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  1. HNGD

    13 May 2017 - 11:14 AM

    Always wanted the Gibson version, but it's priced hopelessly out of my means, and justification.

    So, I settled for the Epiphone version, shown below, from Sweetwater! So far, it's seems like
    a real "Keeper!" Nice FAT '50's neck, fat but NOT uncomfortable, USA Gibson P-90's, a real
    Ebony fingerboard, etc., at a very reasonable price, all things considered. [thumbup]

    Posted Image

    Posted Image


  2. HNGD!

    13 May 2017 - 11:05 AM

    Got this Lovely Epi Guitar, from Sweetwater! Nice looking, awesome sounding (USA P-90's), and a nice FAT neck!
    (The fat '50's neck profile takes a bit of getting used to (all my other guitars are '60's profile), but
    it's NOT uncomfortable, at all...just "unusual," for Me!) [biggrin]

    Here's the spec's, on the Epiphone Site! http://www.epiphone....tom-Outfit.aspx

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Always wanted a P-90 LP Custom, but the Gibson's are TOO expensive, these days...unjustifiably so, for ME!
    So, this little Epiphone, with USA P-90's and a real Ebony fingerboard, will do just fine! [thumbup]
    At least Until, I win some huge "Lottery!" [biggrin]


  3. Happy New (to me) Amp Day

    19 March 2017 - 09:02 PM

    Hi All, it's been awhile since I posted a new piece of "gear," because...well, it's been awhile since I GOT a new,
    or new to me, piece of gear.

    While recently visiting my favorite music store/dealer, in Wichita (E.M. Shorts), to pick up one of my Ric 12-strings, after
    it's yearly maintenance, I wandered into the "amp room," and spotted this beauty, just willing me, to "Take Me Home!"
    It was in there, in consignment, at a very reasonable price. But, Me being ME, I asked them to call the guy, and see
    if he would take just a bit less, for it. After some "back and forth," he finally, and begrudgingly agreed! So, take
    it home, I did! I must say, this amp is a fire breathing beast!! Awesome! And, it's in "Like New" condition, with cover and 2 button foot switch, as well.

    Posted Image

    Cheers, from one Very Happy Vibrolux owner. [biggrin]

  4. What Say You? Are American (made) products pricing themselves out of Business?

    13 March 2017 - 11:09 AM

    Yes, ANOTHER Pricing Rant! (Have you been to a grocery store, lately?!) LOL [flapper] [biggrin]

    So, what say you all? Gibson, and other brands seem to keep raising the price, on everything, to way past
    the point of diminishing returns, and more like unbridled Greed! Nothing new, of course, but for how much

    Just One Example: In 2002, I bought my Gibson "Lucille" for $1,600 (and change), brand spanking new,
    and WITH the original spec'd Ebony finger board. Today, a "Lucille" with a (non original spec'd) composite
    (Richlite) fingeboard is $7,000, new! [scared] Now, I have nothing (really) against Richlite fingerboards,
    but a $5,400 dollar increase, in that model's pricing, in just 15 years? A lot of Custom Shop guitars have
    increased pricing, significantly, in even less time. Going from mid 2-3 Grand pricing, to 5-8 Grand,
    now. Does "Period correct" plastic, make THAT much difference??! [unsure]

    So, what say you all?! [biggrin]

    I'm (recently) interested in Epiphone's "Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom Outfit," because it has a real
    Ebony fingerboard, 2 "USA" P-90's, and all the original spec's, save the Epiphone headstock, lack of
    "Nitro" finish, and name. It's advertised street price, is $800 bucks! The Gibson reissue
    (if you can find one?) has been upwards of 9-10 Grand, used! Will the Epi be identical quality
    to the Gibson. No! BUT, it isn't anywhere near the $9,000 dollar difference, either!

    I'm using the Gibson/Epiphone price differences, only as ONE reference. This kind of thing is
    rampant, all over, regardless of product! How can America really compete with China, and other
    imported goods (which have to pay import duties, or tariffs, etc.), if our products, domestically,
    are so much higher, than "Made in China/Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. equivalent products?

  5. Grateful, for what I have...

    23 February 2017 - 09:10 PM

    Like many of us, here, I too seem to constantly look at, or for, another guitar.

    I really only have 3 ("Bucket List" guitars) that I'd still LOVE to have, but realize
    I may never actually own, at this point. And, I'm totally OK, with that. It's always
    good to "dream!" [biggrin]

    I've been going through all my guitars, doing a little seasonal maintenance, cleaning,
    string changes, etc. I can't tell you, how "fortunate" I feel, to have what I have!
    I truly wonder, at times, WHY I keep looking, even. But, I guess, it's just a bit of
    what we DO, as guitar players. Maybe, especially, when we're not "gigging" anymore,
    or if we are, not so much, these days. I don't know...but, I'm feeling pretty thankful,
    for ALL the guitars I own, expensive and "cheapies" alike. Love 'em All!

    That's all. [biggrin]



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    08 Nov 2015 - 17:53
    Thanks CB for your thoughts and prayers my friend
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