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  1. Northeast Texas Women

    Yesterday, 07:33 PM

    From Willis Alan Ramsey's only release.....1971, if I remember rightly. Started banging on this one this morning and hope to do it at tomorrow's open mic........repetitions! It's in heavy rotation for awhile.

    J-45, .012 Martin Retros, capo 6, 1.50 Manouche Trias pick, iPhone on the window sill..........

  2. EUROAUSSIE.......

    23 May 2017 - 09:54 AM

    At the Sunday open mic a group of 20-somethings ventured in, took seats and listened to the last tune I did, Walk On By. With my "thanks for listening, folks" exit from the stage, this guy hopped up and asked if it was an open mic.........well.......sure it is! He asked if he could play, borrowed the hosts' Taylor and launched into Creep, the Radiohead tune that was kicked around here some time ago. Made me think of you, Aussie, and I thought you might like to see this impromptu performance by a walk-on performer. While not to bash the brand, the Taylor sounds quite nasty in this clip and doesn't stand up well to this fellas bashing style. His vocal seems to work in spots, in others not so much. I do like to listen to other players at these kind of events and sometimes it seems as if everybody plays guitar and sings........

    The host, Don, is on the right chipping in a little mandolin now and then.
  3. The 45 Rocks!

    22 May 2017 - 08:41 AM

    The open mic set went down a storm last night........did a dozen tunes to a great reception. The voice was in fine fiddle (not always the case!) and the stage monitoring was excellent. And though the Hummingbird is still the best player, this J-45 is really something special. Feels really good, it can roar, it can purr and it has a wonderfully aggressive tone. I'm diggin' the Martin Retro strings.....excellent dry bark and good feel under the fingers and the pick. One of the other performers said the guitar sounded "awesome" and had that solid, tight "Martin low end".......ha! Seriously.......he said that! [flapper]

    Posted Image
  4. Tiger

    20 May 2017 - 12:02 PM

    Peeled the tortoise guard off today, cleaned the glue up and installed the tiger guard on the 45. The tortoise guard came off clean and is good to go to be re-installed if time turns my head against the tiger but for now I'm liking the look. Also took the opportunity to string it up with a set of Martin Retros, wound with monel and marketed as delivering a very fundamental sound, something I like. I'll give them a fair play and see if I like the tone...........not sure I like the look of a silver/gray string where I'm used to seeing bronze..............

    Posted Image -- Posted Image

  5. Capos Revisited

    18 May 2017 - 08:53 AM

    As most of you regulars know already, I'm a gadget guy........I I love the tools of the trade and like to experiment with variations. Over the last year I've invested in a few different capos, seeking the one that works best for my purposes, regardless of cost. So in the quiver are a McKinney-Elliot, a Kat Eyez, a G7th Heritage and a Paige..........all yoke (or stirrup) style capos, my preferred design. For those that are interested in such things, here's my thoughts on this little collection of toys..........

    The Elliot: B Well-made; a bit on the heavy side; seems to deliver a sub-par tone relative to the others (not sure why a capo affects tone, but it does); must be cranked tight to eliminate rattle

    Kat Eyez: B Again, well-made; quite light with a slim build; tone not altered much; must be tightened pretty severely

    G7th Heritage: B+ best build of the lot; robust construction but not heavy; delivers good tone; really has to be cranked very tight but doesn't pull the guitar sharp in doing so

    Paige: A+ The cheapest in the group; very lightweight; doesn't affect tone; snugs up very quickly without having to crank it; does not pull tuning sharp

    The G7th is the latest acquisition and has been getting exclusive use for the last month or so. While it is a very nice piece and by far the prettiest of the group, having to really crank down it is a distraction to me. It works very well but is not quick to move from one position to another. Last night I dug the old $20 Paige out of the box and strapped it on.........geez. Regardless of cost, this little black capo is the best of them all. Very easy to move and snug up at a new position quickly, it delivers good tone and is a low-profile, inconspicuous tool that does exactly what I expect from a capo.

    Sure, the others are prettier and perhaps better known but none of them hold a candle to the little Paige for ease of use and functionality. If you're a yoke style capo fan you'll not find a better one than this. Bucster approved.