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  2. I was afraid of that. Either way, at the moment the tones are right up my alley, but maybe down the line I'll try different pins. I'm quite happy with it at the moment to be honest, just wanted to find out the definitive specs and model for future customization options. Reading fortyearspickn's explanation that tuning issues could be due to new strings and humidity makes a lot of sense, thank you so much for all your help e-minor7! Thanks so much fortyyearspickn! The transition from TV to Vintage would make sense since mine is a HB Vintage Limited Heritage Sunburst, though I'm not so sure what makes it "limited" the baked top (and darker color) was what led to a switch from a Standard to this model. As far as the tuners go I'll leave them for the time now though I'll never sell this baby what with sentimental value and such a beautiful tone to boot. The aged top HB was the first type of 'bird I heard when searching for different Gibson guitars during my initial search, a guy in Singapore made a comparison between the TV and MC (video below). You're most likely on to something with the tuners. The strings were changed by a tech at GC and the following day it went for a setup so likely the strings just need to break in (they're elixir nanoweb 80/20s in 12s), though the process could be slowed down by the two different string cleaners I'm using before and after use maybe? As far as humidity goes I'm using a humidifier with a humidistat - which may not be the most accurate since the levels it reads tends to fluctuate rather wildly from 27%-60% though it's set to maintain the room at 55% though there's a set of humidpaks in the case where I store it when not playing. To be fair though I'm in New York in a pre-war building so there's radiator heating and it has gotten colder the last few days so that could very well be the culprit. Well the tusq sounds fine to my ear at the moment, but I'll explore some different ones when I'm better at playing. Thanks for the detailed explanation j45nick! Looks like another vote for humidity and/or strings. I'll wait a few more days to see if the strings open and if still having issues will contact the luthier, thankfully it comes with a 30 day warranty. I explained my humidity situation to fortyearspickn and will wait a few more days to see how things progress on that front. Seems like Gibson is a bit of an enigma when it comes to informing the public on models and specific changes from year to year, Tony Polecastro was apparently spot on when he mentioned Gibson doesn't keep very good records lol. Thanks for clarifying gear ratios, I definitely thought higher ratios would also ensure a longer lasting tuning, hopefully the frequent tunings will slow as the strings break in so it won't be an issue for much longer. I'm actually nervous about drilling into the body even though the luthier that setup my guitar recommended a Fishman which he installed in another HB Vintage the week prior...I'll mull it over for a bit longer before going that route, In the meantime I was interested to see if there were any preferred models of soundhole pickups for the Hummingbird. For the moment, tusq bridge pins are quite alright with me since the tone sounds great as is, though as with an installed PU I'll wait a bit longer before making a decision...probably until I take it in for another visit to the luthier next year spring/summer. Thanks for the welcome Kelly! Yeah, the people here really know their stuff, I lurked on the site for a few weeks while researching before finally registering. It's funny because I recognize a few people from posts they've made months/years ago since they were very helpful. Seems like there are quite a few HB owners past and present around here, but how anyone resist such a gorgeous guitar with honey glazed sounds is beyond me haha.
  3. The last time I saw them was about 20 years ago playing out of a portable stage trailer on the street at a festival in Tempe Az close to ASU. I was able to watch them from stage left just a few feet away, anyway I have always enjoyed them..
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  5. No need to inquire about it . I just got 2.
  6. I got hold of some medium gauge coated Gibson strings. I think they sound great. Thanks.
  7. I saw them on the Paradise Theater Tour. I saw Tommy Shaw open for Rush once. Here is me with some dude from Styx. I'm the good looking one.
  8. Hi Will and welcome For the real deal you need to - Upload photos to an image-sharing site (e.g. Imgur, Postimage which is free) and then you get a link to copy and paste into your posts. That is what we all do. Then, write a post about your Hummingbird with pics in the Acoustic section of the Gibson forum, which is where all the experts are. You should get an informed reply. Best wishes!
  9. Up for sale - notice the jack socket. https://www.retrofret.com/product.asp?ProductID=9522 I think they may take an offer.....
  10. my wife and I went to see these guys several times, it was always a great show. and.. Tommy Shaw can still bring it..
  11. Got a 2020 V sent to me the other day. Immediately noticed that the neck was chunkier than any of the previous V's I've ever had. While it looked real nice, I just couldn't get passed the chunky neck. Maybe that one was defective, but I doubt it.
  12. Found this on Youtube and I thought I'd share it. Sadly Styx didn't have very much success here in the U.K, I think they deserved more.
  13. Hi All - I'm looking for a clean 2018 Metallic Top Es-335 in Rose. Let me know if you have one you'd be willing to sell or trade?
  14. Karloff


    yea I noticed that after the fact. glad I had pants on, lol
  15. Karloff


    thanks. I've come to really like it a lot. I think its a pretty versatile amp. I'm not a heavy gain guy so I keep it on the Classic gain setting and even then dial it back to maybe 10 oclock.
  16. I see. well.. They have a habit doing this it seems.... In 57 I wasn't even roaming the earth, well till that April anyway..
  17. Hello, My name is Will. I have owned acoustic guitars over the years but recently I decided to do more playing for the Grandkids. I joined this site because I need some help from someone to truly identify a recent guitar purchase. I think I bought my first Gibson. It was sold to me as a 1973 Hummingbird and has some of the looks of that year guitar. The guitar has no soundhole label just a serial number and Made In USA on the back of the neck. It is not in good condition but plays and sounds good. I have a few pictures I can upload if someone is willing to help. Reply here and I will upload some of them. The picture are too large to upload here Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Will in Florida
  18. Could be worse. In 57, aged 8, i spent 6 months in hospital recovering from TB. 6 months, never leaving the hospital ward, so it aint that bad. I have family, but my ex-wife turned them against me, making me the "bad guy". C'est la vie.
  19. no worries Steve.. It's all about good discourse new members spark that. I didn't take your posts for any more than what the spirit of intent was. This forum can get a bit quiet at times, so it's nice when some new blood comes in and things get rolling with fresh threads It's as bad over in UK as it is here in the US in regard to what this has done to the music scene. It was about on it's last legs before,, now this... it's gutted what was left. Thankfully I have a good day gig, but a lot of guys I grew up with are having a rough go as they depended on what $ they could make doing this Does suck that you are feeling this isolation, that would drive me nuts. I have plenty of family around me, and able to get out and about with out a lot of difficulty I work from home anyway, so that really didn't change with this situation hang in there! this can't go on forever.
  20. Hey, thanks for the response. I was not having a pop at you, Iunderstood what you were saying. It was just an excuse to communicate with someone. My band members are scattered around, London, Nottingham etc, I'm in Wakefield, and not spoken to or seen anyone for months. I live alone, so getting a touch stir crazy. good to chat. Be excellent to each other and party on dude
  21. I could swear I've seen that headstock shape somewhere before. Just can't put my finger on it. 🧐
  22. yea, that's correct. the research wasn't a message was directed to the person who asked about the choice between buckers and a p90, This guy: ddsax422 I'm 63, still play every day, and had a good run gigging over those years. Totally sucks with the band situation, and how this has been literally slaughtered by Covid, but, for me and my band mates, we're all holding, getting thru this last surge, and to looking to better days ahead. Rock on!!!!!!
  23. My wife and I are going to the mountains this weekend so I won’t be posting any updates on this project until next weekend unfortunately. I’ll post finish samples as soon as I’ve made some
  24. Some good advice here these people know their shite. Welcome to the forum and Hummingbird owner club..they are great guitars. Beautiful guitar you have there .
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