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  2. I've used neck pickups exclusively for years. That's changing though. It used to be that I set up my rig for the neck pickup, and gigged that way all the time. At home I didn't bother to plug in when practicing so it didn't matter. Especially now, with no gigs and no other outlet to play, I've been using the THR30 home amp I got this year and enjoying all sorts of tones other than my preferred ones. Yes, and using the bridge PUs too. I've even ventured a little more into higher gain (strange territory for me). Also, with that amp, everything is noiseless. I've been enjoying the he11 out of it.
  3. Presumably you have a main guitar already right? One that this might replace? Or are you cycling through a collection of valuable instruments?
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  5. I put the 5751 in V1 of the Blues Jr, took away the pedals...cranked Vol to 8-9, master to 3-4 and hey presto...a pretty nice crunchy tone! I just put the EQ to 6 (half way) across the board, reverb just below 2 (it sounds like you are in a cave any higher) Seems to work better with my darker humbucker guitars for crunch than the single coils...makes sense I suppose with the higher output...anyone looking for quick and cheap way to change up their tone, try swapping V1 tube... Warning, this tweaking is addictive! lol...Must spend more time playing than messin'...πŸ˜ƒ Oh and the 12Ax7 Tung Sol I took out of the BJ I put in V2 of the Origin...tried V1 but liked the stock Marshall branded (I think it's JJ) for some reason as the Tung Sol seemed even brighter....
  6. Elixir or coated Gibson 80/20 here. They need 2 days but then I love the tone.
  7. I'm interested to know the exact date that Gibson ES guitars stopped being manufactured in Nashville prior to the move to Memphis. I believe it was some time in 2000, but does anyone know the exact date? (and/or if there was any change in serial numbering such that you could tell if a guitar made that year was from Nashville or Memphis.) Thanks!
  8. I use these on my maple J100, too. My favorite.
  9. The block inlays started in 1971, along with other Norlin Era changes such as double-X bracing, so your mom bought a β€˜71 or β€˜72 model. Totally agree that a recent issue Hummingbird would be a great way to go. Hope you happily end up with a new one!
  10. Hello. This is my first post. I recently installed new tuners on my explorer and hater them, so I put the old grovers on. The only problem is that I had to drill holes, and so I plugged up the holes with toothpicks. They are barely visible because I put touch up furniture paste on them. But they are re still noticeable to me. This is my favorite guitar and I can’t forgive myself. Any recommendations on what to do? Is it possible to get the back of the headstock refinished?
  11. That's a beautiful Tele, rct, congratulations! I've been thinking about a Tele myself. Have fun!
  12. Anything is medically possible said my neurologist.
  13. Hear Eddie Van Halen get cosmic on a newly unearthed cover of Jimi Hendrix’s If 6 Was 9... (not video just audio link from Guitar World) https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1162303189%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-EragyP5hRKz&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true
  14. If I were me, I'd leave the current strings on for another 4 weeks and see what they sound like once they hit their stride. And your ears adjust to voice of the newbie. The sound of new strings deteriorates quickly and, I think more noticeably for me - on my maple SJ-200. That is not the guitar I grab if I want a shiny, bright silver bell ringing sound. Having said that - Martin Retros here.
  15. Bert - I'd jump on getting a new H'Bird. Best way to get over 'the one that got away'. You need to forgive and forget. You'll find it opens up your mind to really enjoy playing that new one.
  16. I just heard back from a friend of mine who got it last April, it screwed his joints up really badly. Here's his response: Thanks for the heads up. I've been hearing of a few other people I know getting it a second time
  17. Wow, I had to look it up. So far there has been 4 documented cases in the US of people getting the COVID 19 virus twice. No wonder after getting it once & surviving, so many don't wear masks? They can still be carriers of it though.
  18. Thanks Tom! Tom's collection of stuff brings to mind another 'problem' big Lotto winners must have: what to do with all the current stuff you have and probably don't want....do want...don't want... Give it away, sell it, set a match to it all? A lot of work you won't have much time for while you are counting your beans!!!πŸ˜„ You know, you have the opportunity to 'let go' - myself, it could be 2 or 3 beautiful guitars and a laptop, perhaps? Modernism gone wild. 50 style all window low slung house on the sandhill on the beach with the music room overlooking the sand and one guitar and Mac....😁😁😁 BluesKing777.
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    Love both RC, The guitar, happy playing as I'm sure you will and that M1 Garand to order punk kids to "Get Off My Lawn." Funny though? For some reason, None have ever dared to step on our lawn? Lol.
  20. Welcome aboard GDOG from a fellow Austin area resident. Nice collection of Gibsons. Enjoy your stay.
  21. I’m Eighteen - Alice Cooper
  22. Mine would look a WHOLE LOT like this right here. 😐
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