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  1. NGD: Les Paul 2017 Tribute T

    10 November 2017 - 11:07 AM

    As per the topic description, I couldn't afford this one. But here it is. This was a clearance sale, so the 2018 Tribute wasn't an option, anyway.

    I was, and am, very happy with my Epi LP PlusTop. It's a great LP, but I'd feel a bit funny shelling out the same cash for a re-fret (the fret wire is the only flaw) I paid for the entire guitar. At least, that's how I try and justify this purchase to myself. It's going fairly sh*t. But a third guitar makes sense, doesn't it? One is an Epiphone, too. See? I'm still trying. The whiff of ramen noodles wakes me from my reverie.

    There was also the fact that it had a 490r/490t combo, and I like Alnico II magnets. The 2018 has a 498t. And financially, it wasn't an option anyway.

    Would I have preferred no weight relief? Yes. How much of a difference the 9-hole weight relief makes? I don't know. It's lighter - not LIGHT-light, but certainly lighter than my Epi. It sustains like crazy, so no complaints there. The tone is more "chimy" than my Epi LP. Haven't messed around with pickup height yet.

    The 490 set sounds great. Gibson themselves claim that they go well together, hence the 490 designation, and I agree. The volume controls are much more responsive than on my Epi LP , so there's a lot more room to mess around with tone that way. (Although I have to stress that the Epi tone is great in its own right.)

    Fretboard was thirsty, so I oiled it, and I've put 10s on it (it came with a 46-9 hybrid set, which is too slinky for an LP, if you ask me).

    The faded honeyburst is nice enough, and the satin finish on the slim taper neck feels great.

    It's just a... a really ******* cool rock guitar that sounds great and plays great :)
  2. 46-9 hybrid set to regular 46-10

    07 November 2017 - 12:42 PM

    I suspect I know the answer full well already, but... If a guitar comes with a 46-9 hybrid set of strings, you can put regular a regular 46-10 set on it without doing anything to the nut or damaging it, right?

    Never tried it before.
  3. OK, here's the first one I share with you guys

    14 October 2017 - 09:17 AM

    Just press play.

    It's a chord progression I've had for a while now, that never went anywhere.

    Then I fooled around on a Strat for the first solo, dug it, and double-tracked it.

    The second solo is a Gibson Flying V 120 with BB Pro pups. Which I cannot for the life of me make sound good through an amp. Here, it's through a first-gen V-Amp into PreSonus Studio One, and the tone is not half bad, is it?

    They're off-the-cuff leads in one take, so bear with me.
  4. Outlaw country

    26 August 2017 - 06:18 AM

    Edit: oops. Thought it was an official video.

    Not necessarily safe for work. I think the lyrics set the tone nicely for the topic.

    Some pickin'.

    Who are your favorites?
  5. Who do you find REALLY inspiring in music. and why

    24 August 2017 - 05:16 AM




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