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  1. Do Your Strings line up with your Pole Piece Screws?

    15 September 2017 - 06:06 PM

    I stumbled across a youtube vid with Joe Walsh talking about a Carvin guitar he had made. He pointed out that all the strings ran right over the center of the pole pieces on the pickups and mentioned that a lot of manufacturers don't bother to check that and put the pickups a little off center. Pretty sure if Joe ordered a custom guitar from anyone they would be pretty picky about the build hoping he would love and endorse it, whereas the rest of us buying production line guitars get what we get.

    So I thought I would take a look at my guitars and see how they lined up. $300 Tele low E,A,D,G line up pretty good, B and high E pretty far off. LP Standard Bridge pickup all good - Neck middle four strings good, low and high Es pretty far off. LP Lite Bridge pup good except high E, Neck middle four good, both Es off center.

    Now to the expensive stuff: CS 356 Neck pup low E and A off, other four good. Bridge pup low E,A,D good other 3 strings pretty far off. And lastly an L-5 that I paid almost $10K for, both neck and bridge pups, all six strings way off. However since that guitar has a floating bridge I can probably loosen the strings, budge the bridge over a little and they will all be pretty close.

    One thing I noticed is that most often the low E is off center. My bridges are all a little higher on that side because the string is thicker so to get correct string height and distance from bottom of string to pole piece I have to raise the bridge on the bass side higher than the treble side. Might be able to center the string better over that pole by lowering bridge and the pickup on that side, but may cause a problem with string height off fingerboard? Something I have overlooked for years in doing my own set-ups.

    So wondering if anyone else ever looked at this as a quality check and most importantly if you think it makes much difference tone/soundwise?
  2. CS 356 Back In Production

    29 July 2017 - 04:51 PM

    Good to see Custom Shop has put the 356 back into production.


    Looks like they are doing Vintage Sunburst, Cherry and Ebony to start. [thumbup] [thumbup]
  3. Actual '59 Burst

    22 July 2017 - 05:57 PM

    Here's one that one of you chaps from London should pick up - if you have an extra quarter of million dollars laying around.
  4. Unique LP Custom Lite

    13 July 2017 - 02:47 PM

    Saw this link in the LP forum in a discussion about weight relief and couldn't believe it when I opened it. The seller claims it's a 1987 model. I had no idea that they made Les Paul Custom Lite in 1987, I have one from 2013 and thought that it was a new idea then.

    It is exactly like mine from what I can tell (except for the Mist finish) as it has the thinner body, Custom appointments, and the single tone control with a toggle for coil tap. Didn't know they were doing coil tap in '87 either.

    Who Knew [scared]

    But maybe seller is dreaming about the year as much as the price. A new one is under $2K so not sure how close he will get to $5K [rolleyes]
  5. CS 336 Is Back in All it's Glory

    07 July 2017 - 05:27 PM

    Custom shop announced a week or so ago that they are once again making the CS336. [biggrin] These are the real thing with a carved maple top '57 Classics, and an ABR-1 Bridge. Get 'em while they are available - another limited run. All with nice figured tops: Faded Cherry, Cherry, Iced Tea, and Vintage Burst.

    They had announced a weird configuration a month or so ago of one with a mahogany top, P-90s, and a wrap around bridge tailpiece. I really don't think that configuration would give you the variety of tone that a maple top and humbuckers provide.

    But these are the real thing with MRSP $3,999 so no significant price increase (if any). I bought one in 2003 that was listed about $4200 and then discounted by Sam Ash about 25%.

    My opinion - this is the best model Gibson makes. Play one, buy one if you can you'll never regret it, and you may unload a few of your other guitars that you find you no longer need.


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