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  1. In Topic:Before and After

    Yesterday, 01:14 PM

    Thanks for the speedy reply, rct.
    And (now) it all makes perfect sense and I fully understand.

    Posted Image

  2. In Topic:Before and After

    Yesterday, 12:49 PM

    You want to get a back-plate on that thing. You're losing tone...

    I don't get it, rct.
    You buy an EJ Strat because it's amazing (I remember the original post) but you then go out and swap the pots, p'ups, p'guard, neck-plate, knobs....


    Why didn't you buy a regular Strat and change that instead?...............Posted Image...............or is the bound-neck the only thing which you actually liked about it?
    Not trying to be funny I assure you. I'm merely dazed bewildered and confused.

  3. In Topic:Gibson Custom Shop The Element AL13 1958

    Yesterday, 12:25 PM

    View PostSearcy, on 19 February 2017 - 12:05 PM, said:

    ...If the parts were actually chromed I would love it but they aren't That kills it for me. I would never want to play a guitar made of so much aluminum. Your hands would never be clean again with aluminum binding and fret markers.

    Interesting point.

    It's exceptionally impractical to attempt to chrome-plate aluminium. It CAN be done but the problems inherent in the process make it a near-pointless excercise. As far as using chrome-plated aluminium for the binding where it would need to be further bent/shaped to fit? It's a non-starter.
    One option would be anodising the alu. to a polished-look and giving it a clear protective coat but I'm not sure how permanent such a coating would be where the surfaces so treated were constantly being abraded.

    Going back to the look of the thing;
    I don't really think it's so ugly to be beyond saving - it reminds me strongly of Mr. Young's "Old Black", in fact - but IMO it would be much prettier with an ebony 'board. It seems very strange to go so far down the "black'n'silver-alloy" look but then give it a medium red-brown rosewood 'board...

  4. In Topic:Gibson Custom Shop The Element AL13 1958

    Yesterday, 06:36 AM

    View PostLarryUK, on 19 February 2017 - 05:25 AM, said:

    ...This guitar would be so easy to copy as the Gibson isnt inlaid...

    Do you think counterfeiters would believe it to be worth their while?
    Furthermore I'm guessing the aluminium 'board inlays, aluminium body-binding and aluminium neck-binding might put some of them off the idea...

    Posted Image

    FWIW; here's a link to the thread posted when the guitar was released last year;

  5. In Topic:Gibson Custom Shop The Element AL13 1958

    Yesterday, 04:56 AM

    Not my cup of tea.
    IMO it backs up the thought that just because you can do something it doesn't mean you should.

    But hey; if we all liked the same things yadda yadda yadda....



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    19 Nov 2014 - 17:45
    Hello I'm new here. I just wanted to say hi..I just subscribed to your YT channel...was just wondering..if that is you playin...LOVE IT......well that is all..have a nice day....oh and btw...your daughter is priceless....she will be great someday......peace
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    25 Oct 2014 - 06:04
    Are we channeling Sean Connery now? <lol> Cheers!
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