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  1. In Topic:tuning problems-is this right?

    Today, 12:26 PM

    -- Farns.. LOL!

    Two issues for sure

    as stated, pickups are way too high, pull them down (way down).. there's plenty of sites to explain the proper adjusting method for pickups, check em out, very easy to do and usually quite effective. usually, while fretting at the last fret, you want to sort out the distance from the pole, to the bottome of each E string. Humbuckers are usually good around 7/64s ~ 8/64s.. but every pickup has a sweet spot.

    the second problem I'd have with the photo, would be the stop bar, that seems to need to be pulled down quite a bit too. I know a lot of ppl will say the string should not touch the bridge behind the saddle, but I've never seen/heard it make a difference. did it come like that?

    when you set your action, what are you looking for a string to fret gap at the 12th fret? (some where around 5~4/64s is pretty good most of the time. I perfer it a bit lower,, closer to 3/64s for example) what gauge strings are you using?

    as for sitting in a warehouse, most large retailers (like sweetwater for example) have a very closely monitored climate standards for their storage areas. The idea of hold/cold, etc,, is probably not really a factor in any of this if you bought the guitar from a place like Sweetwater/musicans friend/ams etc..
  2. In Topic:LR Baggs Lyric Mic in Advanced Jumbo.

    Today, 12:07 PM

    Good luck with it Pete.

    I replaced the anthem in my j200 with a fishman matrix, the rattle the preamp module was making was too much for me to deal with.

    LR Baggs replaced it, I put it on Ebay and it sold very quickly. Loved the sound it generated, hated with a passion, the rattles it made...
  3. In Topic:AC/DC Malcom Young Dead at 64

    Today, 12:05 PM

    Dementia is a horrible disease, a slow agonizing slip in to a world of shadows that most of us can never comprehend.

    Rest at last Malcolm, thanks for all the licks
  4. In Topic:The walnut Epiphone ES 295 is a thing of beauty and joy

    Yesterday, 05:42 AM

    I've always like those 295 setups..

    p90, bigsby, hollow body..whats not to love?

    have fun Crust!
  5. In Topic:Buying Guitars Back

    Yesterday, 05:38 AM

    View Postzombywoof, on 16 November 2017 - 04:46 PM, said:

    Finally sold it when I no longer played electric and it's value passed $10K. I had nightmares about it not being there for weeks.

    Remorse aside.. picked a good time to sell!!!


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    G Mac 

    08 Sep 2016 - 18:59
    Howdy, kidblast! Just wanted to thank you for posting your stories! I sure hate it when a gig turns ugly but, there's nothing like the feeling of the crowd being with you! Good tales! Autumn's on its way so, stay warm up there in Taxachusetts! Peace!
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    06 Apr 2015 - 15:12
    Happy, happy to ya!
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    Ivo Conceicao 

    06 May 2014 - 15:54
    Hi guys! :)
    Newbi here!
    Can you please tell me something about this Chet Atkins guitar? I would like to sell it, so i need to know is value..
    Can someone help please?
    Guitar: Gibson Chett Attckins - Custom Shop Edition - H 044 - Made in USA
    Ivo Conceição
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