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  2. In the year 2525 If schmucks are still alive You may find... Zager Guitars.
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  4. Now there's a bit of confusion on the line. Wasn't the B-25 the same as the LG-2, only with a new name. As falcon-eyed BK777 noticed on March 22, the new Neil-guitar hasn't got the mid-seem-brace, which would make it an LG-1. Into a little sherlocking here 🔎 - not because of the times, , , but because of the place.
  5. Here's my teacher, Orville, giving a lesson on video.
  6. I think they are at home Tele-making guitars.
  7. Next week will be Roxy and Burnt Weeny. Now Gail lets get to You Are What You Is and Just Another Band From LA.
  8. Well if I played on an open mic gig people would surely spit on me. I’m just a stay at home player “trying” to make some semblance of music. It’s good for my old brain and hands. “Mucus” was a auto spell check screw up that I missed and couldn’t figure out how to fix as a FNG. It was supposed to be “Music” of course. I was wondering when I’d hear about it. Looks like I failed to follow Toby Keith’s advice and “Let the Old Man in”. Happy playing.
  9. D-18, D-28 and D-35. But what replaced them, is far superior.
  10. Not all. Should be pretty simple: Call or write Gibson with s/n. They can tell you exactly what it is.
  11. Interesting, thanks for the replies.
  12. Previous posts aside, anyone who thinks this evolving economic catastrophe is better than the Covid virus should read up on the effects of poverty, misery and death associated with economic recessions. The data is out there and it's real. We now have 10 million newly unemployed in the US and climbing fast. The good news is that I think we are at or very near peak here and then things should start to improve quickly. I hope. https://www.ccn.com/chillingly-scariest-coronavirus-death-toll-may-not-come-from-covid-19/
  13. Like I stated in another thread. My wife works for school system and they used Zoom for one day before the bosses announced that it was no longer an option.
  14. " "it's Only Me" - Melissa Etheridge
  15. So you had The Paul? For some reason I've always been interested in one of those, but have never seen one in real life. My list from what I remember in chronological order no name Black Beauty LP Copy Epi acoustic with pickup in soundhole Ibanez super strat style with HSH and Floyd Rose Mexican Strat Kramer shaped kinda like an Explorer but longer and pointier another Epi acoustic no electronics another no name LP copy Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus - still own Gibson SG Classic Ibanez acoustic Samick banjo - still own Washburn acoustic bass Lanikai ukulele - still own Les Paul Custom Shop 1957 Reissue Gold Top - still own PRS SE Santana - kinda still own I might have forgotten something but....
  16. I recently purchased a Gibson L6-S . It has the 6 position chicken head switch and is NOT strung through the body . It is all maple . Stamped on back of head stock. L-6 S serial number 00 143319 the front on the trust rod cover L6-S in gold lettering . How do I determine the year ? I'm told it is a 74 .
  17. Sorry guys, my Daughter and her husband have this crap. Should i sacrifice them for the good of someones wallet. That was just a disgusting comment.
  18. I wish I didn't sell my SG Classic. But the money went to help purchase a MacBook for my son to take to college.
  19. At least we don't all have to go back to our ancestral towns to be counted.
  20. Bridgeplate replacement can be major surgery, and often ends up tearing out a lot of grain on the underside of the top when you remove the old one. Stewmac sells a clever device for repair of bridgeplates using fitted wood plugs (that's an over-simplified description), which looks like one good solution. The guy who works on my guitars replaced a late-1960's laminated plate on one of my guitars with a solid maple one a few years ago, but he was also replacing the bridge at the same time. The pieces of the old laminated plate show just what a difficult job its removal was. Last year, he repaired the original plate on a completely original 1950 J-45 for me. It had a fair amount of grain tear-out around the pin holes. Instead of replacing the bridgeplate he filled the damaged areas of the plate with a tinted and filled epoxy mixture, then re-drilled and reamed the pin holes. He converted the bridge for use with unslotted pins, which gives a better opportunity for properly seating the ball ends of the strings. All in all, it was a worthwhile approach, a bit less traumatic for the guitar, and it still has all the original components except for pins, saddle, and tuner buttons. I would do it that way again in a heartbeat.
  21. I’ve never like brass on Rosewood. That’s why I went with the D’Addirio’s on the J-45 Rosewood . I’m pretty happy so far. Will probably try the retro’s on either my J-50, or my J-45 mahogany. I’m also happy with the 11’s the only difference I can tell is it’s a little easier on the fingers.
  22. Guys lets be careful where you go when replying to posts, lets not get this thread locked.
  23. This is why they have Facebook, so guys like you don't invade the Lounge with your chronic digestive backpressure. Can't you stay in the Acoustic section and say this stuff? We don't do politics over here. 🙄
  24. I love the way he drug it into the house, ripped it out of the box, & started banging away on it. A man after my own heart. Supposed to leave in the case for a couple of days? Not me! That’s pretty much the way I approach the situation too. Love it.
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