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  2. The Gibson he is playing there is probably a B-25, and someone(Neil?) conflated B-25 and J-45. There's plenty of folks who think every Gibson is a J-45, and every Martin is D-28.
  3. folks - just wondering if anyone's aware of a platform that would enable jamming with another person virtually. I can understand how all the inputs / outputs go, get a mixer in the middle etc... but not sure it could be done real time - or if there'd always be lag because it over a remote connection making it impossible to do? just wondering, looking for input on products available, or just general discussion on how might go about doing it.
  4. My 2000 american standard strat... had a fret buzz issue i just couldn't resolve / get resolved (but now i believe it might be the people I was working with to resolve it). sold it out of exasperation. I miss it. but i've been bonding with my SG as a result.
  5. I have the Sg Original From 2013. It was a two years run. Heritage Cherry 2013 and Dark Cherry 2014 So the difference Between the models ABR1 Bridge - Nashville Bridge on 2013 500k Pots and orange capacitors- 300k pots on 2013 61t and 61r Humbucker- 57 classic on 2013 Speck on new say slim taper, on the Sg Original speck say Slim 60's. But mine is more rounded. Had the old 61 reissue, that was slim taper. Maybe the new one are like that? Contours and bevels Looks identical, except the headstock on the 2013 a bigger mustache. The new more vintage Correct. But the 2013 looks cool Mine is 1 piece body, think the new ones are that also A pick of mine
  6. I got it done. So, get off my case.
  7. Bingo. We'll ALL pay for this, for years.
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  9. Dater project says, either Feb 5, 2011 #582 or 2014 #11088 But very little info
  10. The very first electric guitar I ever bought (when I was in a garage band, back in high school) was a used 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. A gold-top. Had to have it after I sawr Jeff Lynne playing one on the television. Sold it stupidly when I joined the Army and left home to go off to Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. I am happy to report that the fellow I sold it to still owns it and plays it to this day. So I got that going for me. 😞
  11. Nor me. I have sold only a few. Though two I kept and used for 45 & 25 years. Even so, no backward glances. No regrets.
  12. Yes. Two of them now. Also two Gibsons among a bunch acquired in 2015. Crazy year.
  13. Ciao direi che il pickup burst bucker bb3 non è suo... Per il cablaggio è un po' confuso... Ma tant'è si può risolvere...
  14. The adjustable saddle models typically produce a sound with slightly metallic overtones, and some folks happen to like that tone a lot (me included). One problem with assessing these, imho, is that you have to have played a good example to experience their best characteristics. If the guitar was somewhat of a dud to begin with, most likely the adjustable saddle unfairly got a lot of the blame. I've owned a number of guitars with these bridges & currently own two (one rosewood & one plastic). They sound great to my ears. Additionally, the obvious advantage of this bridge is that it allows you to quickly dial in a preferred action setting.
  15. Hello, beginner here I found a 1997 Epiphone sg (Japan) in a national sales website for 220 dollars without hardcase. I like general look of Sg's especially small pickguards. I currently have a rip off 120 dollar strat(Suzuki). I've been playing for 8 months, I can play around 100 songs and 20 solos. I like Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy metal but I dont like modern metal. Should i buy it ? It only has minor scratches and a switch change.
  16. Does anyone know where were the Beatle's Epiphone Casinos made?
  17. Not sure this counts, but ... I should have bought a 1979 Les Paul KM while it was still brand new and in my hands. Fabulous guitar. And ... I never should have sold my 1989 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II (just like this one except this one pictured has some ungodly modification to the - otherwise - beautiful stock rims):
  18. None Every guitar I have sold I am glad I sold. And that is maybe 4 guitars, and a bass and a banjo.
  19. Just do the right thing and get it fixed.
  20. When I put the Martin Retro's on my Hummingbird it was like a match made in heaven. That was back in late December and there still on the Bird. I play everyday as long as I want to now I'm retired so the Retro"s have gotten a lot of work. I tried them on my HD28 but while they were ok other sets have sounded better. The D'Addirio N B I've tried a couple times on my HD28 to I thought they were a little brighter on the high end and the bass was really deep a good thump. I might give them a try on my new Eastman E8D.
  21. I can only think of 3 I'd really like back: Late 70s ES 335, wine red w/ coil tap switch and trapeze tail piece 74 SG Standard in red which was just astonishingly aggressive sounding through a Marshall stack 2005 Firebird VII in candy apple red which just exuded class. Anyone else?
  22. Has anyone used these? What are your thoughts? I’m thinking of using it for my 1965 J-45.
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