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  2. So you're the cool one for trying to shame me? Three strikes and you're out. First you're a hypocrite. Second I was not shaming anyone, because third, my comment was about him "knowing" the smell was from the case and not the guitar.
  3. Some interesting atmospheric images from a Battle of Britain recreation at the Duxford airshow: https://home.bt.com/news/in-pictures/in-pictures-battle-of-britain-atmosphere-recreated-at-duxford-air-show-11364396774768
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  5. Yeah none too shabby Doug ! Bit closer to the mic with the vocals would've helped perhaps, good stage patter though you're a natural show off ! Hope you're going to do more Who was it said , with a 12 string guitar you spend half your life tuning it and the other half playing out of tune But it was nowhere near as bad as you think it was
  6. Thanks. My camera is a Nikon D40 I've had for years. I think, if I remember correctly, that the picture of the R8 leaning on the Super Reverb and the last pic. of the Special, is taken with my iPhone.
  7. Nothing is perfect. The very nature and geometry of a guitar dictates that it's slightly out of tune with itself when fretted. Perfection is subjective and is also dictated by the arc of appreciation during the ownership period. Vis: infatuation>honeymoon period>becoming accustomed>becoming overfamiliar>awareness of other potential options Any guitar that survives this and is still in the collection afterwards is as close to perfect as it gets. I have a few that have been with me for some years now and won't be going anywhere (my Custom Shop Hummingbird 12, SJ200, Maple AJ, '67 J45), and I strongly suspect my '95 Dove and '97 D18GE prototype will stay too. I've cycled through a good many guitars over the years and have gradually distilled my collection to things I truly love and appreciate, and that inspire me as a writer.
  8. Hello, Gibson Army 😎🤘 Being a great fan and a distant student of Angus Young, I started with SG. Made my own band, 600V~66A ... But later I understood, Firebird guitar hasn't still been worked out, performed and wide opened by any of famous guitarists who used it on the stage, so... I'm gonna be that one whose name will be associated with Gibson Firebird ☝😅 Sounds ambitiously, doesn't it? But I don't care about. Just wanna do it! Because I really love this perfect Guitar!💪💪 It provokes me to compose and play the hardest Rock Ever😎🤘
  9. Fantastic performance Doug! However, what was the sound engineer smoking? There's nothing wrong that a decent mix and some EQ wouldn't fix, and solo guitar and vocal is pretty much the easiest thing on the planet to mix...your performance was stellar but could have been made so much easier on you by a decent/non deaf sound engineer!
  10. I do! Usually the K&K Pure with my '67 J45 but my Boss AD10 does a great job with the 12.
  11. I love my 37 Gibson L-0 to play, but I don't want to alter it to install a pickup... I love my 59 LG3 to play even with the skinnier neck, but I don't like the installed pickup so use other gadgets to enhance the pickup... I love my Maton 808s (X3) with the sensational pickup system, but they have a skinny neck too! I love my custom made Cargill guitar with perfect sound, playability and neck (I picked it all), but the K&K I installed is flat sounding and needs gadgets. Etc, etc, etc. I could install the Maton AP5-Pro pickup system in any of these guitars, but major horrible surgery is required (large rectangle cut out behind bridge and another rectangle cutout on upper bout...) Nope, just have to pick the best guitar in my rack for the job - Gary Davis said "If you think you got it perfect, you made your first mistake!" BluesKing777.
  12. I won't.... back.... down.... I will stand..... my... ground.....
  13. I like the small body L00 I like the L5 neck (it’s a special ‘D’ shape) I had a custom L00, no fret markers with an L5 shaped neck made. For me, it’s pretty darn close. If it had the Gibson sunburst, I think it would be there.
