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  1. Gibson's Secret Nitrocellulose Lacquer Formula

    03 September 2017 - 05:02 PM

    I had asked Gibson Montana about their Nitro, I was told it is made by Sherwin Williams and can be buffed after 3 days. I was looking to buy some but it is quite a secret. After having 4 new Gibson acoustics that needed some minor touchups after a year, I can report that StewMac's Behlen Nitro is quite compatible and have yielded an invisible touch up.
  2. Aging Strings On Different Guitars

    02 September 2017 - 09:23 AM

    I put all my acoustics in their cases 2 months ago. Today I pulled out my J-45 Custom and my SJ-200 1938. The J-45 Custom was lively and fun and the SJ-200 1938 was dead and boring. Same strings same age. My theory is that the J-45 can tolerate older strings better because it has less string tension and the top is braced lighter.
  3. Ebony Vs. Rosewood.

    24 July 2017 - 03:39 PM

    Having added 4 new Gibsons and one new Martin to my guitar fleet, I was surprised to learn that Rosewood bridges transfers string energy better than Ebony. This seems to be confirmed as I find my Gibsons have more "pop" than my Martins. The Martin's attack seems a bit subdued. My Cordoba Classical has an Ebony fretboard and a Rosewood bridge, go figure.
  4. Top Deflection

    02 May 2017 - 04:46 PM

    I have noticed something peculiar about 2 of my guitars. When looked at in reflected light, the contour of the top in front of the bridge distorts, the bridges are twisting the top down towards the soundhole. If you look at the reflected image of the window you can see this contour. The Western Classic has a spruce top and my 1938 SJ-200 has an Adirondack top which does not show any of this contour. It is stiffer so I guess that is why. The J-45 Custom pictured also has spruce top, but my Southern Jumbo which is also spruce does not show this contour either. The only thing that is different about that pair are the bridges, the J-45 Custom has a bridge with the pins far back, silmilar to the 4 bar bridges on my Western Classic and SJ-200. I wonder if this bridge geometry contributes to the rolling of the bridge forward. Has anyone seen this kind of deflection in their top?

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    PS: This Photobucket nonsense is not really worth the hassle anymore. When Is Gibson going to get an adequate forum that can handle downloading pictures?
  5. Grover Imperials Installation On Western Classic

    18 February 2017 - 06:37 PM

    I have wanted to change out the puny Waverly's on my Western Classic for months now, I am glad I finally did it. I am not too impressed with the Waverly's. They are hard to turn and look unsubstantial on the Big Ole Western Classic. I may put them on my D-42 at some point. The work was a bit tedious and nerve-wracking on such an expensive guitar. Enlarging an existing hole can be tricky, finish can crack and wood can splinter. I spin drill bits backwards to avoid these problems, they still cut, slow but gentle. I feel these larger tuners have improved the sound, it is hard to tell if it is the tuners, the new strings, the fish glue taper mod or a combination of all of these. The Western Classic now sounds absolutely great with full bass and treble.



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    Dave F 

    02 Sep 2016 - 20:03
    copy the image ling in photobucket then when typing your message, click on the Image icon and paste the ling then insert.
    For videos, right click the image, go to properties, copy the link, then in your message, click on the media icon, paste the link, remove the 's' from http in the link, then insert. Welcome to the forum!
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