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  1. help bass sounds vst, midi or?

    12 November 2017 - 02:19 PM

    How can I, or, can I, add bass to automatically play to my recorded guitar, without having a midi controller or an actual bass, using cakewalk guitar tracks pro. Or can I trun my pc keyboard keystrokes as a midi controller to input live with playback into guitar tracks pro 3.0, somehow?
    I know the ultimate answer is to buy a bass but im out of money, and im not a bass player. I have tried some bass vst's but i dont understand them.Virtual instruments is confusing and does not really do anything for me recording along with playback. Can anyone tell me how to use midi and or vst's to accomplish adding bass to my guitar recordings with this program on windows 8.1 or point me in some kind of direction? Ok and i use a scarlette solo interface for mic and guitar from the DI Out on my marshall. or micing the amp either way. I read something about a program that will predict what a bassist would play given whatever style you want and will automatically put a bass line to your tracks but im skeptical that it exists, at least as something affordable.
  2. Ever cry while singing/writing your own song?

    12 August 2017 - 03:45 PM

    This happened to me again today, i was just practicing singing and throwing out whatever words came to me, then i jotted down the lyrics and finished them than while playing the new tune, i just started balling like a baby...
    Does this happen to you too?
  3. Bending technique help

    02 July 2017 - 03:01 PM

    So i love bending my g string to get that sort of soul that comes from down bends, up and down vibrato and just to get that screaming . Bending is probably the best way to give your guitar a voice and make it express itself as if it were your voice, in my opinion. But, after about a year of owning my LP Studio and practicing hitting the right notes when i bend, and having a terrible ear for that, I found my frets were getting totally trashed. Now after almost 2 years I go see my luthier friend who tells me its already time for me to get another guitar, because re-fretting this one would not be worth the expense and trouble. Whether or not his opinion is correct on that doesnt matter but he also said most guitars have this type of nickel frets and that it is a matter of technique. So my question is can anyone tell me what technique i need to understand on bending that will allow me to get the notes correct and not destroy my next guitars frets the way this one is? There is apparently a right way and then there is whatever i been doing for 2 years.

    Any suggestions?
  4. hey all got me a real amp today

    12 April 2017 - 04:01 PM

    Ok I know i posted about amps before but this is to tell everyone about my new (used) amp I am so excited to tell ya....

    I just scored my first marshall tube amp....
    Used jcm2000 dsl 401 dual super lead 12" combo celestian gold has DI and fx loop and i had to order the footswitch but i got it for $350....
    Plugging into it now at home.;.. whooohooo
  5. basic finish care

    10 April 2017 - 10:00 PM

    This question is probably answered here in another post and i apologize for my laziness. but this is specific.

    I went to gc and asked for gibson polish which i saw in the display case. They were closing up and in a rush and somehow I let them talk me into a product called "65 guitar polish" by dunlop. BEFORE i use this on my 2015 les paul studio manhatten midnight (spelling...its blue), nitro laquer finish in an effort to remove some of the film that is hard to remove, assumed to be from resting my arm on it while i play, I need to ask, IS THIS STUFF SAFE?


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