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  1. 3 Pick Up Les Pauls

    10 May 2017 - 03:35 PM

    So I never had a three pickup LP, but have seen quite a few recently and I was wondering how the toggle switch works in that set up. With a Fender you have the 5 position switch, but with a LP 3 Position switch is the middle pickup only on in the middle position? Always on?

    I use the middle position often with a 2 PU LP and like to blend the tones varying the volume of each pickup. Seems the 3 PU configuration should give you more options, but not sure how it would work. Just curious [confused]
  2. CS 336

    21 April 2017 - 04:21 PM

    Noticed several players that said they saw a 336, picked it up, started playing and instantly knew they had to have it. This was my experience as well. I went to a shop looking for an inexpensive Epiphone dot and tried a few but none of them did much for me. Then I spotted a 336 and tried it. I didn't know what it was, the sales clerk didn't really know either and the $3K plus price tag scared me off. But a couple days later I was still thinking about how it played and sounded and I knew I had to have it. I didn't have much cash at the time, but decided to trade an ES175 and a Strat and that got the deal done. I own some very nice Gibson guitars, but if I had to keep just one I'm sure it would be the 336. There are many that look much nicer than mine which is sort of plain Jane vintage burst compared to some of the tangerine and cherry bursts I've seen, but it just plays and sounds so incredible.

    Tell us how you fell in love with your CS336 - it's a moment in time we all enjoy remembering. [thumbup]

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  3. Found the Sweet Spot

    14 April 2017 - 05:11 PM

    Have had my new Standard for about 10 weeks now and really am enjoying it. Took some getting used to the compound radius fingerboard, and had to get the nut filed a little to help tuning stability but now I really think it is the smoothest playing Gibson I have.

    All other Gibsons I own have 57 Classic Humbuckers and so my amp was set up for the way I like those pickups to sound. The new Standard has Burstbucker Pros, and they are a little hotter, and little harsher at the high end of the frequency range, at least to my ear. Even when I tried to roll off the tone controls, on the guitar, a little more than usual, it still seemed a little brighter or harsher than I preferred.

    But a couple days ago I turned the treble control on the amp down 1 notch - and there it was THE SWEET SPOT. [love] No more harsh or shrill high end, crystal clear but really full sounding. Now I know this guitar is absolutely a keeper.
  4. Good Replalcement Nut for Les Pauls?

    29 March 2017 - 08:50 AM

    My new LP has a binding nut - I've used some graphite on it, but it's an age old problem. Some LPs don't bind too much and others are pretty sticky - this one sticks often. Funny it doesn't ping when tuning, but just about any string bends put the G and B flat.

    I know many of you have replaced the nut with something other than the factory Gibson. I am going to see if I can get this one filed, but was also considering a roller or some other nut to solve the problem.

    In your experiences is bone or Tusq less likely to bind up? What alternative nuts have you guys used that worked well?

  5. Compound Radius Fingerboard

    25 January 2017 - 08:12 AM

    So I got a new Standard 2017 T and overall I love it. But in playing it for 5 days now I've noticed something that is sort of weird. It has a compound radius fingerboard which is more rounded up near the nut, and then flattens out as you go up the fingerboard. What I'm experiencing is that when playing simple cowboy chords that I seem to pull the strings a little out of tune. When playing further up the neck this doesn't happen.

    I have had 4 other LPs over time, and a few archtop Gibsons as well that don't have this type of neck and never experienced this with any of them. It's like I'm used to applying more pressure on the fingerboard than this guitar needs and the result is that my fingers sort of slide a little when chording and it pulls the strings a little out of tune.

    Hopefully I can adjust my technique to avoid this, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? The guitar stays in tune and is intonated correctly. Sometimes I think it may be out of tune, but when I check it, it's right on - I just am bending the strings a little unintentionally.


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