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  2. So Far I have read only Good things about these Epi's - Congrats - Hope you get the problems Ironed out.
  3. I'm confident in my playing with respect to being an open mic hero, but not confident in my singing - so at the ripe old age of over the hill, i'm starting lessons tomorrow. Coolest thing about it is the guy i'm taking lessons from has the exact same name as me. Seriously though, hoping a few pointers to help make sure i'm on the right track will get me started, then next step will be looking to hook up with another person or two to play.
  4. That was great! Thanks for posting that jdgm!
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  6. Played my 56 LP St yesterday, its more difficult to play than my other guitars with its fat neck, but its very precise, just have to work harder for some of the high notes..
  7. Thanks for the feedback, folks!
  8. Nice! Signature model by label and truss rod cover only is a nice feature. Most artist like to add something to the looks.
  9. Please excuse me but T-Bone isn't playing guitar on this track. A gentleman called Frank Pasley is playing some fine steel guitar. Here is T-Bone really laying down the blues in his signature style on "Mean Old World" - Fun fact: T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian knew each other. Both took guitar lessons from the same teacher at one point - a guy called Chuck Richardson in Oklahoma City. Christian's solo on "Swing To Bop" (it's actually a tune called 'Topsy', partly written by Eddie Durham) is IMO at least 5 of the original 10 commandments of electric jazz gui
  10. Well you're right- it ain't a volute, but I meant the V of the headstock below the sticker....many Gibsons do have that but it looks much more exaggerated than (for instance) one of mine which has it. Also noticed it says Historic TM. But the pic of the elongated Chibson-style headstock is a red flag IMO. Surely no way would Gibson use that. Perhaps VillainChris is villainously testing us?
  11. Hello to all. Just a thought about the static and popping problem. I had the exact same symptoms on my 2016 LP Classic. Very bummed out! However, after trying the waxing & humdifying tricks, to no avail. Didn't feel like trying the dryer sheets. Soooo, as a last resort I figured it couldn't hurt to try cleaning the pots. I sprayed CRC electronic contact cleaner inside each with the red tube, kept spinning the knobs & guess what? Hey, presto, static sounding problem gone! The next day there was a bit of it back, so I did it again. She sounds great now. I'm going to get a can
  12. Lol go get an illegal out of your backyard. Literally deflecting the sad COVID stats here with Cuba’s neonatal death rate... yup no middle ground between us.
  13. I had a 58 like this in the 80's that was a basket case, rebuilt and refinished in black and added humbuckings. It had a killer neck, although the neck pickup cutout had weakened it, I had to put small expansion bolts under the pickup to strengthen the neck. It is still out there with friend of mine, still playing it. There was a guy in California building a version the Coronet and maybe the Wilshire and Crestwood, Gibson found him when he applied for Copyright.
  14. I invested in a pro setup, took the pickup out and replaced with a K&k. Congrats on your guitar! I am very happy with mine. I will likely sell my 00-15M, because I love the sound of this much more.
  15. And some pics. The lighting does little justice on the Dove's back and sides, but it is bright red no matter what the lighting is. I prefer the red of the Mahogany much better than the Maple. I do like the both, of course. 🙂 Some more on the Dove after a few days. This is a good tone fit for my collection. I can hear that Gibson square shoulder DNA in it. It's got the torrefied energy I got with the SJ-200 RW last year. Just lots of nice similarities to the others, but different enough to not be totally redundant. The Gibson motorized mid-range thing is strong, but at a lower frequency t
  16. The ADJ saddle bridge was introduced as an option on the J45/50 in 1956. It became standard on pretty much all models in 1961 although Gibson still shipped several hundred of the models with fixed pin bridges that year. The thing about Gibson is it is not like they changed specs at the stroke of midnight on January 1. Gibson was a pragmatic and conservative company and there is always going to be a transition period where if nothing else they were going through leftover stock or parts on hand.
  17. Thanks, Zombie and Nick. It's all purely aesthetics. I'd take a teardrop over the long pickguard the same way I'd take a D-18 or 28 over a gaudy D-45. Along about 1954 when the longer pickguard was introduced didn't they also start using the adjustable saddle? I don't find those aesthetically appealing either. Don't even get me started on the late 60s when the shoulders got started getting square! lol
  18. I picked one up at Guitar Center yesterday. Been keeping an eye out for one in town since they were announced and this was the first "Inspired by" Hummingbird I could get my hands on. I've played plenty of Hummingbirds and the new Sheryl Crow CW Supreme in the past and knew I wanted to add one to my herd (have a Gibson J200 and J45 Vintage) but it's been cost prohibitive. Sal's review and song postings did me in. First impressions are it's well built with nice fit, finish and playability. I dig the aged gloss finish. My only nitpicks at this point are there are several rough spots on the
  19. ...walks like a duck.... with the current trend being that of division based on ones own personal beliefs... it's probably for the best.. most come here to get away from it.
  20. I've had one for almost a year. It has almost completely replaced my Gibson J-45 unless I'm in a mood. It's based on a 1962-1963 Texan, but without the adjustable saddle or plastic bridge. You can look at it as an expensive Epiphone and be disappointed in the price, or as an average-priced Gibson with different branding. I wouldn't say that Gibson is "competing with itself." The market for these isn't to get people buying $500 Epiphones to suddenly spend $2700; it's to provide people buying $2700 Gibsons an opportunity to buy an Epiphone that is to the same standard as their Gibsons.
  21. Very good, I was barely alive when those came out. The lead guitarist in my first band used a Duo Sonic, so we weren't that level yet. The Tele has alway been my favorite Fender design, I like them with P90's.
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