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  2. Well, they may be tusq. Mine from 2012 are very plasticky, but things change. It's a beautiful instrument and paired with the case they offer such a show. A bit strange with the tuners - mine don't have the problem, , , and I keep 2 of these fliers around.
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  4. That was a nice song 👍🏾 Seems like you tried a different mic and camera angle on your most recent video and the audio is louder, though to be fair you did use an electric this time. Did you record straight into a daw or with the mic and an amp? WOW! Got gain anyone? It sounds like they added some reverb (particularly noticeable towards the intro and beginning) and maybe increased the gain afterwards during mixdown. If they didn't do any post processing that Rode app has to be really good.
  5. High humidity usually cracks the nitro finish on the body. I believe knob cracking is caused by a physical force. I had the same thing when I had my ES on my lap, face down, as I cleaned the back. A little pressure rubbing the back just cracked a knob. ... easily changed for a few bucks.
  6. Hi @E-minor7, thank you for taking the time to respond! I posted a pic last week in the Gibson Lounge, though any excuse to share more pics is quite alright with me 😊. Mine has an aged top and tulip tuners, which from what I read is likely the reason for almost daily tunings; the Standard from before needed to be tuned only two or three times over the three weeks I tried it out. Yeah, I kinda figured there were never any pickups installed it was an example of how off the mark GC's description was since it was very evident in the photos on the product page there were no electronics. Thank you for clarifying that VOS is in fact a thin nitrocellulose lacquer, though I'm still confused on the pins because some websites indicate it is tusq while others say it's bone and now you're saying it's likely plastic..sheesh talk about a mystery lol.
  7. The Board's Buc McMaster took one for the team and threw himself after one of these when they first came out. Can't remember his judgement - but believe it didn't hit the long bell as he never used one since. Here's a demonstration. A/B starts at 7:45. And here it begins at 3:30 - huge difference, but 2 different guitars.
  8. Can't beat the P90 in my opinion, I have a dozen gibsons and a few custom made guitars, all with P90s. My 57 LP Jnr has one P90. best guitar i have ever owned, and my 60's ES-125 guitars come a close second.
  9. Damn right. I have a 57 Gibson LP, and it is my main axe. A guitar that is not played is firewood with strings on. A guitar is made to be played, the value is irrelevant unless you are a merchant banker!! Many of my 170 guitars are valued at 5 - 7K, but they all get played. I have played some gigs where i would never take a 7K guitar, but few and far between
  10. post a picture, easier to identify
  11. Forgot to click on the notify button --- bugger
  12. I have a Chinese Casino, and it is excellent. One of my students bought a Gibson SG 5 years ago, that would not stay in tune. Worked on it for days, on and off. In the end, they replaced it
  13. the output is the white lead soldered to the 2 lugs joined together (middle 2 lugs on the right) i have done hundreds of these. 10 minute job. the wire soldered to the centre plate is the ground
  14. I have a shedload of Gibson and a shedload of Epis. No regrets. See my post about the 88 Sheraton, better than the Gibson 335 (Guitarist magazine)
  15. bring back the Olympic, the one that looks like a double cut LP. I have a 63 epiphone Olympic, and I love it, and so do all the people who have played it.
  16. just found this post, so i will add my opinion (for what it is worth) I have 170 guitars, mostly gibson, fender, gretsch, dobro etc, and a few epiphones. Some of the epiphone guitars i have are from Unsung, including a sheraton from 88. To say it is excellent would be an understatement. In 88 or 89, guitarist magazine did a comparison of a Korean Sheraton (Unsung) and a gibson 335(kalamazoo, i think). I still have the magazine. The conclusion they came to was that the Sheraton build quality was far superior to the 335, which was 4 times the price. the only down side (in their opinion), was that the Sheraton pickups were "a touch polite". I disagree. I also have a chinese made Les Paul, the Peter Green model from JHS and Trevor Wilkinson. It is so good that I sold one of my Gibson LPs (i have 15). Just bought a 59 custom shop LP, expensive, but Gibson seem to have their mojo back . In 55 years on the road and 45 years of guitar repair, I have seen every possible combination of good and bad. I have played expensive Gibson guitars that were dreadful, and Chinese guitars that were excellent. It generally depends on the price point as to the quality. I worked part time for a while for a distributor of Jay Turser guitars, doing setups etc. before they were shipped out. They were cheap, but generally were great guitars for very little money. if you want to see how bad a guitar can be, just look for a 60'6 Top Twenty. Unplayable, my bass player in 67 had one, dreadful
  17. If exclusivity is a barometer for Guitars becoming more valuable Memphis ES335's exclusivity, since they are no longer produced in Memphis, must be increasing in value.. You can still buy a Nashville ES335... I watched a video re; the 59 reissue Memphis ES335. It has the extra slotted piece of shaped wood that's used with the Center Block... I believe they said the Nashvile doesn't have that.. Not sure if it really does anything more than to help maintain the rounded body shape on the back of the Guitar. They are beautiful Guitars... As are the Memphis 59's.. Would like to see more informative reviews about them also....
