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The Ham bone is connected to the ........
64 years old
April 22, 1953
Male Male
Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 2 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. In Topic:Whats On Your Mind Today? Thread.

    Today, 09:39 PM

    I learned a new song today. Played what a wonderful world by Sam Cooke. A lot easier then I thought.
  2. In Topic:How Is Your Weather Today?

    Today, 08:52 PM

    Sounds like 100's everywhere. Ech. Unless you like it? I had a friend who's a pastor now that told me once, "The hotter it is, the better it is." Here it was better, 85 degrees with 64% humidity. Feels like 82 now.
  3. In Topic:Nighthawk CST3 Seeker First Post

    Today, 08:41 PM

    Yes, congrats on finding one Chris.
  4. In Topic:What's for breakfast,lunch, or dinner?

    Today, 08:04 PM

    Rotisserie chicken. Very good!
  5. In Topic:Epiphone Schenker Black and white V

    Yesterday, 11:46 PM

    The Rhone said:

    1501083192[/url]' post='1871309']
    Afternoon all,

    Just picked up a Epiphone Black and White Schenker Flying V and got to say I'm really impressed with this guitar. Especially the pickups as they sound surprisingly good. Doe's any one know what ones it comes with.

    Thank you in advance.

    I looked up a 67 black and white Epiph. Flying V and they came with 2 open coil bare -naked Epiphone humbuckers. You could remove the pickups to see what it says on the back of them. I'm no expert by far but that's what I read on MLP.


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    07 Sep 2016 - 21:04
    Thanks G Mac, I appreciate it. Yes he's our only grand baby so far. Grayson will be two Nov.17 I believe. I already have him into trains, "I retired from the Railroad," and Guitars! Deb and I are giving him his 1st guitar this Christmas, just a cheap Ukulele he can strum on with grandpa.
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    G Mac 

    06 Sep 2016 - 22:31
    Hey, Shere Khan! Thanks for visiting my profile. You're the first one! I enjoy the posts that you've made(the ones I've seen).
    I'm guessing that's your grand baby, yes? Adorable! Hope all's well with you... G Mac.
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    07 May 2015 - 07:41
    Im guessing I'm supposed to say something here. I am just a Grandpa who plays guitar. Guess that makes me a Guitarist Grandpa, just like a normal Grandpa, except much cooler! Lol
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