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  2. A GZ34 is a little harder on 6V6's. But the fuse blowing thing - that's probably just due to a shorting tube. Pull the power tubes and rectifier. Install a new fuse, turn it on to check that the fuse doesn't blow. Then put the rectifier in and power up to check the fuse. If that's ok, then put the power tubes back in and power it up and see if the fuse blows. If the fuse blows, you can tell if one of the tubes is shorting.
  3. Yes - Replace the "firecracker" style electrolytic caps. There may also be some white electrolytics with a + written on one end - like maybe the one on the center control pot. Replace any of those. Also make sure that the AC supply is wired so the black wire from the cord goes to the tip of the fuse, then from the rim of the fuse to the switch, then to the transformer, then back to the white wire on the AC cord. https://www.amplifiedparts.com/products/capacitors?filters=746a1143c112a746 Amplified parts also has small electrolytic caps.
  4. There is a difference in some pickups as to the spacing of the pole pieces. I ran into this a few months back when I had to replace a pickup on my Les Paul Lite. All the humbuckers on my Les Pauls (Burstbucker Pro Lead and Rythm, Burstbucker 61R and 61T, and 490R measure 2 and 1/8 inches from the outside of one e string pole piece to the outside of the other e string pole piece. But the 498T in the bridge position on the LP Lite measure 2 and 1/4 inches. So it does take a different cover than all the others. By the way, I also was given some golf socks made by Puma that have a left and a right and they fit better. 🤣
  5. Ive been enticed to reinvestigate ELO?
  6. I think the main new thingy with the 61 R & T is that they have more windings on the screw side than on the slug side, which is different than most of the previous models, which usually have the extra winds on the slugs. That does something special that I don't remember.
  7. You know he copied and pasted that from Wikipedia right?
  8. about as clear an answer and explanation as any one needs. edited to add.. I was once reading an interview with Seth Lover, the asked him why he chose to put slotted screws in the poles that were exposed. his answer was: "why not! We felt they looked better" the next question was, "does adjusting them do anything at all to the performance of the pickup?" answer was: "No, it has nothing at all to do with the way the pickup sounds, it was purely cosmetic." I had read previously where some of the "setup notes from the PROs suggested to have the screws match the radious of the bridge, and to adjust the screws so that the are alternate set at angles, like this, under the strings.. / \ / \ / \ / Seth must have got a good laugh out of that,, in fact, so did I cuz I did exactly what that other article suggested. I probably convinced myself it sounded better.. Cuz that's the kind of stuff we do..
  9. if D'Addario is still making strings for Gibson, (Pretty sure they were) I hope they don't use / do the same for the "coating" I don't like their treated string at all. The feel sticky for me. Other than those particular coated strings, I'm a big fan of D'Addario strings...
  10. Just to be factual about it all, because this stuff is Dogma Run Wild. A very famous boutique pickup winder and I were enjoying a coffee and discussing some pickups he was making for me. 1. Magnets are magnetized right before the pickup is wound. Gaussing? De-Gaussing? One of them. They don't weaken, wear out, or fade. If you are using the same magnetizingationally thingy on all of them, they will all be the same insofar as magnetic properties, excepting of course any quality issues in creating the blend. Cracks and fissures can deform the field causing minor eccentricities in different pickups. Which we as guitar players then swear by. 2. No human being alive can determine the differences between the various Alnico Integers of magnet material. The "blends" are what the suppliers have on hand, based on the current market prices of the base ingredients. 3. If you like one pickup over the other, it is most definitely not the blend used for the magnets or their "strength" relative to each other. It is the wire, number of turns, consistency of turns, and tightness of turns. Those are relatively hard to be precise about from one to the other, hence this one is great and that same one doesn't do it for you. 4. The metal surrounding your pickups does nothing. The pickup has no idea that metal is there and doesn't care. This was at a time when various base plates and Tele bridge materials were all being touted as Better because they weren't Leo's same old copper or steel. In other words, investing in stainless stuff because it will improve your pickups was just more snake oil. I'll probably think of more, but there's some of it. Internet Materials Scientists and Guitar Physicists will be along any minute to debunk all of it but hey, facts be facts. rct
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  12. I agree, I think they need to protect any design rights and they need to partner with small shops again/better.
  13. I think it is what you are used to. I played mostly Gibson necks over the years so when I bought a Strat recently, I got one with a 12 inch radius so it would feel similar to what I am used to. Others like RCT aren't as concerned with it and play a variety of different radius necks. Just like no two necks are exactly alike, I doubt if players hands are alike either. The size of one's hands, and the length of their fingers probably has a lot to do with what feels comfortable. I have often noticed that many astounding guitar players seem to have quite large hands and long fingers. My hands are only average size which is my excuse for not being a better player. 🙂
  14. Since all four of the pickups have Alnico 5 magnets, I concluded that it was the number of windings that made a difference in the tones. But I am making the assumption that all the Alnico 5s are of the same strength which I guess would depend on Alnico's quality control.
  15. working on it, I should be done right around the time were too old to care..
  16. In principle a good Approach from Gibson, the new design of the string bags looks nice. A problem for me - - I do not like any coated strings. Even if the differences in the "feeling" of coated strings gets better and better they make no sense for me as I have very dry hands and I have no Advantage of the longer lifetime of coated strings as they get dents of the frets in the "campfire positions" and have to be changed because they are mechinally "dead". - I am using Gibson Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 strings on my Gibsons, 80/20 more on mahogany instruments, Phospor Bronze on maple bodies. If the 80/20 strings would be stopped would be a loss for me. Anyhow - I still hope that Gibson will add uncoated strings and 80/20 strings to their product line. By the way - did anybody try strings from Pyramid? they have a round core, no "hex" core. I have heard that this can lead to handling problems by cutting the strings at the tuning pegs.
  17. yea man, I'm off the edge, totally.
  18. When I´m back home: - Fairground Attraction - "Perfect" - Willin´, Comfortably Numb, You´ve Got A Friend and "Walkin In Memphis" which does not work in the band. We have a very good piano player, but Marc Cohn built in some tricky syncopated parts where the "1" shifts to "4+" or vice versa and it is hard to catch the singer and the drummer, even if this song sounds correct if you play it alone on guitar. Needed the songs for a jam session / open stage. Guitars: Maple AJ, Humminbird and a D28
  19. Yep.....J 45 and ELO....Telephone Line, a blast on acoustic.
  20. Interesting question in that I really never think about it. I am stull running to my 1932 L-1 a whole lot. First, it is my most recent acquisition. Second, the 1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16" string spread at the bridge remain my idea of a slice of guitar heaven. I seem to have been on an Open D tuning binge as of late. Although some were obviously not originally recorded in Open D it works real well for me. Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues Stones - Factory Girl & Prodigal Son As to others in standard tuning I seem to be playing a lot: Blind Blake - West Coast Blues Rev. Gary Davis- Cincinnati Flow Rag Josh White - One Meatball And to make my wife happy (who always complains I tend to play stuff others have never heard making it tougher for them to join in) Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care Tom Petty - Louisiana Rain Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
  21. KB - your a tech guy, why can't i just think what i want it to do - and then it happens. could you do something about that? Age of information, should be a way to do it. ps - i did figure out my issue with IMGUR (this time) but seems to have a lot. Will investigate the options above (and again ty all)
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