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  1. In Topic:It's almost time...what are your hopes for 2018 models?

    19 July 2017 - 07:48 PM

    I am hoping they don't jack the price up by $100 in the middle of the year, like they did with the 2017's. Everyplace was selling then for $1299 for a standard. I picked one up, a week later went to buy a second standard and the price went up to $1399. So, I figured I would wait for an 18 to see hope they are.
  2. In Topic:Archtop Identification Help Needed

    07 June 2017 - 06:44 PM

    View PostJimR56, on 06 June 2017 - 12:49 PM, said:

    In the photo, it appears that your bridge may be set a bit too far down (too far from the neck / too close to the tailpiece). You can look at online photos of similar guitars to see what I mean.

    The measurement from the 12th fret to the nut, should be the same as the measurement from the12th fret to the floating bridge.
  3. In Topic:Epiphone Les Paul Korean Identification!!!

    17 May 2017 - 06:25 PM

    it is custom.

    View PostHakan, on 17 May 2017 - 08:09 AM, said:


    Would you please let me know if my guitar was original or not? Does anyone also know what model Epiphone Les Paul is? (Eg Standard, Custom)

    Serial Number: U00120593
    Purchase date: 2003

    Guitar İmages:

    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
  4. In Topic:Why Les Pauls Don't Stay in Tune!

    05 May 2017 - 07:24 PM

    All of mine stay in tune. and over 40 years of playing them, I never had one that did not stay in tune.
  5. In Topic:2017 SG STANDARD T

    02 May 2017 - 07:10 PM

    I bought my 2017 in October of 2016 when they released them. I have to say, it has become my favorite. I hardly play my Les Pauls now. Gibson hit a home run with the 2017 SG Standard T.

    View PostWild Bill 212, on 17 April 2017 - 05:49 AM, said:

    I could not bring myself to purchase the 2016 SG Standard T, as it had the same P-UP's as the 2016 SG Special Faded T (which I did buy and got for half the price of the Standard T) the 490 R & T which are fine P-Up's but the difference between the two guitars tone was ZERO when I plugged them into the same FENDER amp, side by side, in a comparison to see which one to purchase.The '16 SG Standard came with a GIG-BAG too, ICFBI !! WHAT? So I bought the 2016 SG Special Faded and seeing as I spent less than half the amount of $ on the Special,$543... I upgraded it w/a Bigbsy B7 some Chrome P-UP covers and its quite the BAD-A$ li'l axe,and it became my every day player...and I do really love the guitar, BUT MY SG STANDARD was still not in my arsenal.......

    BUT, now that the 2017 SG STANDARD T has arrived, THE WAIT IS OVER....and I am ECSTATIC the 2017 SG STANDARD T is the guitar I have waited for:Slim 60's profile Neck,BUILT-FOR-SPEED, LOCKING CHROMED KIDNEY SHAPED (18:1 Ratio)GROVER TUNING MACHINES are the smoothest tuners I have ever touched, '57 Classic & '57 Classic + P-UP's KICK ***, the Angel-Wing pickguard is the style of the Original 1961 SG (yes,I know, Les Paul), and the KILLER TONE on the guitar is JUST AWESOME and the SUSTAIN IS FOR MILES ...........AND HARD SHELL CASE is BACK too.....

    So the wait for my SG STANDARD T is finally over and the 2017 SG STANDARD T 'BLACK BEAUTY' that I got, I could not be happier took GIBSON quite some time to get this guitar to market BUT I AM GAD I WAITED..The disastrous MIN-ETUNE & G-FARCE issue's from 2016-thru 2015 were just not hookin me and took me out of the market and last years model was,IMO, A FLOP. BUT GIBSON HAVE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH THIS 2017 SG STANDARD T.....too bad I can't get a picture of mine into this message, IT IS BAD-A$, the guitar I have waited so long for finally arrived,I TRIED to upload a picture but no.........



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