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  1. DR500MCE tuning pegs

    20 January 2017 - 10:25 PM

    Has anyone had any problems with the nylon bushing on the end of the worm gear of the tuning machine wearing out. Last time changing strings I notice the bass side tuners on mine where getting sloppy the treble side are good no slop what so ever. I notice looking at them that there is a nylon bushing in the one end and all three bass side are starting to wear out you can see them starting to stick out this gives them slop. It still holds tune great but I know that down the road there will be trouble. I contacted Gibson support by e-mail they said take it to a thec. I contacted Grover talked to a nice guy named Chuck this was his reply. Take the one off that is wore( at the time he though I said it was one) take a photo of the back the side that sits on the peg head and send it to him this I did here is what he said. These are good ones (don't know what that means) send me the wore one well replace it I said all three on the bass side have the same problem why not replace the set. Then he said if all three are wore he didn't think it would be good to replace them as there is some other problem with the guitar like the nut or saddle or something and they would just wear out again. So now I would like to know if anyone is seeing the same problem as I think it is just a fault of bad parts or poor deseing or both. You put nylon where there is lots of turning back and forth it wears out.Yes it is going to see the thec. next week. Sorry this is so long winded but if anyone has any info I'm all ears. Mik B)


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  1. Photo


    20 Dec 2016 - 14:09
    Mik-- It is a heck of a job. I didn't do it myself, but had a buddy who was in luthiery school at the time do it. Send me your email address at and I'll forward the email he sent me in which he described everything he did and how he did it. It's quite extensive. His work improved the sound.
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