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  2. Yes it was. It's a miracle my first 1950 J-45 didn't end up that way until after it was re-topped and turned into a cherryburst by Gibson in 1968. That was a bridge too far for me, so it became a J-50 for a long time.
  3. Yes, we remember how Lennon's second J-160E went through that procedure. Maybe also Ralf McTell's so wellknown J-50, , , which he keeps referring to as a 45. . Why he should do it ? , , , because the natural 50 was the THING in the early 60s folk circuit.
  4. Can't be sure without a look inside, search for overspray at the soundhole edges, or the centerline J-45 stamp. Both of my 1950 J-45s have that centerline stamp, but it is badly faded in both case, in one case to the point you would never see it if you didn't know it was supposed to be there. It would not be easy to strip a J-45 so thoroughly as to remove all stain traces on the back, sides, and neck, particularly around things like the neck joint to the body. By comparison, the top is relatively easy to strip., provided you remove the pickguard. It can be done, but it is a lot of w
  5. What do you think I could get for this guitar if I sold it?
  6. Daddario cinch strap, or the tapastring product? https://www.daddario.com/products/accessories/strap-accessories/cinchfit/cinchfit-acoustic-jack-lock/ http://www.tapastring.com/strapkeeper0605.htm or, you can seek a custom strap. I have a Sully Strap where the end pin opening is cut perfectly for such endpins.
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  8. I have been looking at that guitar a few times ...i am in Canada and getting the old girls across the border really up`s the price tag . If it were in Canada i would lay down a serious offer .
  9. They are strikingly similar in coloration and general patterns, but not identical. I don't know how Gibson was making pickguards back then, whether they were re-sawing large blocks of celluloid or cutting out of pre-sawn sheets. Part of the glory of real celluloid is that no two pieces sawn from the same block will be identical, thanks to the way celluloid is made.
  10. I was at the outdoor show. The Clash were better than The Who that day. The Who were good, but that day not great. Farewell Tour my a-ss.
  11. Wow, very nice guitar. Is that all mahogany with a maple cap? Almost like a Fender Les Paul "ish" ... Fabulous, looks awesome! While not MIA, it is also a big up-check (at least for me) to NOT be MIC. Well done, sir!
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  13. Welcome aboard. With a pedigree like that, you will fit right in. 😁 Enjoy your stay.
  14. The absolute best: The Who in Oakland 1982 at the "indoor arena" show (i.e., NOT the outdoor stadium show) ... WOW! I have seen them a couple of other times too, but the other shows were not even close to this. As I said before ... WOW! The list of my VERY close seconds: - Thin Lizzy on the China Town tour 1981 at the San Francisco Warfield Theater ... Now THIS is rock and roll! - ARMS Benefit, San Francisco 1983 -- Jimmy Page/Jeff Beck/Eric Clapton ... + so many others ... crazy special ... - Deep Purple, San Francisco 1985 on the Perfect Strangers Tour w/ the re-formed
  15. The thing does have some serious J-45 Jangle going on. Just one of the many flavors that a J-45 can turn out, even though things like a low setup, going from heavier to lighter strings, or the need for a neck set on the horizon can also yield the same effect. The saddle does look a bit on the low side, and going into t = 1:19 on the clip, it does sound low - a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. So Nick- are you saying that the pickguard pattern looks to be only a few slices of tortoloid away from the one that's on yours?
  16. Congratulations it looks really good, my 2000 MIK FMT was good but yours looks much better.
  17. Maybe this: https://www.emma-music.com/-kluson-c2x32747657?PGFLngID=1 They're based in France. Or this: https://www.thomann.de/gb/musicnomad_misc_spare_parts.html They're in Germany
  18. Sgt. Pepper nailed it. 😘
  19. She's not a neck-through, but the scarf joint is nicely done. Those overseas Fender employees really know their wood craft. I love it. Plugged her in. She's a really interesting machine. Not a Les Paul, and not a Stratocaster. The single-coil tones when you pull up on the Tone Knob aren't precisely vintage Tele either. But it's uniquely Fender, if that makes any sense. It's like Billy Gibbons and Joe Walsh had an Indonesian baby, and named it Rick Nielsen. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 😬
  20. I must say, I'm impressed. She's a beaut, Clark. Gorgeous edge binding, wonderful color blending, nearly black chrome bits, and a smooth, supple neck. πŸ™‚
  21. Well, the box showed up in great condition, as did the Fender interior box and Sweetwater case candy. No case though. And no gig bag. The guitar itself was well protected, and in lovely shape.
  22. Not hard to understand why you got tempted. The basic beauty just calls and the guitar sounds exactly like it should. Not too sweet, not too raw. I almost feel like saying you should buy it - to have fun A/B/(C)ing for a while and then maybe pass it further next spring. Why not. . Are we sure this isn't a sanded down then oversprayed 45 ?
  23. Staying with the Telecaster theme ... if you got a bunch of money, then get a MIA Fender Telecaster. If you don't got a "bunch", but got "some", then get a MIM Fender Telecaster. If you don't got "some", but have a "little bit", then get a Squier Telecaster. If don't got a "little bit", then I hear on-line chess can be fun ...
  24. Pat, I had the same problem with my 2001 j45 which originally had a pick-up which was removed before I bought it, but still had the input jack end pin. After some research, I decided the available fixes were unsatisfactory, and for me the easiest solution was to make my own mushroom-shaped plug from five-minute epoxy that is pressure fitted into the female input jack, and holds the strap securely in place. Got the guitar about eighteen months ago, made the plug about a year ago, and have had no problems with the strap coming off or even loose. If you are handy, and have access t
  25. Greetings Goku, depending on where you are, what is available and how much money you can spend. A Fender Telecaster will hold it value and possibly increase over time. An Asian built Telecaster copy will decrease in value as soon as you buy it, with the exception of Japan Built Fenders. A Fender Telecaster is an investment that will last a very long time. Below is a Custom Shop Telecaster which could be expensive.
  26. Lolol too bad man idk when I put my strap on guitar leans forward maybe something can help idk I don’t wear straps but when I play sometime on stage lmfao I need one ☝️
  27. "Blackthorn Rose" - Weather Report
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