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  2. Wow, , , btw. how long should we say it takes nitrocellulose to harden - 6 months ?
  3. This would be mine too. I wanted to play when I was 8. As it was, I had to wait until I was 16.
  4. Haven't seen one of those - very nice! Congrats & Enjoy!
  5. So would I - neither have I Thanks for the report JJo ^ and welcome
  6. Today
  7. Magnito And Titanium Man - McCartney and Wings
  8. Congrats. Would love to hear it... never seen one.
  9. I might try the 8.5-40 set. I use a D'Addario 8.5-39 set on my 25.5" scale guitars currently. I really like the 8.5!
  10. Gibson "Education Series" are evidently Gibson-Baldwin guitars, and nowhere near the stratosphere of regular Gibson, let alone the Custom Shop. Hence, that head-stock is TOTALLY wrong. Other than that, the guitar looks right. It likely has a "Gibson-Baldwin Music Education" neck plate (see pic) for its bolted-on neck. These guitars sell for $100 in good condition. Your example is worth a sub-compact tank of gas.
  11. If I put guitars on those stands. I have wool socks that Ive wrapped the neck and butt sections of the stands so they do not hurt the finishes. now on another note. . Those perferated green worm humidifiers. Theresa rubberwasher prevents the tube from falling inside the f holes of the archtops and mandolins. Remover the rubber grommet. It stains the finish.
  12. I've had the Hummingbird Sustainable for a month now. Never played a Sitka top and walnut back and side dread ever. I wasn't sure what to expect. This Gibson has a real dry woody sound probably due to the sparse finish and the projection and volume are as good or maybe better than my HD28. I flatpick and play Carter style bluegrass and Gospel music. The Bird Sustainable just fits this perfect. I never have made any adjustments in the month I've had this Gibson action was perfect even when I went to Tony Rice Martin Monels which by the way seem made for this.
  13. You can't tell me those guys have never seen a Bigsby mounted to a V.
  14. Right on all counts- a style of playing that would normally sound better on a larger guitar. . . did they overdub the sound of a jumbo on there? 😯 Really sounds good. The appearance of some torrefied tops has been the source of a good deal of back channel discussion- during my J-185 search, some J-185V's were found with tops that looked downright vulcanized. A finish such as that could cover a multitude of sins, much in the way that car manufacturers used to send cars down the line with a heavy orange peel paint job.
  15. Dave F


    After letting it set for the day, the low action was buzzing and fretting out around the 10th fret. I reduced the relief from .030" to .003" and the high E was on the frets.. I stripped it down, cleaned it up, buffed out the pick scratches (there were a lot of them below the neck in front of the pickguard), buffed out a few more scuffs marks, buffed out the marks on the headstock from leaving a tuner on it and oiled the fretboard and bridge. I measured the existing saddle and found one from a SJ200 I used to have that looked close to what I wanted. I never modify an original saddle, I mark it and make a new one if needed but I'll use them in other guitars if the fit the need. Put it back together with new strings and it came out very nice. At the 12th, base E is .065" and high E is .040"
  16. It strikes me as similar to a VOS, too, and I’ve never found the VOS treatment appealing on a sunburst finish - just sort of dull & lifeless. However, it works to perfection with a natural finish - imho.
  17. I regret not seeing Zappa in 81 when Via was in his band. My guitar regret. Not getting into acoustics sooner.
  18. I thought they ran all them with an excavator.
  19. I don't think Gibson Incorporated themselves can even help you with that. Good luck. rct
  20. Hi, I'm trying to install the FBX editor for my Firebird X guitar on my Mac. I've tried it on Catalina and even reverted way back to High Sierra and in both cases the application installation fails. Are there any tricks that will help me install other than install some ancient version of MacOS? This guitar was very expensive and it would be a shame if there's no way to use it with mac. I'd set it up on my Windows machine, but I have a high dpi display and things don't look right. I can't even tell if my guitar and accessories have the latest software version because the lines that state the version are all overlapping and it appears it can't detect the version. Thanks, SDStrummer
  21. Here's the latest member of the collection. image uploader
  22. The details are hazy but I recall they had to dig through a bunch of them to find a Standard that wasn't screwed up for badbluesplayer.
  23. I regret selling an awful lot of guitars and amps over the years for whatever stupid reason and I regret stopping playing for 25 years while work got in the way.
  24. That is clearly over the line. Not an instrument - a work of art. I could never play that: I'd have to tear my eyes off it.
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