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  2. As an aside, I tellmy children that it is "My baby is a hedgehog". For those who don't know - this was also the last thing Mick Ronson played on before he passed to the other side. You owe it to yourself to check it out, if for nothing other than Ronno. P.S. It's also a mother f****r of a song x
  3. Your Father is a an exemplary man for allowing you to play them in the car. The Wildhearts are one of the greatest bands to grace the planet. I salute you both.
  4. Bought a Kempler, basically to free up space in my room (get rid of the other amps). It's amazing. Reproduces all if the touch,sag, call it what you will, of all of my other amps, and that of my friends that have been kind enough to let me drag a mic around. It really is sensational. Sadly, it has become another piece of furniture in my room. As amazing as it is, my AC30, AC15, Vox Bruno and Tweeds are beautiful things. The Kempler can't take that away. Yup. I am that shallow.
  5. Love song - Tesla Much underrated band.
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  7. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    Id love to be able to build stuff like that.. I just don't have room in my head for that and all the wood stuff at the same time πŸ™‚ Ive been doing more Logs And even more bloody LOOGGGSS!! Also went and got some more London Plane today.. This stuff is about 3.4m long.. FRIKKEN heavy stuff, my back will attest to that πŸ˜„ I swear my boss has done this on purpose.. He has been on holiday since the last week of July and coming back Sept 1st.. He said august was meant to be quiet, I haven't bloody stopped... I spent about three hours driving a van today plus loading and unloading the kiln then taking it all back to the workshop before the van had to be back at the hire place by 6.. I am totally knackered.. I didn't even ask him, im not working tomorrow, end of πŸ˜„
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  9. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay. Sounds like you have a nice collection of Gibsons. Be prepared for the inevitable request for pics.
  10. 😱 my tube based flanger and delay are sure to be obsolete, and neither even have an β€œextreme” mode The headrush definitely has my tube looper doomed
  11. Agreed! I have also, long ago, purchased the nut files and have also made my own bone nuts for some guitars. Easy does it, a little at a time, and patience......makes for satisfactory results!
  12. Can anybody out there identify this old Gibson? Bought it locally as a project. According to my research the "The Gibson" headstock logo indicates it is from 1933-1934 period but I cannot find any other examples. It was lacquered over many years ago so the color is not typical of an old Gibson archtop, Is this an L50? The body length is 20.25" Lower bout width 11.5" Upper bout width is 16"
  13. I use regular bore oil, or Music Namad's F-One Fretboard cleaner/oil for the fretboard. For Gibson's nitro finished guitars, I use Naptha to clean and then Meguiars rubbing and polishing compounds to remove scratches and/or polish to a factory new shine. πŸ˜‰ And I have also heard good things about that "Virtuoso Polish". πŸ™‚
  14. You're My Song - Rocket To The Moon
  15. The other guitarist/keyboardist in our band swears by his Helix. Nita Strauss swears by her GT1000. I like my Marshall valve amps and have both Fender Mustang and Marshall Code modeling amps for practice and backup. I've played the Helix and for me, it doesn't have enough response but it could be the way he has it set. There's a lot of really nice features but I wouldn't use 90% of them with what we're currently playing.
  16. Not really into pedals. However, I do use a TS-808 tube screamer with the 50w Bassman head. I don't use anything with the Marshall stack. Oh, and I have a Wah laying around here somewhere... Doesn't everybody?? Lol
  17. Just my stage tuner. It's the Snark stage tuner. Big bright letters that are easy to read in low light. I could do without most of the rest. My amp has a clean/crunch and overdrive1/overdrive2 along with a little reverb. I use a chorus pedal for a few songs and occasionally my wah pedal. That's about it. I don't even use the tuner much since mine stay in tune pretty well once they acclimate to the environment.
  18. If Gibson's Plekking process has but one major flaw among the many advantages it brings to fretboard and playability, then it must be that the cutting of the nut slots is also done by the Plek machines, and not by hand, irrespective of whether you're ordering a guitar from the standard lineup or Gibson's Custom Shop. The reason I mention this is because in my experience Gibson guitars more often than not display a common nut problem. While the string height at the nut is usually about perfect for playing anywhere on the fretboard, the string slots themselves are cut too straight, and too precisely to the string's exact diameter resulting in too tight a fit for the string to sit in. The string slots don't widen slightly as the approach the back edge of the nut. They should be filed in the shape of slightly rounded "V" but since that isn't the case, the string, if it doesn't already get pinched by the tight fit of the string slot, can't neither move nor be angled towards its tuner post resulting in binding issues at the nut. The notorious "plik" sound the string makes is caused by the string actually bumping against the edge of the end of the string slot and/or by too narrow a string slot. And because the tuner posts are at an angle for all Gibson guitars from string slot to tuner post, ie. they don't run in a straight line as with a Strat, the binding issues can be rather severe with Gibson guitars. While it's no big deal for a luthier to fix this, the customer can't do it himself without costly special nut files and some know-how which is rather annoying.
  19. Sounds about right. Bench pics have been included with all my 2015 and up SGs and LPs
  20. My secret weapon is...nothing. That is, unless you count a channel switch. No reverb, no delay, phaser, chorus, flanger, nothing. People always ask me how I get such a great tone...I just play the thing. I do, however, have a system for dialing in whatever amp I'm using. I've found that the freedom of not using effects is quite liberating. I used to use a ton of rack-mounted stuff and one night at the gig it crapped out on me (a faulty cord in the chain). When I unplugged from my toys, I found that my sound was awful! I sold it all the next day! Now, I carry a spare cord, and some spare tubes, just in case. When I record, I let the engineer put on whatever he/she wants which gives them a lot more freedom to sculpt the sound. I must say that I've grown to love just the way a guitar sounds on its own!
  21. I can't Imagine what he was thinking when he wrote the intro.
  22. I've been looking at this beauty: Kemper Profiler Head + Profiler Remote https://www.kemper-amps.com/products/profiler/line-up
  23. I tune up my guitar every time I pick it up for the day or when it goes out of tune...
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