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  2. Aren't they essentially chambered Les Paul's? They've been around for years.... Is it a Marketing gimmick?
  3. I think the P90s w/dog ear mounts offer a bit of a side challenge too, since they can only go "So" low before you're faced with what you're finding on that bridge pickup. Normally the pickup height setting would be quite a bit more flexible but those mounts do make for a different situation. Good luck! I'm sure you'll sort it out,, patience and perseverance wins..
  4. I have a 1974 J-50 Deluxe that I also bought new. The binding is still in pretty good shape, and I really did not take care of this guitar, it spent many years in the original POS chipboard case in various closets and basements. My son in law loved it so much, I gave it to him a few years ago, but here's picture This shows the binding from the front, don't have any closeups from the side. But IIRC, there are some damaged and cracking spots but it's generally intact. I spent about $350 a few years ago to have my J-50 Deluxe repaired, it became un-playable over the years. The luthier was able to avoid a neck reset by planing down the fretboard and doing a re-fret. He did a really nice job and after he was done it sounded better than it ever had. So that was definitely worthwhile, and it got be back into the habit of playing everyday. OTOH, I would not spend anything on purely cosmetic work for this guitar. Last I checked, these 70's J-50's are readily available in much better shape than mine in the $1000-$1500 range.
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  6. Thanks fellas... Yeah these guitars are just easy and do so much.
  7. Sounds good...that's what it's all about! Best wishes my friend
  8. Thank you for your answer but I still don't understand, my guitar doesn't have fret nibs and i don't know why. When i searched "Gibson Les Paul" on Google, every les paul have fret nibs. But also I found this topic but I couldn't understand every reply because my english is not very good. I checked quality checklist paper and this guitar was made in 30 January 2014. Can you please answer, Is it normal that this guitar has no fret nibs? I worry because my friend said "you are the not first owner this guitar and maybe frets are changed, it's not new". He says that all every Gibson Les Paul guitars must have fret nibs. Thanks for your help, sorry for bad english.
  9. Ahava Rabbah Scale - Jewish Prayer Freygish Mode - Ukrainian Dorian Mode - Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  10. "barry d" for disappear? "Pierce "12-53? .... seems odd...
  11. This is the essence of what guitar web forums are all about. Thank you for sharing that success story, good friend. :)
  12. I haven't been on the Forum for several months but I would like to extend my thanks to Pippy, JDGM, Rab's, Notes Norten and Steve Ford and many others that have helped me in the past and from reading your posts. I never would have had the nerve to work on my Gibson GT S with what it cost, fear of screwing it up but it's 7 years old now since I got it used. This morning after all I learned from you guys and what I've read on the Internet I put new strings on it & noticed the neck had a bow in it. First time I adjusted the truss rod ever. Then I noticed the strings were high and lowered the bridge as low as I could go. I re- tuned it and checked the intonation and it was perfect for the first time. Plugged it in and it sounds great. I think I can set my own guitars up from now on as I never was mechanically guitar minded before. Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping me learn what I have over a few years being on here. Espeacialy Rab's.
  13. As ZW says, you can't really "fix" it. However, if it is white plastic (not dark celluloid, which could be out-gassing), you can sometimes glue any pieces that fall out back into place with a bit of super glue. I think Stewmac even sells some type of glue particularly good for binding installation. If the binding is crumbling as well as cracking, you either have to live with it or replace it. If it is deteriorating celluloid, it will damage everything it touches over time.
  14. Thank you. I will certainly do that. B
  15. Hello I have my Grandfather's Gibson mandolin with the number 9876 in the sound box. I am hoping that someone can tell me something about it. Thank you, Barbara
  16. "Suzy Q" - Dale Hawkins (and others who covered it)
  17. Welcome Aboard. You'd be likely to get an answer if you post your query on the Gibson "Original Instruments" forum. Open it by going up in the top left corner and hit 'forums'.
  18. Yep. You can play anything on a J45. And if it's a TV - it'll sound fantastic. . Of course, without the player, it's just a really expensive piece of furniture. Good Job !
  19. I work for two different organizations, each employing 100-200 people. Between those two groups, there is one person older than me that I am aware of. He's the head of global marketing for one organization. But the money behind that group also comes from another another guy a few years older (and a lot richer) than me. What is this "retirement" of which you speak? Tell me more. It sounds promising...
  20. Love the K&K mini with pure preamp! I have it in 6 of my 7 Guilds, and will be taking the Fishman Aura Elipse out of my SJ200 and installing the K& K. It is, by far, the best system I have ever used for amplifying acoustic guitar. And even tho it’s a passive system, I always add the soundhole volume control...as more of an instant on/off. and no batteries inside the guitar!
  21. Sounds great, Sal! Nothing quite like a J-45, is there?
  22. Pictures are not necessary. The answer is nope. I have always ended up having to replace it. The only guitars I own that had binding issues though were two 1950s NYC-made Epiphones due to shrinking and off gassing.
  23. Hello, My name is Barbara and I live in Rhode Island. I have my Grandfather's Gibson mandolin with the number 9876 in the sound box. I am hoping that someone can tell me something about it. Thank you, Barbara
  24. Sound is subjective and for whatever reason you like the sound of one guitar better than another. The major difference between a Standard and a TV though is the bracing. One has rear shifted and the other forward shifted. And both have their fans.
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