  18. I like the P90s for that exact reason. At low volumes, they tend to be clean but at higher volumes you can get some nice crunch. However, I recently had someone tell me that they cannot stand 90s and find them to not sound heavy enough. It really depends on the sound you are looking for.
  19. The guitar has been shipped, was bouncing around in a truck and subject to different temperatures and humidity. Why would you even think it would be in tune? Most guitars don't stay in tune when you put them in the case for a day or two. I have never even picked up a guitar or bass off the wall of music store that was in tune. This is completely normal. Tune it and enjoy it.
  20. @Kmonk I did look at some videos comparing both pickups and I can definitely tell that the P90s add a bit more crunch than the Burstbuckers.
  21. I had a white 76 Explorer in the late 70s that I wish I had kept. Neck was huge. We used to call it the baseball bat.
  22. saturn


    Awesome guitar Doug. Congratz. I like how you caught your own reflection in the photo. 🙂
  23. I found one for my B25 on eBay. $70 though! Anyone find them cheaper?
  24. Let me start by saying that I am primarily a bass player. However, I also play guitar. I do music for several well known television shows. A Les Paul had always been my dream guitar. About 3 years ago, I purchased a Les Paul Traditional and was extremely disappointed. Recently, I traded an American Telecaster for a 2018 non-weight relief Gold Top Les Paul Classic with P90s and love it. I also have a Limited Edition American Strat with 2 single coils and one humbucker. It has Tex-Mex pickups and the S1 switch so I can split the coil on the humbucker. I am finding that I play the Les Paul all the time. I can't put it down. P90s are single coil so they are brighter than Burstbuckers but they also have nice distortion when you crank up the volume on the guitar. One thing I have been considering is changing the P90s for mini humbuckers because I think they look better but I really like the sound of the P90s. There are plenty of videos online which compare both pickups so you might want to check them out. Just keep in mind that the amp and settings in videos also play a factor in what you are hearing.
  25. Hey - a rather massive first post, but welcome. A week or so ago I exchanged my HB Standard 2019 for a HB Vintage Limited 2019 (SSHVHCN19). From my understanding (and I could very well be wrong) this model ran from 2014-2019 and may have been discontinued. Efforts to find out more about the specifics of this model have turned up largely empty spare what's on retailer's sites, which I'm not so keen on trusting as GC (and couple of others) listed it as having a pickup when even the images on their site clearly indicates the absence of one. There was no pick-up anywhere near this Bird from the plant. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the specs, type of finish (is it VOS or thin nitro), Actually both - VOS stands for vintage original specs and that means nitrocellulose lacquer. whether the pins are bone or tusq, etc. I did find a spec sheet from Gibson, but it doesn't have quite as much info as other spec sheets for other HB models. The original were probably white plast. Like in the days of old. I'm trying to figure out if this is a "true vintage" model or what specifically makes this "limited" as I don't think this was a XX/100 or something. Does Gibson have an explanation of their different lines, what with modern classic, historic, original, true vintage, signature, etc, etc, etc it can get a bit confusing. It is confusing, , , and you are about to confuse me 🙃. Vintage or True Vintage, , , differences would be the top and tuners. Post a pic. As this is my first guitar I don't know what one "should' and "shouldn't" do to it, for example I was thinking of changing the tuners to a higher ratio Kluson tuner or something like this since the guitar has to be tuned at least every other day. There should be no reason to switch. Assume these are the so called tulips Also, are there any recommendations on a natural sounding pickup that doesn't require altering the body, the LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic caught my attention but it seems a soundhole pickup is my only option. Though I'll never part with her I'd still prefer not to do surgery just to modernize it, but it'd be nice to not have to pull out and hook up mics every time I practice just to record myself for later review. Hope someone else comes in with better knowledge here. Look forward to the review, , , and a line of photos. . Enjoy your new first ! guitar
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