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  1. In Topic:2018 Gibson prices

    Yesterday, 10:11 AM

    I tried the HP guitars, I like the necks but the tone didn't really suit my playing style. I want rumbling, throaty, chiming Gibson-ness, which my squares and super jumbos give me all day long. The HPs weren't unpleasant and are certainly very good instruments, but not a flavour that set my palate tingling. Maybe one day I'll pick one up that speaks to me.

    You know what IS a stupid waste of time? Those "Progressive" J45s with the Tune-O-Tragic bridge. 😳
  2. In Topic:Plek application

    18 September 2017 - 11:13 AM

     olie, on 17 September 2017 - 04:19 PM, said:

    Thanks Jinder for your input. This is the type of response I was hoping to hear. Your point is well taken-perhaps the guitar has to find it's own "sweet spot" before any meaningful adjustments should be attempted. So now it's about what may have occured early on in the life of the guitar and whether or not the adjustment is + or -.The discussion has to start somewhere. More anecdotal or scientific replies might be of benefit no matter what side of the debate (if any) one is on.

    I think that most guitars need to find their "zero point" when the woods have settled into being guitar-shaped and cured a little before anything other than a rudimentary setup to make the guitar playable and correctly intonated is worthwhile. Certainly here in the U.K. guitars that are shipped internationally inevitably arrive in all kinds of shape, having been subjected to freight travel and the inevitable changes in temperature and humidity that entails, without even considering the natural settling process.

    I rarely buy a brand new guitar (my SJ200 was a NOS 2015 model bought in 2016, and my Dove was a NOS 2011 bought in the same year, which is about as close as I've come to buying "new" guitars in many years) but I've played plenty in guitar stores, and despite Pleking at the factory, I'd still say most would require some love to make them play at their best.
  3. In Topic:Test Track Instrumental of Pickup

    18 September 2017 - 10:58 AM

    Thanks for the info! I considered the REB but ended up going for the Aura and Matrix Infinity combo. I'm really happy with it, I have the Matrix in my SJ200, SJ100 and Hummingbird and it really works beautifully, especially with the Mahogany 100 and the 'Bird. I'll put one in my Texan and Dove soon, although the Dove is mainly a studio/writing guitar at the moment.
  4. In Topic:L-00 Variations

    18 September 2017 - 07:02 AM

    I had an Bubinga L-00 Blues King for a while. Sweet little thing but a bit overbuilt. The Legend is the best modern L-00 I've played, absolutely stellar instrument. What I really want eventually, L-00 wise, is a Maple Nick Lucas or Century Of Progress 😍
  5. In Topic:Test Track Instrumental of Pickup

    18 September 2017 - 06:54 AM

     BluesKing777, on 17 September 2017 - 06:52 PM, said:

    Not enough to leave well enough alone....I removed the Fishman Rare Earth Blend soundhole pickup from my Lowden O22 and thought I would try it in my Cargill custom.

    Totally different! For one, the guitar is a small body, and two, the pickup is way, way lower from the strings than the Lowden. (so not as full and loud).

    But I like it a lot, so here is a short instrumental I called "Attack Of the Birds" as I was attacked by a bird while riding my pushbike last Thursday! Whack, got my helmut! Wobbled a little on the bike in a bit of shock then headed for the hills as fast as I could.

    This little tune should reflect that [biggrin]



    LOVE this, BK! What a wonderful tone that setup has. Is it all just REB or did you use a condenser for extra air? How much of the REB mic was in the mix? Sorry for all the questions! This sounds so much better than my standard Rare Earth Humbucker.



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    MR GIBS 

    12 Jul 2014 - 01:03
    Hallo Jinder, how are you? Alive & well I hope!
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    09 Aug 2012 - 14:31
    hello dear
    how are you doing, hope your good my name is Alima, i like to be your friend i like your profile, i hope we can be good friends i have a lot to tell you, or you can send me your email or contact me on ( so that we can know more about each other thanks, from Alima.
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    09 Aug 2012 - 03:46
    Hello Jinder - Did you see the 2 Donovan tunes played on the famous J-200 ?
    Just wanted to put that brick where it belongs.
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    20 Feb 2012 - 15:41
    Hey Jinder you did a great job on Hazel County!
  5. Photo


    26 Dec 2011 - 12:14
    I've read your posts and you are very informed. Your comment to the guy who isn't in love with his hummingbird was very interesting. Do you know any similar information on the J 45 custom Rosewood? I love that kind of trivia and love to know it.
    Best regards and Happy Holidays,
    Phillip (Tman)
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