  14. Let's all go ahead and up-vote him to push him over 1000. Why? - just because we can!
  15. Neither I believe in the concept perfect. Hardly ever use the word. So no perfect guitar as well With that said we can draw 5 to 10 percent off and immediately change the game. For yes, , there are 90s or even 95ers out there to pick up. They are perfectos ! Still as Tpbiii insinuates no instrument will do it all. The art is to find out exactly what is wanted and why. After that we can begin to zoom in. Now our wish-lists may be long, but minus the 5-10 % it's possible to get the sublime answer to our points. Sometimes it will appear in steps. Suddenly - perhaps after 3-8-20 years - it becomes clear we are in the territory of the great P. From there the chances of moving closer only increases. Example : A person has been playing for quite some time - say half a decade - and tried a broad array of models. One day a Gibson slope comes within reach. An instant and obvious AHA-experience occurs. Now she/he has landed on the island - next step is to find and dig up the treasure. So there the lifted spirit goes > Historic Collection, Modern Classic, Standard, Legend, True Vintage, actual real vintage ones, 60s-50s-40s, , , maple creatures too, both old and new. Eventually the person of course steers to these pages and decides to ask us all for guidance. And naturally we reply by re-posting the late onewilyfools's marathon-list. A gesture which will set the good newbie both blessed and flabbergasted. J-45 1. Gibson J-45 Classic 2. Gibson J-45 Modern 3. Gibson J-45 Custom 4. Gibson J-45 True Vintage 5. Gibson J-45 Pro 6. Gibson J-45 Artist 7. Gibson J-45 New Vintage 8. Gibson J-45 American 9. Gibson J-45 Legend 10. Gibson J-45 Studio 11. Gibson J-45 Pre-war 12. Gibson J-45 Deluxe 13. Gibson J-45 Limited 14. Gibson J-45 Standard 15. Gibson J-45 Studio reissue 16. Gibson J-45 Custom Koa 17. Gibson J-45 Custom Maple 18. Gibson J-45 Custom Rosewood 19. Gibson J-45 Long scale 20. Gibson J-45 Antique Natural 21. Gibson J-45 LTD 1960'S Ebony Black 22. Gibson J-45 LTD 1968 Cherry Red Finish 23. Gibson J-45 Wine Red 24. Gibson J-45 Vintage Sunburst 25. Gibson J-45 Cobraburst 26. Gibson J-45 Amberburst 27. Gibson J-45 Red Spruce Sunsetburst 28. Gibson J-45 Historic Collection 29. Gibson J-45 Brad Paisley Signature 30. Gibson J-45 John Hiatt Signature 31. Gibson J-45 Celebrity 32. Gibson J-45 Reissue 33. Gibson J-45 Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce 34. Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Rosewood 35. Gibson J-45 Reissue Historic 36. Gibson J-45 V.O.S. 37. Gibson J-45 Pure Voice 38. Gibson J-45 Koa Maui Wowie 39. Gibson J-45 Standard CST Madagascar Rosewood 40. Gibson J-45 Western 41. Gibson J-45 Modern Classic 42. Gibson J-45 Gold top 43. Gibson J-45 Brazilian 44. Gibson J-45 Flamed Maple LTD 45. Gibson J-45 Mystic Rosewood 46. Gibson J-45 Kazuyoshi Saito Signature 47. Gibson J-45 Banner WWII 48. Gibson J-45 Donovan 49. Gibson J-45 Northern 50. Gibson J-45 Pelham Blue 51. Gibson J-45 Brown Top 52. Gibson J-45 Ltd. White 53. Gibson J-45 Zebra Wood 54. Gibson J-45 Early 55. Gibson J-45 Buddy Holly 56. Gibson J-45 Mellow Yellow And this don't even mention the J-50, , , eeeeh plus. . . But there we are. Following approximately 20 odd trips around the sun, the 95er is a reality. By that time we can only hope there are some 5-10-15 years left before ears and hands start to decay. Not to mention the intact awareness of why the journey started in the first place. "Passion !?!, , , what passion", is a scene that must be avoided. If all remains OK, the enjoyment will be immense. It really will - as if every side-road and experiment was more than worth it. A fest - a nest - rest. Ask one who got through. And then, , , , then the person finds out about Birds. . .
  16. I have pics. Check your inbox! 😁
  17. Please forgive the mistakes and the horrible tuning when I capo up and drop D. I was too nervous to even attempt to tune on stage! Next time I'll be using either my Gibson SJ200 or my Martin 00028vs but neither of them have pickups. 🙄
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  19. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Undergound
  20. Ok thank you I think I will return and request a new one. I bought online which is I asked here.
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