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  1. M&O Colibri

    Yesterday, 07:57 AM

    The Colibri strap from Moxie & Oliver arrived and, as I had hoped, it's a pretty good partner for the Hummingbird. The leather is quite soft even though the strap is new. It should develop a very nice patina with time and use..............I like it! Not inexpensive as guitar straps go but it is one of those "last a long time" items. They will do custom work as well.........easy to work with......recommended by the Bucster.

    Posted Image
  2. State of the Forum

    22 March 2017 - 10:09 AM

    I personally would like to see a little more policing from the administrators here. There's been a more than a few threads here lately that have gone off the rails and become insulting and honestly a bit ridiculous. Certainly there will be disagreements between parties and their opinions but there's is no call whatsoever for some of what's been posted lately. I'm not calling for anyone's head here, just some sensible action on the part of in locking a thread that goes crashing off into the weeds to prevent further alienation of members.

    Come on, all this nonsense necessary?
  3. Pretty cool guitar straps

    16 March 2017 - 03:06 PM

    I found a leather working outfit somewhere in the Pacific NW that makes some nice looking straps.........thought someone out there might like one of these. I ordered the "Colibri" strap with.....wait for it.......a Hummingbird on it! LOL!

    Posted Image

    Look 'em over here, Moxie and Oliver........kinda different, huh.
  4. Imgur Test - VIDEO ADDED

    15 March 2017 - 01:18 PM

    As many have determined, Photobucket sucks! So let's see if this other photo hosting site is worth its' salt............

    Posted Image

    Well yeah.....that seems simple enough. And while we're on the subject.......this mic/amp rig is the cat's meow! I've got it dialed in now and can crank the volume pretty high here in my little office without feedback. And you can't fool a good microphone - it faithfully and naturally reproduces exactly what's behind it, warts and all! I must admit I was hesitant to spend the money for the Edwina but boy howdy I'm glad I did. And the Schertler amp is just crystal clear and uncolored with a nice, warm spring reverb onboard. And no mess of cords to deal with......just one 3ft mic cable and away we go. I'm a happy camper!

    And it works well with the "short Stand" too!

    Posted Image

    That is all. [thumbup]