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  1. Compound Radius Fingerboard

    25 January 2017 - 08:12 AM

    So I got a new Standard 2017 T and overall I love it. But in playing it for 5 days now I've noticed something that is sort of weird. It has a compound radius fingerboard which is more rounded up near the nut, and then flattens out as you go up the fingerboard. What I'm experiencing is that when playing simple cowboy chords that I seem to pull the strings a little out of tune. When playing further up the neck this doesn't happen.

    I have had 4 other LPs over time, and a few archtop Gibsons as well that don't have this type of neck and never experienced this with any of them. It's like I'm used to applying more pressure on the fingerboard than this guitar needs and the result is that my fingers sort of slide a little when chording and it pulls the strings a little out of tune.

    Hopefully I can adjust my technique to avoid this, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? The guitar stays in tune and is intonated correctly. Sometimes I think it may be out of tune, but when I check it, it's right on - I just am bending the strings a little unintentionally.
  2. NGD

    21 January 2017 - 06:57 PM

    Ordered 6:00 PM Wednesday from Sweetwater - delivered Friday 10:15 AM.

    Photos didn't post correctly here, but Rabs was kind enough to get them up in the lower posts. [thumbup]
  3. HP vs 2017T

    17 January 2017 - 04:28 PM

    Got GAS for a new LP so was looking at the new models. The HP push/pulls on tone and volume, one goes from humbucker to single coil which I understand as I have that on my LP Custom Lite. But since there are two does that mean you could have one pickup humbucker and the other single coil? Not sure what that might sound like, but might be fun to try out.

    Then on the other set of push/pulls, it says you can go in or out of phase with one, and the other a "Full Bypass". Not sure what we are bypassing? Bypassing the tone control altogether? Also seems like the HP does not have usual pots and caps, but instead some sort of printed circuit board in the control cavity. That sort of scares me as I have been playing LP since about 1970 and don't like the idea of a PCB which can just go bad at anytime and have to be replaced. And it says you have 150 or so combinations of tone with some DIP switches, which is way too many for an old geezer like me.

    Thinking I might like the LP Standard T better as it has the push/pulls, but no circuit board and no DIP switches to fool around with. Am I correct that the Standard T does not have the circuit board? Called my rep at Sweetwater, but he did not have the answers to these questions and will look into it, but thought maybe some of you guys have these guitars already and would know the answers.

  4. LP Pickup Selector Switch

    02 January 2017 - 02:02 PM

    When pickup selector is down (bridge pickup only) everything works fine, but sometimes when switching to the middle position for both pickups the neck pickup does not engage. A little jiggling of the switch seems to remedy it. Then sometimes when switching from the middle position to the neck pickup it cuts out and I get no sound. Again a little switch jiggling will get it to make contact and work properly.

    I removed the back cover and took the switch out and all four connections look OK - but something must be loose or worn as there is an intermittent problem.

    Any suggestions? Or is it time for a new switch?

    Any advise appreciated.

  5. LP Pickup Selector Switch

    02 January 2017 - 01:38 PM

    OK you electronic wizards, and tech experts - please offer advice on this.

    When I have my selector switch down for the bridge pickup everything is fine, but sometimes when I switch it up one position for both pickups, the neck pickup does not engage. A little jiggling and it then sounds as it should. Then sometimes when switching from the middle position to the neck only it cuts out and I get no sound. Again a little jiggling of the switch will remedy it.

    I took the back cover off and removed the switch and the connections look OK to me (but I am no expert).

    Is there an easy fix? Or is it perhaps time for a new switch altogether?

    I am kind of rough on the switch as I like to change pickups mid-song often and since there is not a lot of time between measures or notes it does get a fairly abrupt swipe with the picking hand.

    Any advice greatly appreciated before I head to the guitar repairman.


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