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  2. the electronics on my p5e aren't working. where can i get parts. i definitly need the pre amp equalizer.
  3. Like us all, I have moments where I create a line or two and make sure to write it down. Fast forward months and even years....I look at my notation and wonder just what the hell I wrote😂
  4. Brings to mind those Lucinda Williams lyrics - "I think I lost it, let me know if you come across it." Keef once claimed to keep a small tape recorder next to the bed so if he suddenly awoke with an idea he could record it. it. Story is that is how that riff in "Satisfaction" came to be,
  5. We all know need has nothing to do with it. My take on the SJ/J-200 is there are no middle of the road opinions. You either love the things or can leave them. When I first met her all I heard was how much she wanted a Taylor. Now 20 years down the road it is Bob who. Our 1960 J-200 remains the only six string acoustic she owns. me,. I would have traded if off years ago. To do so now though would result in some severe marital repercussions.
  6. Maybe the pickup and/or pole screws are low on the treble side? Do they all have the same type and gauge strings?
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  8. Jinder’s observation on his mahogany J-100 being like a plus-sized J-45 was what I was expecting, but the larger body and long scale length lost the punch and mid-happy dry sweetness of the J-45 for me. Back to the big ‘200: yes, in general, maple does make for a great recording guitar. I believe Billroy was asking about some of the characteristics of maple guitars recently, and that would be one of the areas where a maple guitar does shine .
  9. I hate when I do that. That same issue is something I run into with different rhythm ideas for Standards. When the phone is within reach, I can be recording in less than 10 seconds with the iPhone. The phone currently has about 600 clips on Voice Memos..
  10. Best of luck with your search! You hunting down vintages or newer models? I agree with Jinder and anyone who touts it's ease to record. It seems especially nice to me when using a matched-mics pair. Very manageable in a small, not so well treated room(yet) .
  11. I was up very late the other day watching a movie while noodling on a guitar. Out of nowhere I found a little riff and chord sequence I liked. I thought this could eventually make a new song. Since it was so late I just practiced the riff a few times, thinking I'll record it first thing in the morning. Bad idea! I woke up and it was gone. Nowhere to be found. Then later the same day, I passed by the guitar, picked it up, and there was the riff again. I found it! Knowing I was going to be travelling for a few days, I recorded it on my iPad. Now a few days later, I'm away from home without guitars. I go to listen to the riff on my iPad, which I brought with me. I listen to the riff a few times thinking this is good (for being me). Then with sausage fingers, I somehow manage to delete the recording. I try to find a way to undo whatever I just did. No luck. The track is gone! I'll be home again tomorrow. I'll go straight to my guitar, hoping the riff will still be there. Not so sure right now. Awwgh... Lars Lessoned learned: record new ideas straight away, and always save a backup copy!!
  12. Congrats! Looks like a beaut! Best to you, playing great music on it! QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
  13. There's really only one way to know, and it would be a service to all of us if you took that step to help clear it up.
  14. I'll be retiring in the next few years and this is on my bucket list. I lived in Oregon for a minute when I was 10 and plan to journey up there and try to find a certain spot, or two. Bozeman is a leg of that trip. Hope you all have a good time.
  15. I love 'em. If I was, or ever get, in the market or the itch for a new guitar, it'll be a J200. Best of luck Larry. Keep us posted.
  16. Hi, I have a Gibson SG Silverburst 2007. The problem is that the solo sound (and sustain) are really weak. When you are playing rhythm kinda things.. lets say Hendrix's Purple Haze or Rainbow's Man on a silver mountain it sounds great. A really thick rockn roll sound...but when it comes time to play solo, the sound is really thin and sustain is bad. I googled that this one has "Gibson Humbuckers", that means the original pickups. Is that just a feature with SG's? Or have I understood something wrong? I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard (2010) and it sounds much thicker/louder when soloing. With Firebird VII (2007) there is a bit of a same problem as with SG that solo sounds weak. Also in Firebird the bridge pickup sounds much weaker than the neck pickup... with Stratocasters I'm used to that it's just the opposite. Nothing has been modified nor any parts have been changed with these guitars. Any comments/ideas/hints? 🙂
  17. Without wishing to go off at a tangent too far....again..... I've just had a look at the Warmoth Musiclander bodies and necks and, interestingly, they make them in the regular 25 1/2" Fender scale and not the 22 1/2" as per the originals. Pip.
  18. Sorry MP , a wee sideline for a second, jinder, do you record guitar and vocals separate or sit and play live for the acoustic records?
  19. Coles Corner is a stunning record, especially the title track. His whole catalogue is a real adventure to discover, you'll love it!
  20. I've played SJ200s for a very long time. Everyone who appreciates fine guitars deserves the chance to try one, they're not everyone's cup of tea but I adore them. My 2015 Standard is exceptional, a great guitar for songwriting, recording, performance, everything. It's bright but with a huge bottom end and subtle, complex mids. In front of my SE Gemini II valve condenser it goes down to tape better than 99.9% of other guitars I've ever recorded with. I have an SJ100 too, a '41 reissue. Great guitar but entirely unlike a Maple SJ200. My 100 is Mahogany and sounds like a giant J45 (in a very good way!), Whereas the SJ200 has more of everything bar the lower mids.
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