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    21 Jun 2012 - 14:56
    490's have A2's, which means lots of mids, rounded high end, loose low end, and lower output. What makes A2's so popular is that they have a lot of dynamics which gives them an organic sound. 498T's have A5's, which have a lot of treble and bass, sharp highs, scooped mids, a firm low end, and relatively high output. Paired together the bridge is pretty bright and the neck pr...
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    21 Jun 2012 - 14:42
    Actually, I'm happy with my Double Cut P'ups. I haven't recently double checked but the 490R is Alnico2 / The 498T Alnico5 / I think. I know if I ever have a pickup question I'll ask you. Being an apt. dweller I really can't check my Hawk's sound at any decent volume. My Strat's great. I've always liked Lace Sensor P'ups. When I want to spend a couple hundred...
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    14 Jun 2012 - 11:00
    Never had a Nighthawkm so I haven't given the PU's on them any thought. I have an Epi double cutaway LP Special. The stock P-90's were okay, but I upgraded them to Duncan SP90-2's. Not being a fan of ceramics, I pulled those and put in an A8/A5 mag pair in the bridge, and a pair of A5's in the neck. Great tones now. Try swapping mags on your Gibson double cut before buy...
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    14 Jun 2012 - 10:49
    Blueman335. Do you improve pickups (such as the 3 on an Epi Nighthawk)? I've got a Strat with Lace Sensors & a Gibson Les Paul Double-cut. I'm sure that you know more about these Epi N'Hawk P'ups than I do. What do you think?
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