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  1. In Topic:basic finish care

    Today, 06:35 AM

    Agree, They really have fallen way off their game from when they first emerged about 20 years ago. sad but rue.
  2. In Topic:2016 SG Standard T with P-90s a poor product?

    Today, 06:31 AM

    lots of after market cases available too, from companies Gator, Allen Eden, just to name two, all make cases for SGs and Les Pauls.
  3. In Topic:Gibson Songwriter deluxe standard

    Today, 06:29 AM

    hey Ferd welcome..

    I don't know how this compares to yours, but it looks like they could still be in production
  4. In Topic:Some help on new guitaqr

    Today, 06:27 AM

    They are nice guitars, you wont have regrets.
  5. In Topic:basic finish care

    21 April 2017 - 02:41 PM

    I can DRIVE to Sweetwater in about 4 1/2 hours if I can't find anyone competent around here

    THAT would be a worthy the road trip! I hear they have an amazing facility at Fort Wayne IN.


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    G Mac 

    08 Sep 2016 - 18:59
    Howdy, kidblast! Just wanted to thank you for posting your stories! I sure hate it when a gig turns ugly but, there's nothing like the feeling of the crowd being with you! Good tales! Autumn's on its way so, stay warm up there in Taxachusetts! Peace!
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    06 Apr 2015 - 15:12
    Happy, happy to ya!
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    Ivo Conceicao 

    06 May 2014 - 15:54
    Hi guys! :)
    Newbi here!
    Can you please tell me something about this Chet Atkins guitar? I would like to sell it, so i need to know is value..
    Can someone help please?
    Guitar: Gibson Chett Attckins - Custom Shop Edition - H 044 - Made in USA
    Ivo Conceição
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