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  1. Song Play History

    22 July 2017 - 01:41 PM

    I had a night. I had an embarrassing thing happen. I played a song in my 4th set that I had played in the 1st. Oops. I looked at the guy that insisted he buy me a drink every 10 minutes (yeah, like it's HIS fault!), and then I looked at Deckadance and thought wouldn't it be cool if ....

    I would like some sort of easily accessible rolling list of song/show history. Each song I play tonight, each song I played last night, last gig, etc. So if I play "Kashmir" on Friday night, my list would show I'd played Kashmir and perhaps by color/font I could be shown when LAST played (date, time, gig, set), how many times played (per week, per month), a caution indicator showing perhaps that I played a song last week, TIME played when played last and so on. This info should also be formatted for a tasty printout with comments. I'd like to keep a printout from EVERY gig I do. I'd like historical data on gigs, songs, times, locations (in FL, indoors/outdoors). I'd like a log of what I do each show. IF I was running MIDI controllers, I could think of a way to do what I'd like but I am not using MIDI at this time.

    This information could be a big help statistically and practically. Just thinkin' !! Does DD run on a database?
  2. Cool Sound Effex

    17 July 2017 - 07:58 AM

    A feature I find that is very popular with crowds is sound effects. Somebody giving you a hard time in the crowd? A quick "F you AHole" from Arnoldt works well! You see a guy really getting "friendly" with a girl, point them out to the crowd and trigger some Star Trek, "Captain, we're being probed"! I have been using an Akai MX8 USB powered sample player (~ $100 + SDRAM). 8 keys to trigger a sample and, of course, you can select different "sets" of samples. I also have software running on my lighting computer called "Soundplant" that does a similar job to the MX8 (and I can trigger samples remotely with WIFI). Each key on your computer is assigned a sample and it works in the background so that in my case, I can go dim some lamps, reset a scene and still be immediately able to hit a key and Sam Kinnison comes belting out. VERY neat.

    Do YOU use sound effects? HOW??
  3. Alone?

    15 July 2017 - 06:14 AM

    How D. I'm curious, is there anyone else out there in DD land that also adds live music performance to their show? Last night, people went nuts when I played along with "Bastille Day" by Rush. The applause was amazing! I am convinced that merely standing there playing "records" is no longer adequate. People are packing to see my show and I am feel that it's me playing along with tunes that is building me a new rep.

    Are any of you PRO DJ's also musicians??
  4. Steel Stuff

    08 July 2017 - 09:09 AM

    Hello. I posted 2 pictures in the Gibson Amp SIG that might be of interest. A super custom Gibson Pedal Steel (that was not a "Pedal" Steel to begin with) and a Gibson Amp. Dad was a killer jazz Steel player and a craftsman supreme.
  5. Dad's Steel

    08 July 2017 - 09:02 AM

    Hi. My Father played Jazz Pedal Steel, BETTER (I feel) than Alvino Rey. Dad's band in Chicago was Al Capone's favorite and Dad, his singer and Al would go out bottle clubbing when Dad's gig's ended in Al's bulletproof car!

    Anyway, here's 2 pics of nostalgic value. Dad's VERY custom Gibson Pedal Steel and Gibson Amp. Enjoy!


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