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  2. And for the second time the deal went down in a parking lot.
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  4. Any day with a Jimmy Reed song puts a smile on my face. One R&B classic deserves another... Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison (Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller )
  5. You got me worried now lol. I went and had another look and I notice mine doesn't have the tuneable bridge, has the standard Gibson bridge. I just assumed earlier models didn't have this feature. Had a look on google images and the bulk of them have the tuneable bridge but quite a few also normal bridge. Still, the inlays etc look a bit too good to be a fake and from what I can see online I can't see any reference to fake Epiphones anywhere, particularly Lucilles. Anyone have anymore info?
  6. Sorry to see a member leave, but I now all about depression. I've struggled for years with it. Good luck in what you do.
  7. Any thoughts on that? I am curious, as they sound pretty darn good right now. I'd go with the "If it aint broke, don't fix it" method of analysis...
  8. Yes no way its a copy. Literally had hundreds of guitars over the years and fakes even good ones are not hard to spot. Pick ups, bridge everything marked Epiphone. Do they even make fake Epi's? I live in Thailand and see tons of fake USA Fenders and Gibson's and believe it or not some excellent players but their logos, printing etc you would know in a heartbeat it was a fake. Some excellent stuff coming out of China now. I had an Epi RIviera Epi Chinese factory made, one of the best guitars I ever played. Build and hardware very good. They can't be ignored anymore same as Japan used to be known for junk. This is BB King is an excellent guitar by the way, in fact I sold my Joe Pass in favour of it. Appreciate the info though
  9. This might be it...I don't know if it's the result of a long depressive bout or what, but here of late the very thought of picking up a guitar just makes me sad... the very thing I relied on to help me through just makes me feel worse now. My attempts at playing in church worship have resulted in me making the other musicians/singers stumble. The type of songs they do honestly sound better w/just a piano anyway... I'm this close to taking my stable to a local shop to put up on consignment. It would help him out in the process. You all are a terrific bunch. I've really enjoyed lurking and occasionally joining in. There are two individuals I'd like to thank especially. Jinder, our shared Dove love has made me feel a real kinship w/you... And my Scarecrow (you know, the one Dorothy said she's miss the most), if it wasn't for this place I never would have gotten to shake hands w/Mr. Woof, and for that I will be eternally grateful... If you all want to banter back and forth about my decision go ahead. I don't suppose I'll be looking in though... All the best to you all God bless Cab
  10. Another Great Buckeye Convergence! And, as is now tradition, Mrs. Woof made a performance-related purchase... Nice catch, brother...congratulations!
  11. Right below, in your case, where it reads "All Access"...yours is +346 just now...
  12. I set up my Gibson Hummingbird early 60' to formula : 2/62 " string height on first fret , 4/64 " on 1st string ( 12 fret) and 6/64 " string height on 6 bass string ( 12 fret) . Strings I use now = DR Sunbeams Acoustics extra light 10-48 . This is actually Gibson factory setting that I find the best ( except for factory strings gauge 12-54) Regards
  13. Maybe I'm dense, but what or where is our Reputation posted? :(
  14. watch the online ads at Music-Go-Round, and buy used that looks new, for about half or so
  15. Before s-canning the pickups, add a high pass filter to it, which cost about $2 at an expensive place. The interwebs is repleat with such mod. This kills the treble-only wide open throttle problem , then when you bang a G it growls like a dog
  16. Bright Lights Big City - Jimmy Reed
  17. Can anyone tell me what bobbin color is used on the pickups of a Gibson les paul 2018 historic R9 and a 2019 60th anniversary R9? Thanks
  18. This thread is more than 7 years old, and the OP hasn't been on this site in over 6 years, I doubt you will get a response.
  19. I just need to with it a while and see what happens with the relationship. My first instinct is to go with a 1930s J35 style pickguard. These looked great on the post-1955 CF-100s. Just strung the guitar up with Newtone 12-52 gauge. Definitely heading in the right direction. My wife liked the sound so much she wants me to order her a couple of sets for her J200 so looks like I will be contacting merry old England next week. I am thinking though I may end up going with 12-53 or 54 gauge . The whole bargain part of the guitar though quickly went out the window. We picked it up in Kent which led first to my wife and I having lunch and then me heading off to my favorite record store and my wife to a local music shop where she bought her Martin D12-28. By the time all was said and done I had purchased 5 LPs and my wife a Fender Acoustasonic amp. The best laid plans . . .
  20. Welcome Martin. I bought a new 2017 LP tribute last year. It was ok, but needed a little attention to get it up and playing. I sold it and bought a used mint 2018 Epiphone LP Standard Pro Plus Top. To me it just feels like a better guitar. The action is better, the quality actually seems better than the Gibson. It has the edge binding just like a Gibson LP, which the Tribute doesn't. Before I bought the Tribute, I really didn't consider an Epiphone, until I read (mostly on here) about how good the Epi's are. I just wanted the Gibson name on the head stock. Lately I've noticed a lot of professional musicians playing Epiphone guitars.
  21. Indy has it's own infield road course, and they use about half of the oval. They eliminated 175k seats to make the road course. The first Indy F1 was the most attended F1 race in history, over 250k people. The cars were at full throttle for 22 seconds, they sounded awesome while sitting in the covered grand stand. IndyCar does race at COTA, this year was the first one. The F1 cars were 13 seconds a lap faster. They raced at Long Beach back in the 80s, 90s. There is two more F1 racing coming to the states in the next year or so, one is somewhere in California, the other is a street course in Miami, New York/Jersey is also trying to get a race. Since Roger Penske bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he wants to bring F1 back there. There is a lot of GT racing in the states, IMSA has racing everywhere. They will have a 12 hour endurance race at Indy next year.
  22. Way to go, ZW! We knew you couldn't resist a bargain. That may be one of the least-known Bozeman models, so your thoughts will be appreciated. The question is what kind of pickguard to put on it, if you put one on. If you're just finger-picking with bare fingers, I'd be tempted to go nekkid.
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