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  1. Well......guess you knew it was coming......

    Today, 01:39 PM

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  2. Saturday Song

    15 July 2017 - 09:53 AM

    Well here we go! Started banging on this one yesterday and hope to have it ready for the Sunday open mic ain't there yet...... Lots of words that have to be spit out in a hurry, lots of quick chord changes.......and the timing of the ending is pretty tricky......didn't hit it here like I want to but it's close. It'll get better! Please feel free to hop aboard with the harmony! [biggrin]

  3. The Hummingbird

    11 July 2017 - 09:14 AM

    Here's another one of those damn "vanity" posts that's sure to annoy someone.............but I'm old enough not to care.

    The Hummingbird is back in action. The pick guard has been lifting so I got the 3M stuff from StewMac and got it off and reattached yesterday. This guitar is so tonally different from the 45 and perhaps better suits a crooner such as this. I did this one on ukulele a few years back and have revived it for the guitar set list. It's been one of the audience favs at the open mics and it is a lot of fun to sing...........sometimes better than others, for sure.

    Hummingbird Vintage; 80/20 Masterbuilt .012s one half step down. capo 2; Manouche 1.5mm pick; into iMovie via Yeti USB mic

  4. Prized Possessions

    10 July 2017 - 09:32 AM

    Call it curiosity (which I seem to have too freakin' much of!).............but let's see what some of you fine folks materially treasure in this world. I think it interesting to see what trinkets, gadgets and other detritus that people treasure. Yes,'s all just stuff, but some of the stuff we accumulate over the course of our lives can become special to us.......yes? So other than the guitars we all know are on the list, what ya got that means a lot to you?

    For me, it's this 1968-69 Randall Made Model 1 fighting knife from the Vietnam era........eight inches of cold, carbon steel. Some of you may be familiar with Randall knives, like most are not, but they are placed among the best handmade blades in the world, some specific models and eras worth several thousand dollars to collectors. I used to be a very minor collector, long ago, but this is the only piece I still have and it is among my most valued possessions. It's in my will to be passed to a nephew as he's the only family member that will appreciate this steel for what it is.........

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  5. Stand or Sit?

    06 July 2017 - 06:46 PM

    The stage at one of the open mic venues I did sometime back was a cluttered mess........too many mic stands, chairs and stools all about, drum kit pushed forward, a silly fan on the front edge......looked like a yard sale. I much, much prefer to stand when I play but it would have taken a moving crew to clear a spot so I sat, against my better judgement, and my performance suffered for it. Acceptable, I suppose, but not up to standard, and that's my bad as I should be able to do what I do whether standing or sitting. It's a mental issue as much as anything else, though I do think I breathe better and it's easier for me to get in the swing of things when I'm to move a bit if the mood strikes.

    And so it seems there are those that do their best work on their feet and others than prefer to be parked on a chair. Just for curiosity's' sake, which are you...........or does it not much matter to you? :-k