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  2. Ok, thanks. Deb felt bad from both but the 2nd was worst she claimed. I had no reactions from either, It was like getting the flu shot for me. Now the pneumonia shot they give you later in life is pretty sore for me. I get very sore at the shot sight for about 3 days. Yeah, you should have no problems flying.
  3. Still no clue. So I asked Debbie and she said: "No Clue." Haha, that felt good as it wasn't just me. Then after 5 minutes she remembered and said; Chicago at the Stir Cove in Council Bluffs. That was a few years back.
  4. Cheers and yeah thats what I thought about the top too... Its almost a shame to use it as a guitar top.. Could oil it, frame it and sell it as natural art 🙂 And yes.. Getting things flat and straight without all those big tools is really hard work in a garage with a router and jigsaw... This makes so much more sense.. I can enjoy it much more and theres always nice people around to talk too.. AND cos there are makers of all sorts there all of the off cuts get use by people there to make tables, plates, keyrings whatever.. Its cool, we waste the minimum possible when it comes to wood
  5. Yes that top is WICKED!
  6. Wow....congrats on getting all that done. The bookmatch looks like a computer game demon!
  7. And there we are.. First day back at it even if it was a short day (and I was talking to loads of people I hadnt seen in a while).. But this work would have probably taken me more like two days had I done it with hand tools.. Theres also a neck there for another build I started a while ago which is going to be for me and be an all Black Walnut DC.. I am booked in again this Friday. So more soon
  8. Now for the neck (which I have an ebony board for). Draw my lines and over to the bandsaw it is.. This used to take me so long to do with a jigsaw and it was never accurate.. Doing it this way it took minutes. Then time was running short (was only there three and a half hours) so I very roughly cut out the body shape.
  9. Then the fun part.. Bookmatching the spalted top wood. Cut to size Getting the edge flat and square here is very important as it must sit flat on the bandsaw Before After Then to the bandsaw (the wood had already been flattened).. First draw a line down the middle, then make the first cut pull it back and make sure its straight.. Then slowly slowly push it through the bandsaw making sure its flat by putting pressure on the top... If you go too fast it WILL 100% go wonky and kill the piece.. Then got it down to 5mm... AND success
  10. So yes.. My first day back in the workshop, this time doing my own thing and it was cool seeing everyone again.. So... Body wood. Chop it in half. Cut the live edge off. Joint the sides and thickness from 55 to 40mm.. And glue..
  11. Yup.. Its finally here... Some of you on here know my story, some probably dont.. Basically after being on this forum for about a year and at the same time being unemployed during a recession for about a year, I decided to build my own guitar. Mostly as I was so bored and going out of my mind that I needed something to do. So I decided to do it publicly on this forum and posted as I learned how to make a guitar which my very first one the wood was taken from an old toilet door my parents had... All my mistakes were posted too. Well that thread went on for a while.. Sadly I u
  12. lol,,,hes one in a million trillion billion and whatever goes beyond those
  13. Today
  14. Sgt.Pepper Just seen they have quartersawn adirondack sprucing but i doubt that does a lot of difference but they have a special dignity with the parallellogram. Dots are cool too but the inlays on the figured ones are less. Yeah. Both King a Nelsson are heroes!
  15. I had an Sg standard that came in that case. The quality of the Sg was not so good. Case was really nice!!. had a couple Sg standards since. Not great quality. then I got a ‘61 reissue…very nice!!
  16. Looks very nice Steve. I was very tempted to go for a Yamaha SA 2200. They have more or less the same specs as a 335, gold hardware and a headstock that isnt a disaster´for a copy and cost a lot less but the polyurethane coating ended that and i decided to go for another Gibson.
  17. lol,,"The one that shut the kitchen door"
  18. Or we might see it show up on Gibson's Reverb Shop.
  19. He has two stalking me, and being the Great White North's Social Justice Warrior. Cooo, loo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo! Beauty, eh? Yeah, I like that.
  20. Which only goes to prove A mountain is something You don't want to fuk with
  21. If I even see one on my porch,,or in the house I go to hardware/big depot bx store and get the carpenter ant powder you sprinikle around the foundation of house or garage and it works! They ingest it,,take it back to the nest,,and its over from that point. I did it a few years ago,,and havent seen one since.
  22. He was awsome My fav was "Billy+ the mountian" Eythel was a tree growing out of his shoulder
  23. That is nice ,,although Id like to see an SG w/a floyd
  24. Cant decide if I want to release this to the stores yet,,have to mix a few times and see what it does,,featuring Mr Cori Hibbard on drums. Just adding some lead stuff to it.
  25. Stu Mac has fret tools to order online to do a fret level,,kindof like straightedge type tool to keep track of your progress all along the entire fretboard as you file/dress the frets
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