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  1. In Topic:Joe Bonamassa

    Today, 12:26 PM

     Rabs, on 23 April 2017 - 12:06 PM, said:

    Yeah.. Ive never seen him live but even watching him on youtube bores me.. Im not sure exactly why either... He plays amazingly but theres just something missing... Originality maybe? Maybe the genre has just been done to death and we have just heard it all before?

    So its weird cos I feel like I should like him and his work a lot as that type of blues us usually right up my street, but I don't really?

    I like him more as a guitar nerd cos he does certainly knows his stuff. But as a musician or artist, not so much..

    This is exactly how I feel.

    Back when I wanted to check him out I bought Live from Nowhere in Particular, that was 2008 and it never few in me.

    Same thing with Black Country Communion or whatever.

    He is a. Amazing player but somehow I do not follow him, he's played a few times here and I have not seen him.
  2. In Topic:Investment guitar

    Yesterday, 10:26 AM

    The market is utterly flooded with guitars of all kinds. "Limited Editions" are only limited until they are produced again. Even high end guitars are not a good investment, they are too expensive to begin with.

    Save for guitars like the Page LP reissue and things along those lines I do not see a modern guitar appreciating in value.

    You know what would be a fun experiment? place an investment into an Stock Index Fund with a low fee like VTI (in the USA) buy stock for the same exact amount you paid for a guitar. See which wins. Granted you can play a guitar in the meantime but maybe you are not planning to play it since it is an investment.
  3. In Topic:Investment guitar

    Yesterday, 09:00 AM

    No, your guitar might increase in value but it may not be anything considerable, that is if it does appreciate at all.

    Sometimes a never-played guitar provokes questions as to its playability.

    If I was looking for an investment a stock index fund is the way to go, you will not beat it.

    A pristine guitar is a conversation piece, maybe good for bragging rights but half the people maybe impressed and the other think the guitar should be played.
  4. In Topic:Tomorrow night I'll use this

    21 April 2017 - 03:52 PM

    Cool guitar, I too should've taken advantage of that Mars going out of business sale, but didn't, I didn't know enough to know enough.

    I bet those '57 classics sound sweet. I have been enjoying them in my LP.
  5. In Topic:My first experience with Warmoth

    20 April 2017 - 06:57 PM

    I know but I already have an SSS American Stratocaster.

    Well, I just bought a paulownia strat body and a few humbuckers from Guitar Fetish, got lucky, there is a 10% off on orders over $100. Enough to cover shipping cost with FedEx home.


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    15 Dec 2014 - 08:31
    Hi! I saw the Fender Champ head that you've built and I think it's an amazing job you did!!! I'd like to do the same for a Victoria 518-T (copy of a Fender Champ 57) Could you provide any help? Or even, would you want to build another that I would buy from you?
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    07 Mar 2014 - 10:11
    Sorry man... wrong link..
  3. Photo


    07 Mar 2014 - 10:10
  4. Photo


    18 Nov 2013 - 08:14
    Great. Unknwon is a great act and guitarist, not a lot of people get into him on this forum though. I plan to see him every time he is in town. I have seen him 3 times now.
  5. Photo


    16 Nov 2013 - 23:28
    Hey Rifster, my old bass player from 1967, Hugh Blanton A.K.A. Tuff Blanton was 9 years old when he played with me, Randy Cooper 16, Junior Smith 13 , and Drummer Vernon Kinley 16
    It is good to see your old buddies do well! Unknown is from Albermarle North Carolina same place my family is from. Small World!
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