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  1. Oh, this recording thing is difficult...but fun...

    12 October 2017 - 03:08 AM

    As I posted about recently, I got some new recording toys, an Apogee One soundcard (for iPad) and an Aston Origin condensor mic.
    I have being learning to use the new gear now for a while, and have come to the realization that making good sounding recordings is HARD!

    I have only recorded two tracks, one voice and one guitar, and then tried to the best of my ability to get the recordings to sound as good as possible together.
    I've come to the conclusion that doing this is an endless compromise. When pleased with the results,one one pair of speakers/headphones, it sounds horrible in another playback system... [biggrin]

    Here is what I have done to the tracks:
    - Applied bas-cut, both to vocals and guitar to remove sub-bas rumble and noice.
    - De-essed the vocals to tame the sibliants (semi successfully...)
    - Panned vocals 25% to one side, and guitar 25% to the other side to create some sense of space.
    - Added a touch of compression and reverb to both tracks.
    - Volume adjusted each track seperately to sound good together.

    End results:
    Track 1: https://soundcloud.c...ashville-tuning (Martin guitar)
    Track 2: https://soundcloud.c...-up-on-a-hill-1 (Gibson guitar)

    How does it sound to you? Natural? Any other mixing tricks I can use to improve the results? All input welcome.

  2. I was floored by new music...been a while

    04 October 2017 - 03:04 PM

    Very little of the new music coming out from young bands these days really grab me. I had almost given up on finding new stuff, when this song totally floored me.

    What a cool song, and a great mix of old and new. My faith in the young generation is restored.

    Do not know why, just felt like sharing.
  3. Sound quality of new recording gear?

    29 September 2017 - 01:07 AM

    I spent a little bit of money on some new recording gear. I used to record on an iPad with an Apogee mic, no external soundcard.
    I wanted to step this up a bit quality wise so I bought an Apogee One external soundcard (found one refurbished from Thomann at third of the price). Then I got an Aston Origin condenser mic (an entry level mic from a brand new British company).

    Here is what it sounds like with a tiny bit of reverb added. What do you think? The recording is done with the mic placed in front of me, about halfway up between my mouth and guitar. So it is only a one track recording.



    By the way, the guitar is a Martin D-28, sorry about that...
  4. The driest of dry vs the warmest of warm

    01 September 2017 - 04:55 PM

    I like to pick strings for my guitars as to pull them as far apart as possible and highlight their strengths, not necessarily to make them sound their individual best. With this strategy in mind, I put nickel/bronze on my old Banner J-45 to make it as dry sounding as a dried-out desert lake. On the warm sounding Martin D-28 Marquis, I put silk wrapped Thomastik Spectrums to make it sound as warm as the rain forrest [biggrin]

    Here are two versions of the same song recorded in the same manner, but with two very different sounding guitars.



    I prefer the sound of the Gibson for this song. The treble just sings. The song with the Martin is perhaps a somewhat better performance, by my shakey standards, but the guitar does not cut as well.

    Which guitar do you prefer?

  5. For the Townes van Zandt fans

    17 August 2017 - 05:48 AM

    Found this online. It's a very tough, and very sad, listen, due to the shape Townes is in, and knowing his fate just a few days later. Even though the performances are rough, the songs are good, especially Harm's Swift Way, which I find undeniably great. I also think the guitar sounds superb, guess it's his blond J-200...

    (you see some details about the session, and a track list, if you click "show more" below the description in the link).


    By the way, if you want to skip the most hard to listen to stuff, here is a link to only Harm's Swift Way.

    and here is the same song in a very sober version by Robert Plant from Swedish Television.


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    03 Mar 2017 - 09:16
    Sorry my mailbox was full. I don't check it enough.
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    04 Feb 2017 - 15:06
    Lars, thanks for asking about my Southern Jumbo. Had it about a month now. I'll try to do a video review on it later this week. I just recently went from hosting two open mics each month to 5 each month. They pay me, but I'm busy-as-hell. The open mics and the gigs I regularly play are becoming too much like a, your playing, singing and songwriting is really impr...
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