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  1. In Topic:Hello to all my new fiddler friends!

    Today, 07:42 AM

    Greetings Mr D and welcome to the forums......[thumbup]

    If you care to post a pic of your Firebird we may be able to assist in verifying it's provenance.....[biggrin]


  2. In Topic:Blue Planet 2

    Yesterday, 12:53 PM

    It is fair to say that no one can touch this series for quality and imaginative production......[thumbup]

    So proud to know it is a UK programme

    Educational and entertaining.....[thumbup]

    Personally I've been brought to tears (and Mrs V too) by the reports of sea creatures injured and worse by plastic detritus

    The suffering of turtles is particularly upsetting

    David A has had such a fantastic career in TV over several decades.....


  3. In Topic:The Ventures

    Yesterday, 10:01 AM

    View PostNighthawkChris, on 20 November 2017 - 09:18 AM, said:

    I don't know much about the Ventures, but I had this phase where I loved playing **** Dale's music (i.e. **** Dale = king of the surf guitar) on my guitar, and somehow the Ventures came up... I guess that by default I probably will dig the Ventures... I will plan on giving them a good listen here soon. I am pretty sure I have heard some of their music over the years unknowingly, so when I listen to this band a little, I will probably hear some familiar sounds.

    EDIT: LMAO, I can't post "Richard" Dale Posted Image

    For those righteous folks who wish to 'beat the profanity police'

    There is an effective remedy

    D!ck looks very close to the abbreviated Richard

    And elicits a snigger from most normal people who like to beat the system every once in a while.....[thumbup]


  4. In Topic:P90 Adjustment Issue?

    19 November 2017 - 05:59 AM

    Hi and welcome to the forums.....[thumbup]

    P90's are fitted on various guitars, Gibson and other makes....

    Personally never had an issue with vibration 'creep' upwards or downwards

    Guitars are very individual in their inherent propensity to vibrate at certain frequencies.....:blink:

    My hollow P90 guitars have fixed pickups so remain at a fixed height regardless

    The adjustment screws could theoretically be 'Loctited' in place.....but probably not advisable for ease of future adjustment


  5. In Topic:Jimmy Page gives an address at the Oxford Union.

    14 November 2017 - 05:30 AM

    Great to see Jimmy Page sharing his wisdom (hard earned) to young folks.....

    Indicates the hard work and commitment needed to make it in the music business

    'Making your own luck' has never been more appropriate

    The grounding in session work allied to the desire to perform to the public

    And meeting Robert Plant at just the right moment




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