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  1. Can anyone identify this J-200?

    12 August 2017 - 04:15 AM

    I spotted this picture on the back of a country music compilation CD today. Sitting casually on bonnet/hood of his E-Type Jaguar is Australian DJ/shock jock and sometime country singer John Laws. I'd say the picture dates from the mid/late 60s.

    But what about that guitar he's playing? It looks like real J-200 except for the headstock, which is all wrong. It's probably too early for a Japanese copy and way too early for a counterfeit. So what is it?

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  2. Another Gibson J45 joins the family

    22 July 2017 - 04:42 AM

    Here's my latest acquisition. It's a 1964 J45 (left) seen here with my Epiphone Texan from the same year. When I first opened the case I momentarily thought it was a J50 because the cherry sunburst finish has faded so much.

    It originally had a plastic bridge, but this had deteriorated and the guitar became unplayable. So it has been replaced with an ebony one hand-made by my local guitar repair guy who did a great job. It's showing a fair amount of wear, but still sounds great.

    Gibson only fitted the much-hated plastic bridges for around a year in 1963/64 (the Texan pictured also has one) and I still have the old plastic bridge if anyone would care to see a close-up of it.

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  3. Please identify my guitar

    10 November 2016 - 12:00 AM

    I picked up this guitar today. There is no orange label in the sound-hole and the store weren't quite sure what it was. At first they told me it was a LG-2. It looks more like a B-25-N to me and after a little discussion the store (reluctantly) agreed.

    The serial number dates the guitar as 1969 and the pickguard has clearly been changed from full-length to a teardrop one at some point (it's possible to see the indentation of the old pickguard in the varnish). I'm not entirely sure the new pickguard is a genuine Gibson item either.

    The belly down bridge is unusual, but not unknown (a google search will produce examples with a small guard and belly down bridge).

    Any ideas?

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