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  2. Did you find the Birth Photo in the Case Candy?
  3. I would’ve grabbed it too!
  4. Meh. I repaired for many years before I tackled my first complete refret. I have no intention of fixing anything UNLESS it has to be done to be playable (or more so). It's not like I'm in love with the looks or anything but it's earned all its scars and I'll leave them be. The idea of having a playable J200 I can treat like my beat to crap Seagull appeals to me.
  5. Im gonna try one and if its great, Im in, ( price helps ) until I try one I can hold off on evaluation.
  6. The weird thing about his story is his luthier dad fixed the broken neck but he paid $400 for a fret job?
  7. Today
  8. +1 on this- the royal tan looks like a couple of the later beatles ones but the VS looks like the orginals.
  9. I'd forgotten about the place my bride bought me my Dove...in 1980 (I think). MUSIC UNLIMITED. I'd bought a few things from them over the years, I recall an old Fender Echo Chamber....was so sensitive was in the shop more than on the stage...but was still cool for the time. It's still there...and I visit on occasion....but it's about 20 miles away.
  10. looks like the guy selling played it on a few runs of The Voice and there are a lot of pics out there of him playing it. pretty cool if that's your thing! most of that stuff looks like it'll clean up and the wear is honest, so you'll end up with a pretty solid guitar no matter what! good snipe!
  11. Congratz! Gonna show 'before' and 'after' photos?
  12. Yeah, it was cool. If GC didn’t have what you wanted they’d check the warehouse and they’d have it the next day, or you could drive to the warehouse and get it “today.”
  13. Indeed, a small percentage of young people are getting sucked into these destructive ideologies, but one has to be aware, the promoters of these subversive groups started out in even smaller percentages, and now decades later they have positions of authority, the city council of Portland and Seattle and Oaklank, Berkeley and San Francisco and Chicago are loaded with them,. These city officials protect the thugs who burn cities. Let that sink in It starts with one.
  14. While I intentionally pushed the envelope with my funny correlation comment between the now popular trend of Levi jeans with multiple holes and now Gibson models, I think what really is causing the current ok/not ok debate about the New Generation models is the same old same old with Gibsons that Henry openly said he could not overcome during his final days as CEO and that JC said he would try to find a balance for, if he could, during his new reign. And, that being the marketing obstacle to Gibsons that many Gibson owners and buyers have certain expectations of only traditional Gibsons from the company. That Henry tried to overcome and basically only could with the Songwriter model, despite other non-J45, J-200, Hummingbird, etc models being introduced to expand the lineup. I think that’s why JC started renaming so many newer models with a J45 association rather than say a J-15 moniker even though it clearly was just a renaming game that apparently is working. But, now, Gibson is opening labelling a new line as a New Generation line meaning it differs from the traditional line and…well look what’s back! Traditionalists balking at Gibson expanding the line up. So it’s not really haters vs non-haters, it’s just Gibson trying to openly be a traditionalist company and a non-traditionalist company to see how that works. And, look how the divide is already causing a reaction. Yet, Gibson does need to figure out a way to be both a traditionalist company and a company that gets those who are not interested in traditions to purchase Gibsons rather than Taylor’s, Breedloves, or even Martins (who is actually managing lately to come out with successful new environmentally friendly guitars and models that deviate from their traditional line of guitars to new and existing buyers.) And. if Gibson is actually using Levi’s strategy, which I meant tongue in cheek regarding multiple holes, well Levi’s must be given credit for being a long term company who has taken a very old tradition product that somehow keeps getting new generations of young people to keep buying and wearing their product. So, I give JC credit for his new line and effort. It’s not like he’s discontinuing the traditional line that he has really beefed up since his reign started. Let’s hope this new generation adds to Gibson’s traditional sales so the company thrives and keeps Gibson guitars in all players hands for a long time. This is one of those things that needn’t be either/or. They should have both traditional guitars and non-traditional ones that sell well to help keep them in business and competitive with companies like Martin who are doing that. Just my thoughts. QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
  15. You are hitting on one of the core issues, students are not being taught how to study an issue, Sure, everyone should be against fascism, but they are being taught that anyone who doesn't support communism is a fascist . I am not making this up, one of my friends daughters has been indoctrinated into the Antifa mind set, this ccomes from her teacher who put this idea in her head. They reject capitalism, religion and even what has been labeled Democratic socialism, they detest private ownership of property and believe in collectivism, much like Stalin.
