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  1. In Topic:Another Gibson J45 joins the family

    Today, 09:36 PM

    Nice pair there.
  2. In Topic:Well......guess you knew it was coming......

    Today, 05:30 PM

    It's an NOS 2009 615CE with an apparently rare 3-piece back. The model is discontinued and this one hung around for eight years, waiting for me, it seems. I traded the Hummingbird. I fine guitar and the best player I've ever owned but when stacked up against the contest for tone. After playing the 45 the Hummingbird sounded like it was full of socks.......until I got the 45 dialed in that mellow sound suited me fine........but no longer. I'm not sentimental about guitars so it was no big deal to turn the Hummingbird was riding the case anyway. So why the Taylor......?

    Playing open mics, it has been hit & miss getting a good tone working quickly with the K&K onboard the 45 (and the Hummingbird too). It's a great pickup but all soundboard transducers need tonal tweaking that time generally doesn't allow in an open mic, get-up-and-get-going situation. There's been times when the K&K was spectacular and others when it was barely tolerable. I decided I wanted something with a good onboard system, a good plug & play instrument for simplifying open mic performances. Taylors fit that bill. I also wanted something completely different from the 45.......a big maple jumbo fits that bill. I didn't want to spend a lot of money in doing a trade very good value for the Hummingbird and am to this point quite happy with the deal.

    So call me crazy, and maybe I am, but it's just another detour on the musical journey......a calculated effort to make stage life a little easier. The 45 is the guitar and if things work out down the road as I plan, it will be the stage guitar plugged into my own rig that is dialed and setup for this, personal control over amplification.
  3. In Topic:Kitty Wells and her slope bodied J-200

    Today, 06:13 AM! Everything J-200 style but on a slope body........reckon it's short scale as well. Very nice looking combination!
  4. In Topic:New Addition

    Yesterday, 07:28 AM

    Congrats on the new Hummingbird, Hank! Play it 'til the wheels come off!

    (....whoa........what is that on that thing.......puke burst? Really kind of interesting......eye-catching for sure......good stage piece!)
  5. In Topic:New nectar machine in the roost...'90 Bird

    Yesterday, 06:53 AM

    Nice one, Mr J. Will this become one of your gigging instruments.......or this a "writer" guitar?

    Oddly enough, I'm coming closer and closer to moving my Hummingbird.