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    G Mac 

    12 Aug 2016 - 21:41
    Hi, Stein! I just wanted to thank you personally for your advice on my post regarding my wonky volume pot. Your reply kept me from F'ing up my 1966 ES-330 as I had the wrong DeOxit. Thanks! G Mac.
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    19 Sep 2014 - 18:33
    Hi Stein,
    Some of us have been concerned about ya bro!! Glad to see you back here. Wasn't anything I said I hope that kept you away.
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    02 Dec 2013 - 16:53
    Has anyone heard from or about Stein? Hope all is well with ya bro!!
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    26 Jan 2013 - 14:38
    Well thank you Mr. Stein, I will take that very nice complement about my dinning room and guitar... I'm not the best guitar player but I do have feeling and perhaps a bit of style... :-)
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    22 Sep 2012 - 16:55
    Go look at all the treads ole MattsA has started. He asks hundreds of questions on many different forums and never gets back. I've benn answering questions for him for a while now. Easy questions that a simple Google search would find in seconds.
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    27 Jul 2012 - 13:01
    secondo voi è falsa??
    questo è il link
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    18 Jul 2012 - 01:36
    Hey man what would 1* ee and uh* 2 ee* and uh 3 ee* and* uh 4* ee* and uh.... be if only the notes with * are played?
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    17 May 2012 - 11:48
    I just answered to your post with a "NO, Thanks" got pulled within minutes
    Nothing has changed.....
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    31 Jan 2012 - 02:20
    Thank you Stein...It's great having you on these forums...
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    31 Jan 2012 - 02:20
    Thank you Stein...It's great having you on these forums...
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    03 Dec 2011 - 13:00
    you are too kind and what is your real name?! LOL
    Matt (real name Jake LMAO)
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    13 Nov 2011 - 16:23
    Hi is the guitar I'm interested in.....
    Let me know if you can help...I'm interested in the Tacoma Papoose for $250 (or less if he will take It looks like it is in good shape
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    20 Oct 2011 - 10:02
    You don't write the phrase 'in my opinion' a lot do you LOL - That is for you to figure out why I would say that...
    I was expecting a pm back rather than a such in depth reply on the forum. I COMPLETELY disagree with you about bringing up a Chinese guitar on the thread and think you (again) are being bossy and pushy,
    Yes, I love ...
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    19 Oct 2011 - 16:38
    stein your inbox is full you sap
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    Guitar Saloon 

    21 Aug 2011 - 22:39
    I tried to PM you with my telephone number if you'd like to discuss your comments with me but you are not accepting direct messages.
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