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  2. Hi all. I spent the weekend with my Mom. She lives about 270 miles away. My Dad passed away about 4 years ago. She doesn't want to move. My brother lives in the same town as I do. And we are pretty sure she is starting to show early signs of Dementia/Alzheimer's. It is so hard to for me deal with this. I love her so much, and I feel like something really bad is going to happen to her is she keeps seemingly losing touch with her former self. The reason I bring this up at this forum? I was wondering if anyone could give me the names of any authors that have written on the subject that you think would be beneficial. There are a ton of books on the subject, so I just thought I would ask you guys around here. Perhaps you have gone through something similar with a loved one. And maybe some advice. Thanks a lot for reading and your help. Brad
  3. I think it's worth noting that most of the comments that claim there is a definite difference in sound when comparing a bone saddle to a tusq saddle, did not specify whether they noted a difference when plugged or unplugged. Does this mean there is no difference????
  4. Loved me some Charie Daniels! That dude could play the guitar, fiddle, banjo, you name it! First song I ever heard on the radio was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". I was about 13 I think. And I was living in Georgia at the time. They played that song a lot back then around them parts. The one thing you could truly say about CD is he was authentic. He was himself. And he could write songs and sing them with the best of 'em. Thanks for all the great music, AND the great lyrics Charlie! RIP
  5. Hope your ship came in. Battery powered amps give you the freedom where ever you want and communicate with nature at a different level..
  6. Well off on new decade, I though I was going to burst into flames at 30, 40 years later I'm still here, gotta go mow the lawn.. 🙂
  7. I just read that about 2 minutes ago... A true American and a living legend right up till the end. RIP Charlie, You done good, rest well.
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  9. .jay.

    Fake or Not?

    Ok I will check and post pictures, thank you. Just curious as to why the tag would state J45 when it is in no way shape or form a J45. Could a mix up like this have happened in the factory?
  10. First concert I ever went to. I remember he was playin' that fiddle so hard you could see the hairs of his bow flying around as they broke. He was a great guitar player too. I think I'll throw on 'Decade of Hits' on the way home.
  11. I just read Charlie Daniels died from a stroke,bummer always loved playing Long haired country boy.
  12. We lost another music legend today and a great American Patriot today, Charlie Daniels passed away from a stroke reported just now on TV newCharlie and thanks...Now whip that devils a$$ again...
  13. And a big ol happy birthday to mihcmac and bbp... celebrate yourselves a little bit!
  14. My birth year brother, me too. Best year for the camaro.
  15. Are you planning to paint the top or re-stain it? If you are painting it (to a solid color), all you need to do is lightly sand it with 600-800 grit paper, prime and paint. If you want to re-stain it, that's going to be considerably more difficult because ALL of the existing finish has to be removed before the wood can be re-stained. That requires either sanding, or heat-stripping-- either of which could potentially cause irreversible damage to your instrument if you screw up. As pointed out above, the flamed wood you see now is usually only only a few mils thick and if you sand through it, that spot will show up as a dark blotch once you apply stain. If that happens, your options are to either apply a new veneer, or sand the rest of the flame layer off and hope that the grain of whatever wood is underneath looks good enough to stain. Of course, the other option at that point would be to simply paint it a solid color. If you just want to darken the shade of the cherry burst, e.g., to go from the bright red/yellow to something more like tobacco, you can lightly sand off a few mils of the clear finish (don't go all the way through to the color) and use a dark tinted clearcoat to bring the finish back up. It won't look quite as dark as a true tobacco burst, but it will still look quite nice.
  16. I put a colossi bone saddle in my Gibson Hummingbird....HORRIBLE. It instantly sounded LOUD, unfocused, blurred. It no longer sounded like a Hummingbird..at all. I removed the Colossi bone saddle and put the original tusk saddle back in, same strings.....Wow. ...The beautiful Hummingbird sound was back instantly. The tusk was so much better. Lesson learned.
  17. Be careful with your plans to refinish the top. Some of those tops are not a wood veneer.
  18. A little bit of an aged thread here, but the things the OP complained about is the reason I tried 2 18 Classics out and had dealbreaker issues with each one. I ended up selling the one I kept, even thought he fretwork was absolute garbage bag. Luckily I got it relatively less than MSRP and didn’t take a bath on it. That was the last new USA guitar I will ever buy. I only go Custom Shop these days because those are actually done right for the most part. Oh well, wanted to share the hate haha!
  19. ksdaddy

    Real Gibson?

    It's not a real Gibson.
  20. Be careful what you ask for.
  21. ronnymaes

    Real Gibson?

    Can you tell if this is a real Gibson?
  22. Hard to say from the photos. The best way usually to spot a fake is to remove the trus rod covers, if you see something that looks like a 5/16 nut, you're good. if it looks like an Allen wrench is needed, you've got counterfeits. No USA Gibson made (ever) will use an Allen Wrench for adjusting the truss rod.
  23. Vey nice guitar Jdgm..love the LP by far my favorite electric guitar...I agree this has always been a good forum, hate to see the bickering that is currently taking place here..
  24. He was gonna come to Richmond, Va then well ... you know what happened.
  25. What was the answer?
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