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  2. My 2001 Les Paul Studio copper-top had an ebony fingerboard. I loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. My D-41, D-18, 000-28 all have them. And I think the J12-16GT has Madagascar Ebony. Its got strippes.
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  5. No.. Theres nothing wrong with any of the wood at all... It was just a total momentary lapse of reason. It was the first time I had gone to do any guitar work in years and I didnt even realise until I finished the first one... Its on the second fret space rather than the third ๐Ÿ˜ž DOH!!! Never done that before ever...
  6. oh.... I see what you mean. That must be galling. Splits are one reason I found carpentry frustrating. But its wonderful stuff though. My oldest guitar (an early 70s Fylde Oberon) has an ebony board that is still in pristine condition. Other than clean it with a moist cloth, I've never used anything on it. It has no cracks & no visible wear.
  7. Please Dont Go - KC & The Sunshine Band
  8. Well it is weird yes.. Throughout the whole CITES Rosewood scandal where you needed a certificate to send a guitar with a Rosewood fretboard on it you needed no such thing for Ebony ever.. However the CITES thing has gone away for musical instruments now as it was just a huge mistake really. No one had thought about the real implications of it before and even more silly is that most of the Rosewood used on guitars all came from plantations where the wood is very carefully controlled and documented anyway.. The only real reason I can even think of that they dont do that with Ebony is the sad fact that we (humans) wiped out Ebony from almost every country that had it because they would only use the solid black stuff and would burn the rest of it. So so sad. So all the Ebony now only comes from one place and can be easily controlled. And if it wernt for Bob Taylors efforts we may have seen a total ban on it by now?? I currently have four fretboards for builds... And it makes it really painful when I make a mistake too.. When that does happen I generally keep the wood for use as stuff like trussrod covers or when I need some ebony dust for something or use it as a support when clamping a glued fretboard down or something like that.. Spot the mistake ๐Ÿ˜ž Very beautiful tight grained stuff
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. Or keep a small square of fine grit sandpaper in your guitar case. RBSinTo
  11. Yes, i did buy it brand new but I canโ€™t remember the specifics. I canโ€™t find the original receipt and all I can remember is Les Paul Custom Limited Edition.
  12. I have read on another forum that Vintage Mahogany might be the specific color. Makes sense to me.
  13. Looks like a perfectly legit Korean lp custom, but that plain mahogany finish wasn't a standard finish offered. Maybe it was a dealer special? Or a refin. Did you buy brand new?
  14. I think it would cost a bomb to have a neck replacement. Did you buy it like this? A competent luthier could make a replacement headstock and join it, but of course it would not be worth that much afterwards. It mostly comes down to money.
  15. Dorsal muscle torn? At least it will heal. Could take a while though. I did this a few times when younger. Of course in those days you were expected to lie still and do nothing for weeks. Now they say 'light use'. Take care of yourself meanwhile.
  16. Well I wouldn't use a strap on
  17. I'm sure Deb is a both trophy & more. Be sure to something nice next month's anniversary.
  18. I've 4 ebony boards but they're all on hobby guitars. It would be nice to have one on a working guitar (That said, it would be even nicer to have some work!). The youngest of those has slight streaks in it. That doesn't trouble me in the least. Considering that all species are either in the Endangered or Vulnerable categories, it just surprises me how much is being used in production now.
  19. For some reason the edit function is giving me a problem but I wanted to add that if I recall the Epiphone EA-250 only came in cherry red which supports my thinking that your guitar is one of the other Matsumoku 5102T guitars...more than likely a Lyle since the Aria uses the pearloid inay/logo on the headstock.
  20. If I recall correctly the Epiphone head stock logo was a pearloid inlay/decal and the Epiphone head stock itself was more squat in shape. My guess is that guitar wasn't branded as an Epiphone but more probably as an Aria, Lyle or Westone , all brands which were made by Matsumoku the parent company of Aria et al These were all the same guitar as the Epiphone version ,an Aria 5102T, with some cosmetic differences and finish options. The first year they were sold (1971) the Epiphone nomenclature was "5102T (and some 5102 "E")" The guitar on the top is an Aria version and the guitar on the bottom is the Lyle version . I noticed that the Aria version has an inlaid head stock logo so yours is probably one of the many Matsumoku models branded otherwise.
  21. Congrats! Mighty fine looking guitar. Hummingbirds are such fun. Enjoy!
  22. I wouldn't depend on it. Unless I were wearing Depends.
  23. Homeboy, the forum for complaints about used electric guitars is on the other internet. Nice First Post.
  24. Iconasm - what you have in your shorts when you buy a new Gibson. Boy, that's a pretty guitar.
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