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  1. Advice needed, please!

    11 October 2017 - 03:18 PM

    So a little backstory, first.

    A few weeks ago I go to a store specialising in imported alcoholic beverages in order to get a friend a bottle of scotch for his 30th. It was down a street I'd not been before and on my way back to the city centre I passed by a music shop I'd not been to (obviously a good thing). I'd looked around and weirdly this place hadn't appeared on any searches I'd done before.

    Anyway; they have a whole host of awesome stuff. Nice first hand electrics and acoustics, a heck of a great collection of guitars from The Heritage, an original '70s SG, an original Les Paul Recording model in Walnut. Lots of lovely amps and other things.

    On their second hand wall there was a nice bright red cherry SG Standard from 2006. It had been a bedroom guitar with minimal wear, a few minor dings, and only some slight dulling of the finish and hardware. And a neck profile I've dreamt about since. Fatter that a SlimTaper, yet smaller than a '59 - something I've since found out was called the "SG Rounded" profile, which adorned the standard line from (what I know to be) at least 2005 to 2010.

    I should have bought it there and then.

    I left it over the weekend - the Catalan referendum weekend. Which had days added on for strikes and such. I went back the first day the store opened again to make an offer. I'd missed her by two hours.

    Fast forward a week. The guy in the store tells me he has another SG in. A 2000 Standard with a Maestro (the Bigsby style) tailpiece which apparently came stock (can't see evidence against that). I'd been dreaming of that first one a bit and looked around online for a similar year model.

    Similar neck - fell in love. The only thing I can see at first is that the term spring isn't very forgiving, but I can swap that for a looser one if I want.

    Just as I'm about to make an offer, then I notice a problem. There are two cracks in the back of the neck, on curve transition between the neck shaft and the headstock. They aren't the whole way through, and run along the grain rather than through it. It doesn't look like an impact of any kind has occurred - the top of the headstock is clean aside from some slight wear.

    I've attached an image for reference; I've not seen a crack like this. One guy said this might be where something has shrunk or moved, but I'd like a weigh in from you. They've got a luthier who would probably strip back the lacquer, inject some glue, apply some pressure and refinish it. I could probably talk them down in price to 800, but now that I'm on this side of the argument I wanna know if you'd go for it, knowing the above.

    Posted Image
  2. From Grover to Schaller...

    23 July 2017 - 03:33 PM

    Hi all;

    Bit of advice and guidance needed, or comments from the crowd where you've got experience or positive affirmations on what I'm trying to convey. business.

    The problem:
    I have a 2013 Les Paul Traditional Pro II. This model, as some of you are aware from experiences or seeing the Traditional Pro IV model in the years since, know that this usually comes with Grover Locking Rotomatics; the same style you see adorning the headstock of current Les Paul Standards in the 'T' line.

    This is the piece in question:

    One of these tuning machines on my wonderful guitar has been giving me some grief for a little while now, which was manageable with a bot of elbow-grease, and some over-tightening of the locking component. I've applied some fluids to it and dismantled the housing before to see if I could rectify the issue, to no success.

    Unfortunately in recent weeks another one of the machine heads has started to show similar issues, where it does not hold the lock and may slip, and the peg itself seems a little looser than it should be.

    I've thought that maybe a replacement of the components might be in order.

    Given I need to keep the style and screw orientation; I was looking at the Schaller alternative - the Schaller M6 90 locking tuners, as exemplified here:

    These have the same position for the screw (90 degrees) and apparently the same maximum post diameter fitting the 10mm holes. They're also available in Nickel, unlike the Grovers, which suits me well as I've changed the previous Gibson bridge hardware to Nickel stuff from Faber, so the metal finishing would match.

    I sheerly wanted anyone that has thoughts on, or has done a change of this nature, to share their experiences, comments, thoughts, or concerns.
  3. A change in string gauge and tuning

    23 July 2017 - 01:54 PM

    Hi all.

    I'm currently using 10-46 strings at the moment with a wound 3rd, but I'm considering going up to an 11-49, again with the wound 3rd.

    At the same time; I'm looking to start experimenting with some playing in D-standard tuning next time I set up one.

    Aside from the nut adjustments and such; can anyone advise if this setup would be problematic, or countered by simple adjustments to the tailpiece height to find the right string tension...? This is not something I've messed with before, so I'm in the dark.
  4. Earvana "compensated" guitar nut

    05 March 2017 - 10:24 AM

    Hi all.

    After the Birmingham guitar show last week, where I tried a guitar that had something called an Earvana compensated nut; I've been doing some research into them.

    The premise seems sound and I am tempted to trial one, but wanted to ask if any of you forumites have some experience with them - good or bad.



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