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  1. First Gibson - 1993 Les Paul Studio

    14 November 2017 - 11:47 AM

    Hello and thanks for all of the helpful posts that I have read through over the years of being a guest. This is my first post, as I traded in my PRS SE 245 Nick Cantanese for a 1993 Les Paul studio in alpine white. I had played frequently in college, including lessons, but sold my Telecaster to pay rent. I have been using my Epiphone Hummingbird Pro for the past year but kept getting the itch to play electric again. I went to my local guitar center and got a great deal on the PRS SE which was beautiful and played well. However, the EMG pickups just did not sound right for the different genres, blues for example. Now I realize I suck still, but I wanted to start with a more versatile tool. I saw the Les Paul at another local GC and drove to try it out. After noodling for an hour or so, I walked out without the PRS and with the Gibson.

    I have been playing it nightly for the past few days, as I was worried that i was feeling a placebo effect. The guitar just seems to make me better. Maybe I am crazy but it feels better, and I sound better. I love the damn thing. My question for you all, is that currently there is a sale, 25% off the new studios and Traditional. Would it be worth trying out the new studio for a few hundred more? From reading, it seems the 90's were pretty good quality, and I know I love how it feels. I have 45 days in which I can still get a refund for the studio, and apply it towards something else if I want. I am unsure how long the sale lasts.

    Also, I ordered a creme toggle washer/poker chip to match the rest, but boy i do love the look of the gold pickup covers with black rings.

    I look forward to reading your opinions, thanks!


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