wondering if you can tell me how to install the ground wire or something that can make the bad hum disappear or maybe you can send me a picture how its look like. Thank you very much, you can contact me at
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    20 Aug 2013 - 20:41
    Thought you might enjoy this after the other days Obamacare love fest. :) Later.
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    19 Aug 2013 - 17:23
    Aster1, Thank GOD for your articulate and common-sense abilities in explaining this stuff to people! I do not have the patience or verbal ability to do so.
    I again do not understand why this topic was locked after your concise and non-confrontational explanation.
    The only thing I can say is....."we are so-screwed" as a nation with the 'likes' of most people nowada...
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    Red 333 

    14 Apr 2013 - 18:47
    I would stay away from the FT-145SB--it's a bolt neck, square-shouldered guitar that Epiphone bought and slapped the Texan name on, and it looks like it's in terrible shape, especially with that deformation above the soundhole where the neck caved in and damaged the soundboard. The Elitist looks real clean, and is bargain priced. It's hard to predict how any guitar will sound, but E...
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    13 Apr 2013 - 14:30
    Nah ya ain't seein' double, I just took the time to delete the duplicates.
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    Red 333 

    11 Apr 2013 - 21:00
    (Cont'd) I'm fairly certain the IB Texan is--or was, rather, identical to the discontinued Masterbilt AJ500M (2nd version, with real Gibson body shape), with different cosmetics. A great sounding sounding guitart if you ask me, with a deep but softer bass response than the other Texans. By this I mean more cello-like, and less distinct or thumpy. I use Gibson Masterbuilt 12's on al...
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    Red 333 

    11 Apr 2013 - 20:52
    Hey Aster! I've got two McCartney Texans and an Elitist Texan. They're pretty much the same guitar, though the McCartneys have slightly different neck construction--a true one piece and also the carve on headstock wings, while the Elitist has a one-piece but with a stacked heel, and the headstock has no carve on the wings. I don't have an IB Texan, but have played one or two. (T...
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    09 Jul 2012 - 10:41
    Long live Gibson and Harley Davidson.
    What would the planet be without them.
    Best to you -
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    02 Jun 2012 - 07:24
    I just read your comment on the amp cover and I was curious about your AC15 cover. Vox dosent seem to make them anymore. My AC15 sits near a window and I have to have a blanket over it. Thanks Mark
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    26 Jan 2012 - 21:34
    grew up in tama county live in grundy county since 78! not really into do you play git just for yourself or elsewhere?where in the state do you hale from?
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    03 Jan 2012 - 23:27
    howdy I to am IOWAN. maybe our paths will cross some time!
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