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  1. In Topic:Whats On Your Mind Today? Thread.

    Today, 10:49 AM

    Been flipping through YouTube a lot lately. Inspired by the Manc thread, here's Halford with a surprise guest on TV:
  2. In Topic:Manchester bombing

    Today, 10:21 AM

    I think Izzy was using it as an example of things we maybe should leave alone here?

    The thing is, it's getting serious. This is not going away anytime soon. So I can't really blame people who start threads like these.

    I sold my tinfoil hat when I bought the V, but I feel confident in saying the end result will be a European police state.

    Re: Rob Halford... Just a few years before he came out he called a press conference, as it was rumored he was dying. Which he wasn't. Then he used the opportunity to raise AIDS awareness.

    Not only is he an excellent vocalist - he's a brave man, using what was almost accusations against him to raise awareness. Then he had the balls to come out officially, and the metal world was very different even then.

    I'm heterosexual, so I never had to deal with bullying and all that. Imagine a gay kid growing up these days. Rob Halford gave him a frame of reference. Maybe his parents listened to Priest?

    I have the utmost respect for that man, and wish him a long and happy life.
  3. In Topic:Strap Locks For V

    Today, 09:23 AM

    Here's a related query: any of you guys or gals keep the strap on in the case? Does a leather strap affect nitro?

    My V spent a couple days on a hanger, and the rubber foam or whatever left marks. In a few days' time!
  4. In Topic:Bob's Birthday :)

    Today, 07:20 AM

    Everyone knows how Hendrix and Guns covered his songs, but my favorite is when the punk rock "Bad Boys From Brutalsville" (that's Raleigh, NC) - Antiseen - covered "Positively 4th St." for their covers album.

    I can only find an inferior version on YouTube. The original (well, original cover version) is on the album "Hell".

    I'm not too folksy, so I don't really know too much of his stuff. But if Hendrix liked him and Jeff Clayton likes him, that's good enough for me.
  5. In Topic:An Obama Tail

    Today, 07:00 AM

    They're called langos (plural) here in Sweden. Basically fried dough with cheese and onions. Pure carbs, **** for you.

    Delicious, of course.



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