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  2. Necro thread and all, but to whoever says that all guitar companies use the same wood... I don't know what to say to that. Anyway, a Gibson ES-335 uses a three ply on the body and sides, and the Epiphone uses a five ply. Not the same construction in any way.
  3. @Whitefang it’s complicated and really the dismissal comes from “graduating” to some real heavy flipping metal that Metallica just got too big and mainstream for me to dig their style. That and me playing their stuff on my guitar for years while listening to their albums constantly. Like I said, Load was the turning point for me to wonder just why… Metal bands I loved along with them back in the day got heavier while Metallica was shooting Loads on everyone haha! Megadeth sort of tried to get more commercial like Met, but Mustaine came to his senses and kept it real. I learn to favor Megadeth
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  5. Can you pay for them with a rubber check? Whitefang
  6. "Say, Say, Say"--Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney Whitefang
  7. Like I stated previously, I'm all for that. Most people already know the long established artists that use Gibson instruments, so showcasing talented unknowns who also use them is not only a good showcase for promoting new talent, but also for promoting Gibson as not only a maker of good instruments(they hope) but also philanthropic enough to help up and coming artists. Having a "company with a heart" rep never hurts. Whitefang
  8. "Have your people call for pricing and details." That's more like it.
  9. Sure appears so Chris. Look, I don't know much about Metallica save for the fact that nothing I've heard from them ever appealed to me. But that really doesn't mean I think they were no good. Just that their music didn't catch my ear, so to speak. You can't knock success, although you can question how that success could have been possible. And there's a lot of music out there I like that people I know and love can't stand and vice-versa. One example, one of my closest friends just LOVED that tune "Rock On" by David Essex. I could never stand that POS. At the same time, HE could
  10. "You Talk Too Much" - Joe Jones Notes
  11. A good luthier could rebuild/fix the bridge. The other items could be duplicated. If you’re interested in keeping it original as possible.
  12. Must be more than one of him(or her) registering the complaint. Notice it was posted, "WE have been trying to obtain a return mailer....." So this person is possibly representing a group with the same complaint, Or often refers to himself as "we" for whatever reason. Must be the one nurses think they're addressing when they bounce into your hospital room and cheerfully ask, "How are WE today?" But too, it might be a legitimate complaint. Never having dealt with Gibson customer service, I can still imagine it's not unlike "customer service" anywhere else. IF you get past the
  13. I assume the OP has gone through the Gibson site to get contact information. My contact started with an email and pictures. Of course, I had receipts and warranty info. attached. If the complaint is legit, my experience is that customer service is very responsive. In fact, while addressing my issue, I received contact from two different customer service reps. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and I hope the OP will follow up on this thread to enlighten us on his progress. I would hesitate to chastise the OP for posting this. How many legitimate complaints have be
  14. I have to admit this is a new one on me. The only models I have seen up close and personal with the optional ADJ saddle bridge have been a J45 and J50. And like somebody else noted the majority now sported a fixed saddle bridge I would think though your only options would be to buy one used or as suggested contacting Gibson as they still offer guitars with that bridge so should have it in stock. Assuming your guitar has the laminate bridge plate the standard ADJ bridge guitars had you also might want to check it out. These had a nasty habit of splitting. A guy I know just got his 1962 Ep
  15. Too little info. Warranty repair? Original owner? Location? Finnish repair, etc, etc. Are they ignoring you for a reason? Reminds me of another recent post. The customer was contacting the wrong people and received no response. Once his country's distributor was contacted they replied right away. Again too little info.
  16. Well, when people are calling Gibson about this problem and Gibson are telling them directly that it’s because of the electrostatic finish application… I guess it’s safe to assume that it’s really how the finish is applied. It obviously doesn’t affect all of the guitars that go through the electrostat line, but there are enough complaints out there about static Gibsons to suggest Gibson needs to examine the issue closer. This has never happened before on any other guitar I’ve ever owned in over twenty years of playing, and I’ve owned a lot. Since no Gibson representatives read their offic
  17. Or, he has a legitimate complaint.
  18. I will admit, Kirk is admired by many still. I being an older Metallica fan still haven't gotten over the Load, Reload, and St. Anger stuff. I feel like the trauma lives on, haha! I have non-existent memories of being in the court room answering, "With the doll, tell me where you were touched." But yeah, I don't care if he's part of the sig collection or how much his guitars will cost. I just expressed my feelings of how I cannot feel the same about a band I admired more than life itself back in my youth. Die hard metal fan here, but I like other genres too. IDK, it's complicated... I
  19. If someone who has attained enough status to use his name recognition to sell something and make a little extra cash - no one can stop them - or the thousands of marketing weenies lined up to sign them up. Look at Shaquille O'Neal - he's on TV every 5 minutes selling cars, pizza, pain meds, et al. If a pro guitarist has a brand or model he has used for decades, which helped him gain his fame and fortune, and which is associated with him already - he would be silly not to 'endorse' it and get paid. Gibson's new CEO - James "JC" Curleigh, who cut his teeth selling Levis to what he
  20. See - that is exactly what the OP is hoping for. Social Media Shakedowns - is what these folks have devolved into doing. Sort of like 'Extortion Lite'. They attempt to publicly shame a big company to the point where they get a few thousand 'likes' (notice BS hasn't gotten any here), then the company feels they need to 'settle out of court'. Problem is - appeasement is a black hole.
  21. Well Grace Too, yes I used the word “dreaded”. Guilty! Three words later I said “ oh well”, signifying that too me at least, it’s not that bad. For example, “ It’s going to rain today, oh well! Yes, I agree with you. It should not happen. I don’t believe anyone hear thinks it should. Why did I respond 4 week later? That’s very simple to answer. That was the time period between my visits. Also, it’s called being social. Enjoying being part of this community. When I said I had briefly consider returning it, that was weeks before that post, (if we’re marking time now) when the guitar
  22. You may want to try Ben Bruton/Bruton Guitars in Rochester. I'm not sure if he is accepting repair work, but I've had him do a neck reset on a '48 Southern Jumbo and a restoration of a Martin D-35S and have been very pleased with his work. In addition, he's a nice guy.
  23. @GraceToo, I'm just confused what your purpose is to keep saying the same stuff over and over monitoring this thread that you resolved - got rid of guitar and got a Tele. Why keep repeating yourself that you're disappointed, Gibson needs to change its process, unacceptable for the price, etc. It's old man... Again, purpose.
  24. Electrostatic applications has been employed across multiple segments of industries that need to apply a even level of paint/clear coat. Not all Guitars exhibit the static is it really how the finish is applied? Probably how it interacts with clothes, think all anyone needs to do is regular namptha cleaning and watch what one wears Btw GraceToo no one from Gibson will read this forum, the moderator barely shows here. Torches and pitchforks won't help change an industry
  25. Interesting. The song was recorded in 2016, after Sir Elton gave Slash and Myles Kennedy permission to do so. It was intended to be part of the soundtrack for the documentary movie Stuntman, about stuntman Eddie Braun’s daredevil project to jump the Snake River Canyon. The movie made its debut in September of 2018 at the LA Film Festival. It never got a distribution deal at the time, so the project languished. Recently, Disney agreed to distribute the film, and so it was released last week on July 23rd as a 'Disney+Original'. Fascinating what the flash-to-bang is on movie
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