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  1. In Topic:NGD

    17 September 2017 - 11:04 AM

    I am jelly... very nice score... A gibson leather strap is a huge bonus too. I saw they are nearly $200 by themselves. I want an explorer even more now. They seem hard to find around here.
  2. In Topic:Ever cry while singing/writing your own song?

    18 August 2017 - 07:43 PM

    View PostIzzy, on 18 August 2017 - 06:10 PM, said:

    I skip the tears and go to anger.
    Because what I am sad about I try to be aggressive about...
    I want it to ROCK! and then I'm all fkd up afterwards but not crying just angry.

    Thanks for that I am doing something like that to experiment with different vocals to power the tune up and yea i see how that works... It isnt ager for this one just a bluesy somewhat southern gritty powerful lotts of air, like im really feeling it to my core, The song is becoming an awesome tune with so much potential vocals and lead guitars, but its sort of standard blues rock, and i can almost bet its been done and i have heard it... Very similar to "i found you" LA guns, but not exactly and my tune requires those talented players to be playing for that level of talent, but its great for improving on... loving it. The more i let go while singing, the more it does express a range of emotions and ya im over the episode of crying. I played it for who i wrote it about and that fixed that.

    referenced this song:
  3. In Topic:Ever cry while singing/writing your own song?

    16 August 2017 - 10:16 AM

    View PostMichaelT, on 15 August 2017 - 10:41 AM, said:

    Yeah, I've definitely heard worse than me. I can sing in tune, mostly, and can do some backups. I don't have the voice or the range for lead vocals so I just tell people how horrible I am. And, I find it hard to sing and play guitar at the same time if it's anything fairly complicated. I'm a lot more comfortable just playing.

    same for me...
    but, you really should not insult yourself, if you suck, so what. Dont even think about how good or bad you are. Think about this, mick jagger didnt have a great singing voice, really. but nobody in rock that i can think of put out more of themself, their soul, behind their singing than he does. mick is the perfect example of how to put all of yourself into what you do... (not my fav singer but he got soul), I am not even positive that he has any effects, it seems he is straight from the mic to through the board and to the speakers, maybe wrong but using some effects can certainly help you and me cover up some of our weakness. Anyway I dont mean to be redundant but at least half of what makes you good or bad is the attitude you approach it with, so stop saying you suck and start not giving a crap about that and just focus on having fun...even when you are just playing, that will start showing in your performance. I know you know this already... just reminding you eh
  4. In Topic:Ever cry while singing/writing your own song?

    15 August 2017 - 10:30 AM

    View PostMichaelT, on 14 August 2017 - 06:57 AM, said:

    Other people would certainly cry if they heard me sing. Perhaps even threaten bodily injury. At minimum, they might run to find the nearest set of earplugs or caulking sealant. One person even vomited violently! My singing is almost as bad as Vogon poetry.

    There's a song that a friend of mine wrote that we recorded back in 1991 and it still brings feelings today. Not crying but definitely a powerful song if you pay attention to the words and understand their meaning.

    It could not possibly be as bad as mine... i sing so bad even I want to vomit. After humiliating myself every time i attempted to sing in front of anyone i gave up, i refused to try in my bands. was good that i was drummer because most the time singing wasnt demanded of me. Now i am 49 yrs and just starting to try to learn and improve.... I have seen minor improvement just from trying consistently. But still beginner.
  5. In Topic:Ever cry while singing/writing your own song?

    14 August 2017 - 03:37 AM

    View Post4Hayden, on 13 August 2017 - 11:01 PM, said:

    No I haven't cried over a song ever


    all kinds of tunes have choked me up, but it is really not the song i suppose it is the experience that you relate to and where that song takes you. I guess i have had a sad life...


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