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  1. In Topic:Songwriting

    Today, 12:34 PM

    Brad: collaborating with another person is key.

    I hung out with my old band the other week, and we watched a tongue-in-cheek docu we made of us for a weekend. But it included performances of all our stuff. I'm ten times the guitarist now - easily.

    Cretively, however, I am NOWHERE near. It was an case of, f...k, dude - we were THAT good?!?

    Natch, pregnancies halted our tracks. As is often the case.

    I'm looking, though. I miss writing with others like a mofo.

    Whether or not it'll be the same... I mean, back in the halcyon days we shared booze, strippers and dru... food. Even me, who still lives a life of what my peers would (and do - jealous cxnts) call "utter irresponsibility", am not sure I could do that again.

    Sure am willing to try, though. Any Swedish musicians on here?

    I digress. Do try and get songwriting partnets, Brad.
  2. In Topic:Guitar Karaoke

    Today, 12:07 PM

    I don't have a partner, or I have too many, depending on who you ask, but here's something I do: I check out a Youtube video teaching me a riff, a solo run, whatever. I get it down okay, then I practice it while watching a documentary.
  3. In Topic:repair opinions wanted - J-45

    Today, 07:37 AM

    Find a local luthier. $1100 to fix it is an outrage.
  4. In Topic:3 Strikes Your Out, PRS Blows You Away Gibson

    Today, 07:10 AM

    I have no idea whether he has multiple accounts and whatnot, and if ksdaddy removed posts threatening physical violence then that's clearly not okay (the threats, not removing the posts).

    Other than that, the OP is a self-admitted anal nut, so apart from a few uncalled-for personal insults, I say live and let live. I don't believe he's trolling, I believe he has a smidgeon of OCD.

    More importantly: while I've always hated the expression "you win the Internet today", I still have to take it upon myself to bestow that honor upon MichaelT for "necro equine battery". I laughed out loud.
  5. In Topic:3 Strikes Your Out, PRS Blows You Away Gibson

    Today, 06:16 AM

    Ksdaddy: threats of physical violence? Seriously?!

    To GnR: your new 2016 LP
    is GORGEOUS! Wow.



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