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  1. In Topic:Tomorrow night I'll use this

    Today, 02:23 AM

    I didn't realise it was still possible to do that with a camera. [mellow]
    Still, it's the thought that counts. [thumbup]
  2. In Topic:Reissues that cost more than the originals

    Yesterday, 06:31 PM

    Til they run out of Rosewood. [biggrin]
  3. In Topic:Progress?

    Yesterday, 06:11 PM

    For sure Lars. [thumbup]
    Now go do the same for your self-belief and you'll be in business mate!
  4. In Topic:Reissues that cost more than the originals

    Yesterday, 06:07 PM

    C'mon now Rabs, if you say that people should try heaps of guitars and ''choose the one that speaks to you" then why not make a wide variety and they may just be the one that appeals to some people visually and to play - perhaps many people just want to buy a Les Paul they really like and don't care what model name its given or what 'afficianado's' might think about that name? I suppose they try a few new [laugh] ideas every year and see what happens?

    As for the cost, sure that will be an impediment to many - I heard there was a study in the past year or two which found that 46% of Americans would struggle to find $400 for an emergency, so that would rule many out of an Epi purchase even, but equally there are literally millions of millionaires too, and perhaps they have enough sense to allocate appropriate income to wealth building first and then pay for toys from what's left. You don't have to be wealthy to have 'more money than sense' - ever driven through the 'poor suburbs' and seen the number of tricked-up cars and trucks out front? [scared] [blink] [smile]
  5. In Topic:Rig Rundown J & Lou

    Yesterday, 03:21 PM

    [smile] I enjoy J's interviews. Obviously he has his communication issues, but he's unfailingly polite, patient, and I've never heard him big-note himself despite being among the great guitarists (RS top 100 etc) still performing, and the fact that you can go to a pub and work your way to the front easily enough (if you can handle the volume [laugh] ) to stand and watch such a player is pretty unique!

    Dub, I thought you'd enjoy it - cool! I play just rhythm now and don't have a fuzz box - just use drive or dirty channel. I liked that one (Tonebender?) with the gate though - J's fuzzes can sound amazing, but it's all combinations of pedals so unless he puts out a sig pedal it'd be hard to get near his sound probably. I saw there's a Ron Asheton fuzz been out a few years - have you tried that one?



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    G Mac 

    08 Sep 2016 - 19:03
    Hey, 'Scales! Thanks for posting the cat picture! Cats are the shizz! Hope all is well and Peace to you!
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