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  1. In Topic:BB Pros in SG?

    17 October 2017 - 11:14 AM

    i had the same question with the sg supreme which has bb pro and not mines which are 490R and 498t

    but you know man, when you ask a question here or somewhere else
    you have trolls, jealous and stupid guys without any musical talent
    but they prefer to say hey man you ask the same question in 2016 : ) or something stupid like that
    so for me the best place to ask some questions is nowhere except your opinion
    music specialists
    youtube videos
    and to people who have a lot of guitars and who changed the pickups = very rare !
    to have a good opinion
    same amp or preamp
    same pedals or 0 pedals
    same guitar
    there is video in youtube : a man made this
    sh4 vs classic 57 vs other
    easy to find it : orange -yellow color

    or google it and you can have a mix of answers and then you can have an opinion

    but i can say yes the bb pro is made to sound brighter than other Gibson pickups

    i read the 490r sounds warmer so i don't know if i must use the sg supreme
    or it will just be another sg

    i have the 490r = warm tone, fat, bluesy but not with a lot of trebles
    dc resistance = 9
    bb pro = 8,2 if i remember
    so now you know
  2. In Topic:sg supreme limited edition 2016

    17 October 2017 - 02:48 AM

    View PostMegafrog, on 12 October 2017 - 03:36 AM, said:

    Why do you keep posting stuff like this every month or two? If you want it, buy it if you don't, don't.

    i had not noticed that
    so we have found
    the man who monitors, who check all the messages, the inspector

    but who
    can't answer to a simple question
    but i am not surprised
    sweep in front of your door before criticizing the others because you have a long work to do yourself and you are unable to answer a simple question concerning the supreme sg
    where is you answer about my question ? nowhere
    have you this model ? no you should go and talk in Facebook : it's a good place to talk about a lot things which have nothing to do with guitars
    but to say "hey man you ask the same question yesterday" "hey man is it your in your photo" and stupid questions like that or "don't pay attention the man does not understand"
    yeah it will be a good place for u ! go there and don't come back :) thanks for us we prefer to talk about the guitars :)
    so ? what are you doing here ? nobody knows maybe sometime to waste and the worst thing is you are not paid to do that ! total free work ! open mind
    i will talk to Anderson's :) maybe i will have some better advices and interesting answers from music specialists : yes it still exists but it's not u
  3. In Topic:Gibson les paul vs Gibson dc

    21 September 2017 - 09:38 AM

    i remember that i talked to a luthier : a great man
    i don't know where he is now
    he was in the USA
    for every questions i had he had a smart answer he was always nice
    no trolling,no troll man and his fans, no arrogant, no irony or stupid answers
    he did not spend and waste his time quoting the others because he always had something interesting to say
    so he was never in irony or other for those who have nothing to say
    for every guitar, he helped me
    for every pickups, wood, he knew everything
    i hope he is still there but problems with the weather so i don't know if he is always here
    the difference is that he had more than 30 years of experience and he was not immature in music
    so he did not say "go and test it in store" or stupid irony, mockery, jealousy or other
    if you send a message to Gibson company, they said to try it in a shop too lol very interesting ! lol
    about the dc vs lp : why not? if it's a good model so not like the last one (because of the price )
  4. In Topic:Gibson les paul vs Gibson dc

    18 September 2017 - 08:48 AM

    View Postpippy, on 16 September 2017 - 09:21 AM, said:

    If it was posted on the internet then it must be true.


    a beautiful example of someone who has nothing to say
    no arguments
    no idea
    and merely cites others to laugh at them with stupid irony from teenagers : facebook attitude
    we call it a troll
  5. In Topic:sg supreme 2016 vs sg standard 2018

    16 September 2017 - 03:32 AM

    the sg 2018 hp is a brand new model
    so, we must wait for some days before playing with it

    Gibson said that the sg supreme was the supreme sg so we could think it was the best
    but when you look at the sg standard 2018 with 24 frets

    it's the supreme sg ! Except for the pickups which may not be very intense for high gain settings ?

    Then, Angus uses this signature pickup with alnico V when the classic 57+ is always made with alnico II = warmer vs brighter tone (bb pro, Angus' signature pickup )

    4 knobs for the Sg 2018 hp vs 2 knobs without any coil split or other for the sg supreme



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