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The Ham bone is connected to the ........
64 years old
April 22, 1953
Male Male
Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 2 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. In Topic:How Is Your Weather Today?

    Yesterday, 10:30 PM

    It was in the upper 70's and sunny. Beautiful day!
  2. In Topic:Part Of The Bounty!

    Yesterday, 10:29 PM

    Yea, we used to have 3 Apple trees way in back but we finally had to cut them down as little kids across the street in rental houses couldn't stay out of them. We would come home and branches were broke off from them climbing and swinging on them. We were afraid they would get hurt so better to take them down since we both were still working at that time and gone.
  3. In Topic:Whats On Your Mind Today? Thread.

    Yesterday, 10:20 PM

    Yea it's horrible stuff. Then one year they gave me cherry flavor stuff to put in it and that wasn't so bad it was clear though. This time I go in June and their telling me to mix it with a clear flavor Gatorade 32oz bottle as long as it's not red , purple or blue. I have to buy the 2 - 32oz bottles of Gatorade. I wish it would work faster then it does. I'd sit on the pot and chug down the two bottles real fast and get it over with!Posted Image Well, it was a great day today. Glad I got the lawn mowed too. It sure grows fast this time of year.
  4. In Topic:Happy Birthday Butch!

    Yesterday, 10:03 PM

    Mr. Gibson said:

    1492918571[/url]' post='1850957']
    Happy birthday Butch, crank the amp she'll forgive you.

    Well I just got home at 10:00, am and it's about 10:45 now but OK, I will. He he, Posted Image if the neighbors call the police, ill say it was a request from the guys on the Gibson Board, Honest! Posted Image Lol. It would be Kim turning me in so maybe I'll play "Witchy Woman" Posted Image yea, I did have it up last night and didn't get in trouble. Talking about guitars, the jack inlet nut was loose on the Jag so I tightened it and next time I got it out, nothing. No sound. Checked everything out, tried a different guitar and the amp was ok. Hooked the Jag. back up and no sound. So I loosened that nut up a 1/8th of a turn and the Jag worked. So a wire must be a bit loose inside. Do you think since it's under warranty I shoul take it to GC and have the tech guy check it out? I just didn't want to send the whole guitar back to Fender for something that would be easy to fix and wasn't sure if I should mess with it and void the warranty.
  5. In Topic:Happy Birthday Butch!

    Yesterday, 09:45 PM

    4Hayden said:

    1492840924[/url]' post='1850800']
    Have a good one Herman


    Ha ha, thanks Mike. Would you believe that after all these decades after the show first aired that the Munsters is still my favorite TV show of all time? I just loved 'Ol Herman Munster.

    Whitefang said:

    1492854841[/url]' post='1850815']
    Happy birthday friend. But I gotta tell ya....

    As one headed for 66 in a couple of months, you won't have TIME to get used to 64. By the time you think you're just about to be, you're 65! [flapper]

    You should realize by now that when you reach a cetain age, the years are only SIX MONTHS LONG! :blink:

    Thanks and I've already known this to be true since I retired! Lol. Yea, when I worked the days seemed like years waiting for that 3:30 whistle to go off and go home. It seemed like hours passed by and when I looked at the clock only a couple minutes passed. The day I retired I thought, Yip Ee, finally fun time but that 1st year seemed to pass by so darn fast I wondered where it went?

    Dennis G said:

    1492903739[/url]' post='1850922']
    64 Huh? Did you realize that when McCarney wrote "When I'm 64" he was only 15?

    Happyt B'day to you. I'd kill to be 64 again!! LOL.

    Thanks Dennis, now I'm singing to Deb, "Will you still love me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" Ha ha Time does go by too fast and I'm not anxious about getting any older. I think Deb is partly to blame that these 4 years went by so darn fast since I left the Railroad. She has been wishing and praying everyday to be 60 because at 60, she got to collect half of my Retirement. Well she has been collecting it for about a year now and now she wants to be 67 so she can get Social Security so there's another 6 years shot that's going to go real fast! Ha ha. Posted Image


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    07 Sep 2016 - 21:04
    Thanks G Mac, I appreciate it. Yes he's our only grand baby so far. Grayson will be two Nov.17 I believe. I already have him into trains, "I retired from the Railroad," and Guitars! Deb and I are giving him his 1st guitar this Christmas, just a cheap Ukulele he can strum on with grandpa.
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    G Mac 

    06 Sep 2016 - 22:31
    Hey, Shere Khan! Thanks for visiting my profile. You're the first one! I enjoy the posts that you've made(the ones I've seen).
    I'm guessing that's your grand baby, yes? Adorable! Hope all's well with you... G Mac.
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    07 May 2015 - 07:41
    Im guessing I'm supposed to say something here. I am just a Grandpa who plays guitar. Guess that makes me a Guitarist Grandpa, just like a normal Grandpa, except much cooler! Lol
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