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  1. In Topic:Next Epiphone Semi Hollow

    09 May 2017 - 07:32 PM

    Hi Kidblast, I appreciate your confidence in my choice of the American Strat. Les Pauls are a great instrument and I can see how you find them enjoyable and effective in expressing your musical style. Great choice in the Washburn mandolin. I will look forward to discussions. You will learn much more quickly because of your experience and skill on a guitar. It is a lot of pleasure to learn a different fingerboard and all the new chord shapes. The mandolin gets a hold of you! Please look into the Mandolin Cafe. I am LFLNGPICKER if you want to look me up. I have gained so much from that forum which is as beneficial as the Epiphone Lounge. Take care! :)
  2. In Topic:Next Epiphone Semi Hollow

    08 May 2017 - 06:53 PM

    Kidblast, Jerry and Charlie Brown, I admit with a red face, I decided on a 2001 Fender American Series (Standard) "Blackie" (just by color not the official Eric Clapton version). It was mint in the OHSC and had the maple fretboard to go with my Rosewood board Strat. All for $699 shipped. I am still in the hunt for an Epiphone, but will have to watch for a very nicely affordable Sheraton II, which are way under their true value and tone. I regret selling mine, as I do my former P93 and the Epi LP Custom. My MAS for mandolins had me in its grip for 5 years. Can't say I regret it though, considering the Gibson A5G 1996 mandolin I am enjoying! Thanks for the great suggestions on a new guitar!
  3. In Topic:Next Epiphone Semi Hollow

    06 May 2017 - 06:44 AM

    View PostJimB1, on 06 May 2017 - 05:39 AM, said:

    Hi Dan,I am sort of in the same boat right now on looking for a nice hollowbody. Here's how I am narrowing it down, might help you
    1: Bigsby or not? For me I don't need a Bigsby and it's just something I wouldn't use the way I play so unless the deal is awesome, I am not looking at ones with a Bigsby or tremolo. You may decide you need one so either way this question narrows the field.2: body size - are you comfortable with a 335 size or is a 339 or a year even a Es Les Paul since that's an option now. I like the 335 size but I play sitting a lot so the Les Paul size is not as comfortable. 339 size and wildcat size are good for me too. 3: sound - it sounds like you have this narrowed down to a specific blues/early rock sound. P90s or humbuckers? To me humbuckers are the way to go but p90s have a raw, edgy sound that is great for some things. 4: bling - do you like fancy appointments or simple ones? The dot is a classic for a reason but so is the Casino. I like bound necks but inlays I can go either way on. I don't like a lot of fancy gold appointments or flowery inlays, stuff like that but some folks go wild for that stuff so decide where you fit in the range of bling.5: how does it feel - this pretty much tops most everything except maybe sound to me. If it checks off all the other boxes but it hurts to play it for 20 minutes I won't buy it no matter how good it sounds. Fortunately I am pretty neck agnostic and a good setup fixes a lot.
    Personally I am thinking about a Dot or one of the 335 variants maybe even a Lucille model, but your answers to the questions might lead you to a wildcat or a 339. Hope my breakdown helps some.. good luck with the search.-Jim

    Hi Jim, This is a very good rubric for breaking it all down by categories. I am embarrassed to say that I have gone back and forth over many of these attributes you have done so well to list. I save all of the following in my watch list on Reverb: Amer Strats, Les Paul Studios, Dots, Sheratons, Emperors and Casinos. All are in my range and under. I wish you well in your search and we shall compare notes! :)


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    12 Jul 2013 - 14:16
    Hey Crust-- I am so glad to get comments posted here and thank you. The P93 has a great tone coming from those P90 PU's and that Maple body. Thanks! Riv
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    12 Jul 2013 - 10:14
    Also, the blue guitar is an ES 355
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    12 Jul 2013 - 10:14
    Also, I have a P93 like yours. That is a super blues machine too. I might get a gold one soon, if they are still available.
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    19 Jul 2011 - 19:20
    Hi. I am looking forward to interacting with other Epiphone owners and enthusiasts. I am learning the ropes here, so be patient with me. Thanks!
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