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  2. Anybody notice how there's almost no new Gibson guitars for sale these days? Sweetwater's got like, none. Dave has good hair tho...
  3. Dang that's right on... all i knew was that i had seen it on the wall in every acoustic room in every GC ive been in since about 2002.
  4. Now, if they could teach business majors how to do schoolboy arithmetic, the world'd be on track to be a smarter place.
  5. Thank you! Yeah, I like the pickguard too. It definitely has a nice period look that fits the overall vibe of the instrument, and I think the shape is a little more interesting than the original. And, yes, I have a written appraisal from Gruhn. It's framed and hanging in the music room. 🙂
  6. About 30 years ago, a friend of mine had a Tiger with a big freaking Ford V-8 putting out something like 350 hp. My '74 911 produced all of about 170 hp. He would completely blow me off in a straight line, but the weight distribution bias of the Tiger was so off that I could normally stay up with him or beat him on a timed road course, even though I'm not a particularly aggressive driver, having swapped ends on the 911 on several occasions. We had about a seven mile oceanside road course (Ocean Drive) where I lived in Newport, RI then. It was a lovely narrow road with sharp bends and swee
  7. When I grew up 2+2=4. It that going to change now?
  8. This is a Bruce thread an we hijacked it. We are known rule breakers.
  9. Today
  10. Math is fixing to be overhauled again - and is going to be taught differently in the coming years. Bill Gates donated $1M to a California organization of educators who are focused on throwing out all current notions of math as anyone on the planet currently understands it. The new way will be based on the premise that math should not be 'all about getting the right answer'. It should consider equally - culture and lifestyles of the under-served. I guess the 'new way' was just a stepping stone to the final solution. Blazing Fast Chrome Books aren't going to do much good if the pr
  11. the older ya get, the less likely you are to want to see any of it. so by all means back to "All about Bruce" I'll pass...
  12. It’s a single conductor copper wire there’s no shielding on it. If the guitar is strung up there should be continuity between the strings and ground. You can flop one probe into the output jack and let it rest on the sleeve and touch the other probe to the strings
  13. Awesome! Thanks for your response. I will follow what you said here. I have also noticed that the bridge ground wire was/is shielded with copper. As you can see in the picture below, is pealing in some parts. Do you think this can be the issue?
  14. I worked at a shipyard down the street from Harpoon Brewery the year of the big snow a few years back. I hate that white stuff and never want to see it again. Sorry now back to Bruce.
  15. Jersey? Cripes man that is kids stuff! Try Central Mass, like west of the infamous "Snow Belt" 🙂
  16. that's a shame, I'm sure you're disappointed. Fret Buzz is the one thing that probably makes up for 85% of all returns. you don't think the problems could have been mitigated with a "Good" setup?
  17. Those last three numbers are a bit vague to me, the others are pretty clear with recent #'s. if anything makes sense, it's what you're stating. If the electrics may start as low as the 300s, then wouldn't we assume that the same sequential logic for the 8 digit serial number remained constant after 1989 and that the first guitar produced on September 2nd, 1996 would have a serial number of 92466301, the second 302, the third 303 and so on?
  18. Like my mother always says, "Rich or poor, it's good to have money". RBSinTo
  19. In the mid-1970s, a friend bought a '63 Stringray convertible. He paid $1500 for it. Far from showroom condition but it did not take all that much work to get it on the road. I went another direction and snagged a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 designed by Carol Shelby. It was a Sunbeam Alpine body (the Maxwell Smart Car) with a Ford V8 in in it. Paid $500 for it but you also have to remember that in the mid-1970s you could not give away a car with a V8 engine. It was a big change though from my VW.
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