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  2. Just make '59 bursts replicas. Its all people want, except for Steve who whats Firebirds.
  3. Epiphone seem to have a far more interesting stand than Gibson.. But then Gibson said, no more yearly updates, so not too much else to show I guess?
  4. As it pertains to this reissue of a 1959 guitar, yes, it's accurate to have no number stamped on the back of the headstock. However, the above statement is a bit misleading (wrong, I would argue). I think most people would agree that Gibson's golden years included the 1960's (or at least the first half of the 60's, depending on who you ask), and serial number stamping on the back of the head (on all models) was done starting in 1961.
  5. I'm located in San Diego. It costs $600 to send to Gibson in Nashville. That's the only thing I'm considering. But what are those Gibson Les Paul Classic frets? Yes, I should take him to the small court, but that won't bring the frets/nibs back, unfortunately. That hurts. Thank you! Best regards, Marc Allen
  6. Not surprised. I prefer my Elixir 80/20 nanoweb lights (.12-.53) strings on every guitar I have owned in a lifetime, some 40 guitars, for that clear unmuttled, crisp sound, particularly when they are worn in. Did plenty of experiments with PB's, and many brands, but still always return to 80/20's no matter the brand of string.
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the Gibson world but not musical instruments (been playing for a few years now). I was selling something locally recently until I was approached with a trade. The item I was selling was valued around $1300.00. The gentleman approached me with a Gibson Les Paul 2015 Classic model in green? I was hoping some of you could verify and confirm it was authentic? I have no interest in keeping the Gibson as I need the cash at the moment. So I'm just hoping it's real and I can get what I'd have into it at least. I couldn't post photos on the post but I will work on that.
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  9. There's a guy on here named Rabs who builds guitars would probably help you.. Knows quite a lot about guitars.
  10. 1939 J55. Put a fork in me, I am DONE. I almost cried with joy when I saw they had reissued that guitar...I have dreamed of owning one for many, many years but could never afford an old one. I HAVE to find a way to get my mitts on one!
  11. I also have a 2012 SG Standard I am the ordinal owner This would have a baked maple fret board, (not rosewood) 490r and 498t is the pickup combo. Maple is like ebony, a very hard wood. IMHO there's a bit more top end just with that.
  12. I love 80/20s. It's worth remembering that Phosphor Bronze strings were invented in 1974, and most of the guitars we play were designed a long time before that...in effect, the SJ200 was designed for use with round core 80/20s. I have round core Newtones on mine at present and it sounds fantastic, different to hex core EXPs as I normally use but once the ears recalibrate, it's a gorgeous tone.
  13. I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbit
  14. Hi, I was trying to identify and date my Sheraton, but the sound hole and headstock only have this information. I removed one of the potentiometers, but it only reads A500. No serial number. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  15. Depends on what you want, what you like, how much you can spend. Mine came with 490's. People love em and people hate em. I loved em. I owned a Gibby BB King Lucille and that is not one. Sorry to bust your bubble. It would have a gloss finish, block inlays, 2 jacks for going stereo (really dual mono outs) to 2 amps that are placed where a LP's jacks are and not on the top like a traditional 335 or SG, a TP-6 tail peice, gold hardware, and a Varitone Switch. The only thing similar between that and a Lucille is no F holes. Here is what mine looked like.
  16. With well over 200 views, this is another thread that would've made for a good poll question. OP deanc- already with an oldie, the '68 J-50, . . . is there a particular reason you are focused on wanting the '68 over the 2007? If you've been watching the forum for Dove content, maybe you'd seen the video that Juan Carlos put up. . . really captures a sweet ngd; There are many reasons people seek out old guitars. . . sometimes it's not just about the sound- personally, even though a vintage guitar might be more valuable, it's actually lower stress because the wood and the finish is already fairly stabilized, and with the wear it's collected, it's days of it's first dings, dents, and scratches are several decades passed. Some have romanticized the idea of an old guitar, some buy old merely for some status-seeking reasons, some because of the generalization that vintage is thought to sound better. Good luck with your decision, my vote would be for the 2007- you won't have to wonder if it's a '68, or a '69.
  17. Congrats on the Studio. Very nice.
  18. https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Round-Shoulder Under J Series First one top left. Scroll down a bit till you get to J Series.
  19. Holy crap! That was painful. I could only take about a minute.
  20. Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On - Mel McDaniel
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  22. The Historics are crying out for for a Stage 3 relic job from Pre War Guitar Co.... I am a little confused by the specs on the Gibson site..........I naturally gravitated to the 42 Banner J45, the LG2 Banner and then the 50s J45, but the specs say the Banner 42 J45 has the 1.72 nut. Neck Nut Material Bone Nut Width 1.72" / 43.81mm Then the LG2 Banner has 1.69: Nut Material Bone Nut Width 1.69" / 43mm And then I was keen on the 50s J45 but that has the same neck/nut specs: Nut Material Bone Nut Width 1.72" / 43.81mm BluesKing777.
  23. Hmm - My Gibson set was from 2014 & they were light Masterbuilt Premium 80-20s, gauges 12-53. Things have clearly changed!
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