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  1. In Topic:2017 - Limited Edition - Emerald Green Gibson SJ-200

    18 August 2017 - 07:53 AM

    Email Gibson, they should tell you.
  2. In Topic:Mixed feelings over Fishman Aura Ellipse in my SJ200

    08 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

    For what's its worth, I've never had any complaints about the Baggs Element system in all three of my Gibsons. I gig regular and they sound as crisp and clear and natural as the day I bought them. I run them into a Roland AC90 which is a phenomenally good amp which projects a very natural sound and fills the room (and outdoors) so well.
  3. In Topic:Battery drain

    05 June 2017 - 07:55 AM

    Yep, your battery will be drained after a week. or at least a lot lower than it should be. Makes no difference what the other end of the lead is plugged into.
  4. In Topic:Just A Little Too Excited for My Own Good...

    16 May 2017 - 05:39 AM

    Very nice, congrats
  5. In Topic:Need help deciding... J15 or Songwriter Standard?

    16 May 2017 - 05:34 AM

    View PostFerd13, on 15 May 2017 - 09:31 PM, said:

    NO CONTEST!!! The Songwriter Deluxe "Standard" is THE TOP model of the Songwriter Series. It is and AWESOME guitar. The "Standard" is no longer in production... There is a "Progressive" with auto-tune on board... Gimmik and 3300 bucks!

    I have a 2012 Songwriter Standard (non cut away)and a 2014 J45 Standard; if push came to shove and I'd have to part with one, it would be the J45. (it would certainly be a heartbreaker, but it would be the J45)

    New, the Songwriter is almost twice the cost of the J15... it is a "low end" Gibson.

    I DO, however chime in with Buc and a couple of others of like mind; take someone WELL experienced with you to check it out.

    An error in some advice given above: The Songwriter is strung with 11's from the factory. I've tried 12's PB and 80/20... NOT a good choice for my ears or fingers. Right now I've re-strung with 80/20's and the original recommended 11's... Music of the Angels!!!

    One more thing to consider: the neck; the J15 is almost a baseball bat by comparison. the Songwriter "Standard" (only the standard) has a slim (by comparison) progressive fingerboard radius... 12 to 16 inches which makes for easy fingering all the way up the neck.

    Body size of the Songwriter is also somewhat smaller; especially the waist, and together with a shorter body, makes it easier to manage. Yes it has a long scale neck compared to the j15, but what I do to compensate for that on mine is tune down a 1/2 step and capo the first fret and bingo, you've got a short scale 13 fret instrument...

    One more thing: YOU JUST CAN't COMPARE apples to oranges! Walnut back and sides to Indian Rosewood is downright blasphemous!

    In the end though, it always boils down to ones own tastes and preferences. I do hope that what is written here and above will help you make a decision that YOU will be comfortable with!

    best regards,

    checks this out:

    The J15 maybe a lower price instrument from Gibson, but I can assure you as one who plays one often as well as "higher priced Gibsons" it does not reflect it at ALL. My J15 sounds just as good as my Southern Jumbo. It's been played a lot, gigged and the top has really broken in nicely.

    It's some what snobbery to dismiss the J15, as I've seen on here far too often by some guys, just because of the price??? Construction is as good as any guitar I have / had from the guys at Montana.

    "Walnut compared to Rosewood blasphemous"?? Sorry Fred that statement is blasphemous. Nothing wrong with Walnut at all as a tonewood. It's different to Rosewood, yes, as is hog, it's all about what sounds good to your own ears. Have you even played one? because it's nothing like a baseball bat neck.

    To the OP, choose what you are comfortable with. Stick with the 12's, with the right set up it it will play and sound glorious.

    and I'm sorry but advising to de-tune and then capo in the 1st fret to get over the longer scale length, doesn't that defeat the object of having the longer scale length????


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