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  1. Shameless Self Promotion

    07 August 2017 - 12:28 PM

    Here is a link to an article that is posted on the online version of a New Orleans magazine called Offbeat. It is a humorous take by Laura DeFazio on an "Epic Two City Tour of Mississippi" that I played last month with my friend Bob Worth. It really shows the "glamorous" life of Journeymen Musicians (and Music Writers). If you feel so inclined, you may find giving it a read entertaining.
  2. Finally got the 1948 J-50 in the studio. Vanity Post (Ha!)

    28 July 2017 - 12:50 PM

    The duo project with Ruby Ross. We are recording a six song EP. Here is a preview mix (may be some slight tweaking of the mix later) of us doing my song "Things We Can't Control". I'm doing the finger-picking on the '48 J-50 and Ruby is strumming on her DX Series Martin Dread. We are recording these songs live in the studio with no overdubs. Just four channels, micing the two guitars and our two voices facing each other in a small room, mixing as if you were in the little room listening to us unplugged. As you would guess the J-50 holds down a lot of the low end since the DX laminate is a bit bright.

    It was fun, but also a little nerve wracking!
  3. Pre-War Guitars Co. J Model

    16 July 2017 - 02:40 PM

    Last month I was lucky enough to open for a great band out of North Carolina called Mipso. Their guitar player was a cool young man named Joseph Terrell. Before the show he noticed my 1948 J-50 that I was going to play during my set, which then commenced us geeking out on old Gibsons. Later I was watching the band's sound check and he seemed to be playing a Pre-War Jumbo, either a J-35 or an Original Jumbo which sounded spectacular to my ears. Upon closer inspection I noticed there was no logo on the headstock. Later he told me he actually owns a 1938 J-35 but he doesn't bring it on the road. Instead he plays a Pre-War Guitars Co. J Model. The company is headed up by a couple of guys in North Carolina who are hand building guitars in the tradition of mostly Pre-War Martins, but they do make the aforementioned J model and have made a prototype of a Pre-War Nick Lucas model not yet for sale.

    You can order the guitars at different "distress" levels from "no distress" or up to Level 3. As an old guy I find the distress phenomenon silly, but some like it. Threads about these guitars on AGF and the UMGF have tended to dwell ad nauseam on the "distress issue". I don't really give a flip. If I ever ordered one it would either be at 0 distress or 1. The real question is how does it sound?

    Here is a video of Molly Tuttle demoing one:

    Also here is a facebook link of Joseph from Mipso with a short demo as well (I'm pretty sure you don't have to have a Facebook account to view it):

    At $5000 it ain't cheap, but still very interesting. Here is the company website where you can see all the models and videos:

    FWIW Gibson in 2013 made a limited release of 100 of an Original Jumbo 1934 Reissue and there is at least one used one for sale on Reverb for $3300.00, so there is that.
  4. Cool shirt from Forum Regular duluthdan!

    11 July 2017 - 11:21 AM

    I'm gonna wear it proudly. Thanks, Dan. I need this more than ever.
    Posted Image
    The back:
    Posted Image
    Just to be clear, Dan has no idea I am posting this. I just like the shirt and I wanted y'all to see it.
  5. Shameless Self Promotion

    28 April 2017 - 01:56 PM

    Hey Folks--

    Since I am actually about to make money on my CD (only $76.04 shy of breaking even...Woo Hoo!) I have decided to lower the download price on CD Baby for the entire album to $4.99.

    You can listen to samples there to see if it floats your boat.

    For those of you who prefer having an actual CD in your mitts, you can buy it here for $4.99 plus shipping:
    I apologize that the shipping cost is almost equal to the price of the album, but you do get the cool cover art by my Girlfriend. :)

    Full disclosure: there are no Gibsons used in this recording which was made in 2013 before I fell in love with Gibson acoustics. On this project I was either using my 1974 Martin D-28 or a 2005 Martin 0000-18 (since sold...sometimes regret that decision).

    I hope you don't mind this indulgence on my part. I decided only to advertise this now because of the price drop. I didn't want to use this wonderful community for commercial purposes when I was busting my hump selling these at gigs and online to break even! Now the pressure is off and the price is down!

    Mods, if you find this post to be inappropriate I will totally understand if you remove it.



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  1. Photo


    26 Jun 2015 - 19:19
    Thanks, MP! He's become a valued member of the family. Glad you are active again here!
  2. Photo


    26 Jun 2015 - 18:18
    Love that Southern Jumbo. Sweet-looking instrument.
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    03 Feb 2015 - 17:03
    I have one for you. 175 is fine. I basically have used it a couple hours, I just don't gig any more. I may still have the box, I have an unused jack I'll send with it, I just used a cable from the pickup to my roland BA.
    you can email me at or give me a ring at 513-252-8300.
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    03 Nov 2013 - 18:51
    I am just seeing this email. I am glad I could help. How are you enjoying the SJ TV? Jason
  5. Photo


    10 Sep 2013 - 22:02
    Hey!I live by the intersection of Broadway and Fountainebleau near Carrollton. Abita Springs is nice. I'm playing on the front porch as the free opener for the Abita Springs Opry show on 9/21 from around 5:45 PM to 7 PM. It's no big deal (I don't even get listed on the website, which is kinda sad). If you get over there, come and say hi! Few characters left. Can write more a...
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    10 Sep 2013 - 21:27
    Dude, I am from Nola ,but now live in Abita , where do you live ?
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