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  2. Iconasm - what you have in your shorts when you buy a new Gibson. Boy, that's a pretty guitar.
  3. Fixing barb wire fences. Bulls fighting I imagine. Went to pasture to check on the tenants bull,saw he was sickly and called him to give a shot of antibiotics. He uses an air powered dart gun. Which is much better than locking it up,head gating it,then give it a shot. Great device.
  4. Expensive but probably worth it. I gave up and will be returning the wireless one. Might as well spend the money elsewhere, that shouldn't be too hard to do. Breaking in that little Origin 20, right now it sounds pretty pathetic but it's also right out of the box. I'll report back after it's had a 100 hours or so on it.
  5. Thank you gentlemen - "Iconic - a : widely recognized and well-established b : widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence ".
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    But are you sure?
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    It happens I guess.
  10. You got a good deal a couple years ago? You decide on this a long time. Aquaintance a professional musician sells to you and you build guitars. Maybe troll this at the ES forum in 9 more years
  11. I think I understand tortoise keeping but lizards and snakes...nope. Beautiful animals but I couldn't be their keeper. Ultimate guitar cord (I have one of these, 'Silver' series) - http://www.petecornish.co.uk/cabprice.html
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    It's nice to have an iconic body. Yuh.
  13. "Please Don't Bundle Me" - Kazumi Watanabe
  14. The Waterloo WL-S Deluxe is the Stella style with hand rubbed varnish - it is still listed on their website but who knows if Collings are still building anything. There are 7 or 8 for sale on Reverb.... I can tell you that one (1) landed in this country that I know of from scanning the local ware. Chances are Matt Damon or Hilary Swank could order one from Mars and be playing it long before I ever see one! BluesKing777.
  15. Why didn’t you look at it before you got it home?
  16. So, I got a really good deal from an acquaintance on a 2017 ES335 a couple years ago. It was brand new never played bought from Chicago Music, still had plastic on the pickguard. The guy I bought it from was a professional musician and it was one he never got around to playing. So, I got it home and noticed gouges and un-even binding all over and the first 3-4 frets aren't even seated in the slot all the way but, they are level, how did they do this you say? My guess is the PLEK sys compensates for this. Still one would expect from a 3k plus guitar you should have better QC that this, I build guitars and would be embarrassed to put my name on it. Now should I dump it as is or fix it then dump it? If Gibson would fix it that would be cool too.
  17. Don’t Take Me Alive - Steely Dan
  18. Nice! Is the one in the center a Premiere?
  19. Worked all day, lost my bid on a guitar (who cares), fed snakes, lizards and tortoises, checked out guitars for sale online and took a shower. I finally had enough and lopped off a year's worth of hair growth. Not the most artistic hair cut in the world but I sure feel better. Even on blood thinners my head was too hot. Oh yeah, ordered another Roland cord. That cheapie wireless doohickey is okay for far away but up close to the amp I don't think I'll use it.
  20. ^This^ Gibson marketing really made it difficult for future owners with this questionable tactic. Technically they are "Custom Shop Series" models. I know by 2014 they ceased doing that.
  21. Did you ever hit an ironwood tree with a hatchet? Not recommended!
  22. Hi there! Go older hummingbird with an off market plastic heel button with no center screw. Assume it is pegged but know it is stuck and possible you glued.
  23. Ebony has been dyed for many years AFAIK. Streaked or un-dyed ebony is becoming more used now. Macassar is generally stripier than Gaboon which is often dyed. Slightly off topic; I recently learned that hornbeam and lignum vitae are both known as 'ironwood' as they are very hard to work. I have 5 with ebony boards at the moment, 3 of those with 24 frets. Luxurious.
  24. Worked in my garden today, all good....the last thing I did was to hand-saw up a lot of old deadwood I'd taken out of the bushes at the top. I knelt down to do it. Couldn't believe how hard it was to get up, and how tired I felt - it suddenly hit me - when I did. At 66 I don't bounce back anymore. But I had to finish it; what I was thinking was "if I get all this done today I won't have to do it tomorrow". 👍
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