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  1. My first experience with Warmoth

    19 April 2017 - 04:02 PM

    I have been gasing for a 70's style Stratocaster for a while but I simply never saw all the specs I want together on a single guitar so I decided to put one together.

    I am slowly buying the parts and while I wanted to do it on the cheap as a fun project I also did not want to end up with a $400 Squier so I decided to use good quality components, not necessarily high end stuff but not compromise either.

    Instead of a cheaper Mighty Mite neck I opted for a Warmoth neck, and I am glad I did. It has the exact specs I wanted, 1 11/16" nut width, slim profile, 10-16 compound radius, 22 frets and 6150 fret wire (almost went with 6100 but they look huge, I chickened out, I was afraid of a too much metal feel and I am heavy-handed)

    Anyway, I am very pleased with the quality, this thing is cut with precision and perfectly sanded, $157 plus $20 shipping is hard to beat, great quality wood and fret work (I will round them a bit more with my trusty fret-end file but they are good as they came).

    Anyway I picked this up from their showcase, it was already made so, I simply picked the frets, no finish and no nut.

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  2. Coiled Cables question

    23 February 2017 - 02:27 PM

    If I am looking at a 15' coiled instrument cable, what does that actually mean? what is approximate non-stretched length?
  3. Small home project goes well?

    11 February 2017 - 10:49 AM

    That's right, a small home project that goes better than expected.

    A few months ago I added a TV to the spare room, I sleep there sometimes because we have a baby.

    Anyway, there was no electric outlet on the only wall the TV could be placed and I had to use an unsightly extension cord. I decided to install an outlet on that wall, I already had experience doing this but had always been easier, installing an outlet very close to a switch light taht I could easily tap.

    So, I start looking around trying to decide what was the best line to tap in order to get electricity to the outlet, I looked around, measured, I went in the attic and looked at all lines, measured, looked around some more.

    I could not find or decide where to tap a line but I decided to go for the second part of the project, dropping cable inside the wall from the attic, cutting the wall and installing a box and outlets.

    So I measure once again, located the wall and drilled to drop the wiring and then went downstairs and measured again and decide where to cut the drywall for the outlet box.

    After locating the studs and deciding which side the outlet location would go I made a small cut with the drywall knife and hit something, damn! I thought already getting complicated? I make a triangular hole ad look inside with a flashlight.

    To my surprise it is an outlet box!!! with live wires and all! it had been there all along and the builders installed sheet rock on top.

    My cut in the drywall was spot on, right on the center of the box, I simply cut along the edges and installed the outlet, I did not even turn off the electricity, I was so happy that a home project actually went my way.

    What are the chances of that?
  4. New Strap Day all the way from England - Heistercamp

    06 February 2017 - 08:52 PM

    I have been looking for a leather strap for my Les Paul for a couple of weeks, I was using the same strap for my Explorer but they are not a good fit because of the locking strap buttons.

    I saw this leather company out of south England oin and once I saw the designs I just did not find anything I liked better. Their stuff is pricey but I got one of the cheaper models that does not have backing and uses nubuck leather.

    This stuff is crafted well, soft and tough at the same time. Lightweight and strong.

    This model (Huron) tapers from 3" at the shoulder to 1 1/4" on both ends, I got mine on Chai color which is grey-ish.

    I love this thing! really well made and they made it fast and shipped it fast too. Shipping to the US is pricey but well worth it, i Think it is free within the UK.

    They included some goodies, like guitar picks, a leather coaster and strap washers (I could have asked for strap lock holes but decided I could do that myself, I do have leather punches).

    I am really happy with this thing, I didn't realize I could be excited about a strap, it makes my LP seem lighter, first time I have a 3" wide strap.

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  5. Uli Jon Roth touring the USA and Canada

    08 January 2017 - 05:26 PM

    I bought my ticket to see Uli Jon Roth in Nashville, as a Scorpions fan it'll be great to see him while he revisits that era.

    N O R T H A M E R I C A
    07 Feb 2017 Indialantic Florida Lou's Blues
    08 Feb 2017 Atlanta Georgia City Winery
    09 Feb 2017 Nashville Tennessee City Winery
    10 Feb 2017 Houston Texas Concert Pub North
    11 Feb 2017 San Antonio Texas The Rock Box
    13 Feb 2017 Dallas Texas Trees
    15 Feb 2017 Mesa Arizona Club Red
    17 Feb 2017 San Diego California Brick by Brick
    18 Feb 2017 Anaheim California Malone's
    19 Feb 2017 Ventura California Majestic Ventura Theater
    20 Feb 2017 Hollywood California Whisky A Go-Go
    21 Feb 2017 Petaluma California Mystic Theater
    22 Feb 2017 San Francisco California Slim's
    23 Feb 2017 Sacramento California Goldfield Trading Post
    24 Feb 2017 Portland Oregon Bossanova Ballroom
    25 Feb 2017 Vancouver Canada (BC) Red Room
    26 Feb 2017 Seattle Washington Studio Seven
    01 Mar 2017 Moorhead Minnesota The Garage
    02 Mar 2017 Savage Minnesota Neisens
    03 Mar 2017 Chicago Illinois Reggies
    04 Mar 2017 St Charles Illinois Arcada Theater
    05 Mar 2017 Milwaukee Wisconsin Shank Hall
    06 Mar 2017 Detroit Michigan Token Lounge
    07 Mar 2017 Toronto Ontario, Canada The Rock Pile
    08 Mar 2017 Montreal Quebec, Canada Katacombes
    09 Mar 2017 Quebec Quebec, Canada L'Anti
    10 Mar 2017 Ottawa Ontario, Canada The Brass Monkey
    11 Mar 2017 Poughkeepsie New York The Chance
    12 Mar 2017 Londonderry New Hampshire Tupelo Music Hall
    13 Mar 2017 Sellersville Pennsylvania Sellersville Theater
    14 Mar 2017 Manhattan New York BB King's
    15 Mar 2017 Liverpool New York Sharkey's
    16 Mar 2017 Cleveland Ohio The Agora Ballroom
    17 Mar 2017 Carmel Indiana The Warehouse


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  1. Photo


    15 Dec 2014 - 08:31
    Hi! I saw the Fender Champ head that you've built and I think it's an amazing job you did!!! I'd like to do the same for a Victoria 518-T (copy of a Fender Champ 57) Could you provide any help? Or even, would you want to build another that I would buy from you?
  2. Photo


    07 Mar 2014 - 10:11
    Sorry man... wrong link..
  3. Photo


    07 Mar 2014 - 10:10
  4. Photo


    18 Nov 2013 - 08:14
    Great. Unknwon is a great act and guitarist, not a lot of people get into him on this forum though. I plan to see him every time he is in town. I have seen him 3 times now.
  5. Photo


    16 Nov 2013 - 23:28
    Hey Rifster, my old bass player from 1967, Hugh Blanton A.K.A. Tuff Blanton was 9 years old when he played with me, Randy Cooper 16, Junior Smith 13 , and Drummer Vernon Kinley 16
    It is good to see your old buddies do well! Unknown is from Albermarle North Carolina same place my family is from. Small World!
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