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  1. In Topic:Cole Clark Guitars with Triple Source Pickup

    Today, 02:25 AM

    I think I will buy one of these suckers to use in my Boss VE-8, when the guitar fund is replenished a bit.

    They have one OM size with a Bunya Pine top and my fave Aust Blackwood back and sides and a Blackbean fretboard, all very eco and sustainable they tell us! They also have the same size with Blackwood back, sides and top! I imagine it to be like an all mahogany guitar. Also the have a Blackwood back with an Australian grown 180 year old Californian Redwood top...

    I can get 3 of these for the same price locally as a J45 Standard!

    Will go to a few shops and try them soon.

  2. In Topic:Cole Clark Guitars with Triple Source Pickup

    Yesterday, 05:22 PM

    View Postlivemusic, on 16 October 2017 - 04:29 AM, said:

    Wow, that sounds awesome, thanks for that! I wonder two things... can one buy their pickup system for another guitar... and do they have a U.S. distributor!

    I also note that fellow can really play and two importances to me... only uses thumb and index finger, plus, he has no nails (and neither do I)! That thumb/forefinger technique is John Prine on steroids!

    The player is Lloyd Speigel and I saw him play blues when he was a child in a child blues band! A while back..... [flapper] One of the parents ran a blues night.

    I have broken the internet looking for the pickup to buy separately......saw one listed for sale last night but it has left the planet it appears.....

    It isn't as easy as installing a pickup by the look of some diagrams here - the 2nd part of the 3 part pickup is a whole guitar brace with the electronics in it, and the mic (2nd part) is hidden behind a brace to stop feedback - have a look at the pic in tis page with the open back digram.


    On the US distributor:

    Cole Clark Guitars USA

    12 W Jefferson St
    Montgomery AL
    36104 USA

    T: +1 615 686 4767

    No affiliation here - I haven't even played one! But that pickup system sure sounded good in the video!

  3. In Topic:"Burn For You"

    Yesterday, 03:35 PM

    Thanks ZW!

    I think the Wiggles got the Wobbles, or plain old Waddles, but either way the Matons they were playing would have been very, very different than mine! They were possible Australia's answer to the double x-brace Norlin!

    3 Years ago, I have read, the Maton was given scalloped bracing, a whole lot of changes to modernise including a new pickup system with an undersaddle piezo with 6 separate elements and a condensor mic in the soundhole, all hooked to a preamp and controls with a mid sweep and a volume control for the mic and another for the undersaddle and a master volume!

    Now mine is the hand built small body 'fingerpicker', probably a LG3 clone or Martin 00 clone dressed in Blackwood and Cedar and with a deep body - and it is stunning:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

  4. In Topic:"Burn For You"

    Yesterday, 05:23 AM

    Thanks Lars!

    Uhhh, I ran my Maton guitar pickup system (undersaddle pickup and internal mic) straight out to my Boss VE-8, and my Plain Jane Shure SM58 mic straight to the Boss VE-8 as well.

    The Boss has 2 channels, one for acoustic guitars and one for mics and a whole host of stuff I don't use. Once I set it up ages ago, I try not to alter anything too much as I just wanted a basic sound to use for songs - a small amount of reverb on both channels, very small smattering of delay on the guitar channel. The vocal channel has an 'enhance' knob, which I use at 50% - it is an eq/compression effect designed for singers, they tell us.

    I did nothing to the sound that came out except run it to the iMac and made a file to send here. The Boss VE-8 is just sensational! Theory is that I can use identical settings to play through a PA live. I was going to take it to a friend's place in the country last weekend to try in his nice PA, but he is coming here instead next week. So, this rehearsal studio not too far from me is advertising a special rate of $25 for solo/duos to have a practice in their room with PA and I might just take it there to see if it all feeds back!

    Boss VE-8:


  5. In Topic:"Burn For You"

    15 October 2017 - 09:47 PM

    Thanks Bill.

    Glad you liked it.

    I tune most of my guitars down since learning some Lightning Hopkins and liking the lower growl you can get.



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    26 Oct 2014 - 10:16
    What guitar is that one you have as profile pic? A L5?
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    26 Jun 2014 - 22:24
    Look forward to more of your "performances".lol
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