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  1. Actual '59 Burst

    22 July 2017 - 05:57 PM

    Here's one that one of you chaps from London should pick up - if you have an extra quarter of million dollars laying around.
  2. Unique LP Custom Lite

    13 July 2017 - 02:47 PM

    Saw this link in the LP forum in a discussion about weight relief and couldn't believe it when I opened it. The seller claims it's a 1987 model. I had no idea that they made Les Paul Custom Lite in 1987, I have one from 2013 and thought that it was a new idea then.

    It is exactly like mine from what I can tell (except for the Mist finish) as it has the thinner body, Custom appointments, and the single tone control with a toggle for coil tap. Didn't know they were doing coil tap in '87 either.

    Who Knew [scared]

    But maybe seller is dreaming about the year as much as the price. A new one is under $2K so not sure how close he will get to $5K [rolleyes]
  3. CS 336 Is Back in All it's Glory

    07 July 2017 - 05:27 PM

    Custom shop announced a week or so ago that they are once again making the CS336. [biggrin] These are the real thing with a carved maple top '57 Classics, and an ABR-1 Bridge. Get 'em while they are available - another limited run. All with nice figured tops: Faded Cherry, Cherry, Iced Tea, and Vintage Burst.

    They had announced a weird configuration a month or so ago of one with a mahogany top, P-90s, and a wrap around bridge tailpiece. I really don't think that configuration would give you the variety of tone that a maple top and humbuckers provide.

    But these are the real thing with MRSP $3,999 so no significant price increase (if any). I bought one in 2003 that was listed about $4200 and then discounted by Sam Ash about 25%.

    My opinion - this is the best model Gibson makes. Play one, buy one if you can you'll never regret it, and you may unload a few of your other guitars that you find you no longer need.
  4. Marshall DSL 40CST 40/20 Watt 1 x 12

    29 June 2017 - 05:56 PM

    For all you Marshall aficionados out there Sweetwater is running a special on a cool looking 1 x 12 combo amp for $699 with a financing option of $20/mo for 36 months.

    Has a lot of features, 2 Channels, effects loop, and has a Celestian Crème Back speaker.

    Just an FYI in case you've been looking for one.

    I can't seem to copy a link, but just go to and I'm sure you can find it.
  5. New Custom Shop Models

    22 June 2017 - 02:01 PM

    What do you think of the new Custom Shop offerings? I guess it's good that they come out with something different, but the choices seem a little off to me. An L-5 Studio, maybe a good choice if you really want an L-5 but don't want to spend the $10K that they usually go for. But a stripped down L-5 just doesn't seem quite right to me. Nickel hardware, simple binding and the two colors are a little strange: brass and army green. Marketing pitch says the colors add some rock influence, but an L-5 is really not the first choice for rock n roll.

    There is a double cut LP with P-90s which should be popular for those who love P-90s, but like the new 336 it has a wrap-around bridge. So I guess the intonation is always perfect and will never need adjusting? The 336s haven't been made for a few years, so good to see them come back again, and the new colors are pretty nice, but I would not be a fan of P-90, no maple top and the wraparound. The 336 with the carved Maple top and classic '57 pickups is capable of very woody midrange tones, but also of nice clear sparkle. With a mahogany top and P-90s I don't think you will get the same wide range of tones but I haven't played one of course so they may be wonderful.

    Then there is a new Les Paul for $7K. No push pulls, custombucker pups, and "hard rock maple" top. So $4500 more than a Standard, with less electronics, but some cool colors and the "secret recipe custom order" maple top?? Again haven't played one so maybe it's worth every penny?

    A mandolin for $6200. I don't play mandolin, or bluegrass music but that seems expensive. [confused]


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