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  1. At what $ do the good ones show up?

    Yesterday, 01:52 PM

    I visited my luthier yesterday. He said something that made me think. He told me that if I wanted a "really good" prewar guitar they start out at no less than $10,000. What do you think of this statement? Is it true in general, truish, or true to him?
  2. The worst SG I have ever seen!

    Yesterday, 12:33 PM

    I went to see my luthier yesterday. He showed me a brand new American Standard SG a guy brought in that his girlfriend tried to clean with..... Ready for this? You better sit down.... Fingernail polish remover!!! She was even nice enough to clean the headstock by rubbing real hard! There were wipe marks going up, down, across, at an oblique angle, and deep scrubbing marks. Unless the guitar is refinished it'll look that way forever and ever. I've never seen worse. My luthier remarked that if it was a cheap SG with a poly finish it would have been fine. It was tragic. It was an honest mistake but man!
  3. Okay, I think I don't like Les Pauls!

    13 August 2017 - 03:05 PM

    So I have been shopping for a Les Paul for a few months and so far I have come up dry. I've tried guitar after guitar and for some reason when I pick them up and play them I am not connecting. I honestly have found them forgettable. Now I didn't come here to bash Gibson or complain about quality control or anything like that. I just want to say that I keep picking them up and then I put them down and walk away with no interest at all. I thought I wanted a LP. In fact I've wanted one real bad but the experience and the guitars are not intuitively compelling to me. So where should I go? For those of you that have spent time with multiple Gibson electrics, what should I try next? SG? A flying V? I really have a slot open for a short scale electric guitar with humbuckers and no matter what I do I can't seem to bond with Les Pauls. It's very, very frustrating. It is considered by many to be the best guitar in the world. Why don't I like it?
  4. Camera shots

    13 August 2017 - 01:11 PM

    This is just a frivolous curiosity but has anyone else noticed how common it is for guitar clips can be a shot of just the guitar and knees with the head cropped out? I just came to the realization that I have watched dozens, perhaps hundreds, of guitarists make videos showcasing a song in this manner and I wonder how this came to be. I understand the practice when demonstrating a technique but for performing a song? Are we a collective of shy people? Nah, I can't believe that.
  5. Weddings!

    02 August 2017 - 06:47 PM

    One of my jamming buddies, and a very good friend, is getting married in November and he asked me to play at his wedding. Well, first he asked me to sing a song when his fiancee walked down the aisle. Then he asked me to play some songs at the reception. Finally he came over yesterday to jam and asked me to play the entire wedding! I have performed before but I've never worked a wedding. I am very well set up for playing in my studio but not gigging. I was told that there will be about 80 people at the wedding but they'd like to do it on the cheap. They're a young couple and money will be in short supply for a while. I will be doing this as a favor a my gift to them. So I have a couple of guitars with pickups that I could use and a Roland AC-33. I can run the guitar and the mic through that. It has reverb and chorus. Can I get some suggestions as to what or how I should plan for the event? I am not tech savvy so type slowly! [laugh]


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