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  1. LR Baggs Lyric Mic in Advanced Jumbo.

    18 November 2017 - 06:20 AM

    I got the LR Baggs Venue Preamp yesterday to smooth out the honkiness of the factory installed Lyric mic in my Advanced Jumbo. It sounds really great and natural. It did take some drastic EQing to get rid of the honking. I applied the 8% Rewards from the purchase of the AJ towards this and a Peterson Tuner. It was like an early Christmas yesterday.





  2. Checking In Lacquer

    29 October 2017 - 08:02 AM

    I have just noticed some "internal" checking in the lacquer on my 1998 HD-28. I never expose it to any cold. It is just under the area my arm rubs on while strumming. I wonder if this is caused from many years of my arm rubbing and hitting this area. It is not on the surface but embedded down under the surface
  3. The Wall

    28 October 2017 - 03:11 PM

    This is the kind of wall that gets my vote.

    Posted Image

  4. E-Mail Alerts

    24 October 2017 - 04:27 AM

    Having never gotten one E-Mail Alert from this Forum, I woke up to find 45 E-Mail Alerts in my In-Box. Better late than never I suppose.
  5. Another Breakthrough

    21 October 2017 - 02:52 PM

    I have always bent over the ball ends of the strings with my fingers when installing them, so they would "try" to curl up under the bridge plate. It was a rather hit or miss system as sometimes the ball would not line up perfectly. I like the balls rounded side to contact the bridge plate so as to not dig into it. For the first time ever I tried something different. I grabbed my Craftsman needle nose pliers I have had for 3 decades and they perfectly fit into the ball, who knew, gave the ball a quick twist and there you have it. The ball actually disappears in the hole, sitting right up against the bridge plate. This allows the pins to seat all the way down with no wedging with the ball, so they don't pop back up. Also pulling pins can now be done barehanded once the strings are slackened. I believe I can actually hear a difference in tone as well. I seem to have more sparkle and brilliance, similar to the improvement when I added taper to the pin holes but maybe a bit more subtle. The difference is mostly noticeable on what was a very bassy guitar, my 2016 Western Classic. When I got it I was disappointed as it was too bassy with limited trebles. An open C cord was dull. Now it is almost like a 12 string with lots of chime. Your mileage may vary, as you may not have truly tapered holes, Gibson and Martin don't taper them anymore. I tapered mine with Fish Glue if you don't already know, I will put a link at the bottom. With the tapered hole this trick makes sure the ball is pushed forward snuggly. If your holes are not tapered the effect may not be as pronounced. Now if you don't believe me that is your problem, I am in sonic heaven. I got to tell you, this last year has been very exciting with all the new guitars and new innovations I have stumbled upon.


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    Dave F 

    02 Sep 2016 - 20:03
    copy the image ling in photobucket then when typing your message, click on the Image icon and paste the ling then insert.
    For videos, right click the image, go to properties, copy the link, then in your message, click on the media icon, paste the link, remove the 's' from http in the link, then insert. Welcome to the forum!
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