  16. "Don't Dilly Dally Sally"--Brian Hyland (The "B" side of "Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" ) Whitefang
  17. What's with the personal attack? Only reasons I can come up with is you don't want to know about what is going on, or you support it.
  18. I can think of a couple places near me that offer some service, and another long time place that since Covid only deals in band equipment( like marching band) and maybe a few guitar related items. The previous two places I mentioned still sell guitars and some gear and do repairs and such. Two of the best places for years to go to were WONDERLAND MUSIC and ANDERSON'S MUSIC, both in Dearborn, MI. But Wonderland has closed out of business some years ago while Anderson's moved from Dearborn to another city 15 miles from it's long time location. The other place I mentioned that sells mostly band equipment now has been there for over 50 years, but under two different names. My ex bought the Epiphone FT-145 she gave me for Christmas of '72 there when it was still A. WEAVER. And sometime later it became MARSHALL'S MUSIC, where I took said Epiphone to get repaired, restored and in good working order. It's radical change really saddened me. They don't even offer the piano and guitar lessons they were noted for anymore. Whitefang
  19. Bad guess- I’m happy with my three ancient Gibson models. All I meant was…haters gonna hate.
  20. Yeah, I figured it was an aberration of the device used to capture the image. I used to get a similar effect using a "fisheye" lens. Whitefang
  21. It's tough for 'Mom 'n Pop' stores to compete with the 'big-box' stores.....although, GC seems to be in financial trouble. The 'Mom 'n Pop' stores need to learn they need to sell more than merchandise....they need to sell service! We have a local music shop here in town.... I don't pretend to be a guitar master when I go there...and the staff is always super pleasant....will go WAY out of their way to assist me..... I needed a shoulder rest for my fiddle..... I had NO idea what I was looking for.... the guys found me exactly what I needed. That's something you can't get at GC.
  22. Nice. I got a D-15 and I want a 000-15 and 00-15 too. I have a 00-18, 000-18 and 000-28. Martin makes fantastic small body guitars, but the moral majority here dump on them cause they don't sound "tubby' or have bark or growl. Wonder why those CSNY guys used Martins cause according to most of you, Martins are trash.
  23. Y'know, the problem these days is not what some people THINK teachers are teaching, but those with media attention corrupting language and terms to their own advantage. Like "antifa". My understanding is that the word is an abbreviation of the phrase "Anti-fascist" And I ask, what's WRONG with being against fascism? But somehow some have twisted it to mean something it really doesn't and have buffaloed people into believing it's a bad thing, or the name of a radical political organization that's out to destroy America or some stupid $h!t like that. But more to the point, there is no organized group, but just a collection of free thinkers that oppose fascism and democracy stifling far right extremism that were given that name by those who would like to restrict certain segments of AMERICAN CITIZENS from their constitution guaranteed rights. Antifa is a decentralized, leaderless movement composed of loose collections of groups, networks and individuals who oppose fascism and far-right extremism. Persistent disinformation campaigns about antifa distort public perception of the movement. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/antifa Whitefang
  24. I’ve owned a few of them too. Finally ended up with a 0015.
  25. My guess is you are going to get one in each flavor cause they are so revolutionary? Or your gonna get none of them and tell me I'm a hater while applauding Gibson's direction under the rule of JC, which is I see no better than when King Henry was at the helm.
  26. Thank you but i am afraid that may come with taxis now after Brexit. Also the waiting time is 3 Months. I got this message from my friend from the US: "Gibson went into bankruptcy in 2018. They came out owned by their biggest lender KKR. KKR is a pure capitalist vulture company. They are interested in extracting their cash, not in Gibson heritage or future. They will milk the brand. It's what private equity firms do - extract cash. So don't expect Gibson of old to be back." That would explain the quality issues quite well. I guess i will buy a seconhand hand one after all.
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