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  2. the craziest part for me at over 65 is - both my parents died young and Ive allways known something could get me tommorow or next week, my running joke to myself recently has been " I wish this covid crap would end so I could go back to thinking about all the other crap waiting in the shadows , ( which Ive ignored for so long) - also I didnt intend to antagonize anyone, mr g included, by my comments. I very much hope we are ALL here to talk ( or argue even ) about the mind f that this stuff caused in the coming years be safe, be kind ,be calm ,is what BCs health officer says and
  3. In truth having owned several of the early Kalamazoo made Epiphones, the quality wasn't that good, they didn't spend a lot of time on fit and finish. In my opinion these 2020 Epiphones, since the re-org, have easily surpassed the quality level of the first Kalamazoo electrics. My 2020 59 style Wilshire is the best built of its family so far.
  4. As a newbie I was searching for a way to like posts and discovered this timely thread. Unfortunately, for me there is no "little blue heart" that appears anywhere on posts that have yet to receive a like. Posts that have received likes appear with a blue heart, but when I click to add a like to such a post nothing happens. Any advice to resolve this issue would be most appreciated!
  5. Yeah I have realized most radio broadcast recordings do not sound that good.
  6. Michmac - Same here - I have a '69 the slightly different shape as the red one you posted with batwing headstock made in Kalamazoo. Its a fine guitar and sold as an alternative to an SG. I suspect most people who are 'uncomfortable' with the headstock are just wishing it looked like the Gibson one so they could better pretend it was a Gibson - the old batwing isn't pretty to my eyes but then again anything other than a Les Paul or Strat headstock looks slightly odd to me for whatever reason. Ghost - yes. Back in the seventies could have kept using Orville or Kalamazoo for the cheap stuff
  7. And that's a shame. There used to be but the brand has been ruined and the original history erased.
  8. Have always had a soft spot forEpiphone since I got my first new one in 64, at that time there was also a new Gibson SG Special in the store that was less than double the price of mine. The price difference stayed pretty stable until Epiphone went off shore. It seemed the around 80's 90's Gibsons price seemed to start increasing exponentially. These new Epiphone ES's starting in 2020, replaced the awkward headstock that so many were uncomfortable with, using Epiphones earlier Kalamazoo style. The three 2020 versions that I recently bought were setup RTP (ready to play) right out of the b
  9. Great Stuff Sal - You are the man
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  11. This is where I'd wish we could get some definitive, straight talk from the experts direct to the people without the political and media interference to cloud the messaging. Cos my understanding is that: 1. Whether or not Mr G gets vaccinated will have no impact on whether he contracts or spreads Covid - it purely protects him (c90%) from the risk of personal death. He could have the shot and still get Covid and pass it on anyway. 2. MP's shot will protect him (again 90% from his personal death) against current strains of Covid for 6 months or so - so he will indeed have to go thro
  12. Indeed. I already have a heap ton of stickers on my HD-28V and 00-18 cases, but the one thing my V case needs is a few more latches. 18 is not enough.
  13. Um . . . that is the one thing people love about Gibson, paying to much.
  14. There is no 'they' for Epiphone. Its KKR, a private equity firm who owns the brand names Gibson and Epiphone (here in Australia they make biscuits/cookies) - if they didn't make these, KKR would be missing out on the large and assumingly lucrative Gibson knockoff market which is much bigger than the Epiphone model market - unless they branded these much cheaper guitars Gibson ...in which case they would maybe wipe out the competition in the knockoff market. Mostly Epiphone just means cheap Gibson to buyers nowadays is my guess?
  15. My Gibson Les Paul R9 helps me play the guitar parts with vocal tracks provided by a couple of mates. https://youtu.be/0hhgfcPpKTM
  16. Help! I have an unusual steel-bodied, unpainted, unplated DOBRO with serial # D1080110. I have never seen another like it. Would this be Nashville -built August 01, 2001, ranking # 1 or August, 2001, ranking # 11? Thanks, Kevin
  17. I think the profits from Epiphone are keeping Gibson afloat. Epiphone is re-introducing their earlier product line as well, like my Wilshire, which is also excellent.
  18. The sheet music I purchased is piano music with guitar chords shown. My musical knowledge is limited, so in answer to your question, I'm simply trying to play along using the chords. And yes, some of the chords are complicated. But that's what makes it challenging for a hacker like me. RBSinTo
  19. I guess I wouldn't mind as much if they would continually make the real Epiphone models available. They seem to roll out 1 or 2 at a time max. and mostly focus on selling LPs, SGs and ESs. Epiphone: Crestwood, Wilshire, Casino, Sheraton, Coronet, Broadway, Riviera, Emperor, Wildcat
  20. Epiphone was been making 335's for a long time, more in line with the Gibson Spec. If Epiphone stopped building them, someone else would, and they do. My modified 339 is excellent and I have no desire for a Gibson.
  21. Jim Hall Trio live in San Francisco 1986, a 2CD set. It's from a FM radio broadcast so has a lot of compression but still really good.
  22. I don't understand the need. Epiphone has their own unique models. Why cut back on Epiphone models and push these wanna be Gibson guitars?? Especially when there are so many other companies that already produce Gibson knockoffs. I didn't make it past the title of the video.
  23. No worries by me but there may have been more of a response to the thread in there thats all... But yeah... Even now typing back to you, cos we are discussing it I can hear it... I did do some silly things in my youth though.. One was when I went to see Motorhead and really wanted to get to the front.. The only place left was at the side, right in front of the bloody speakers.. I really didnt hear properly again for about three days after that... I also saw Type O Negative in a quite small venue. At the time I believe they were recorded as the worlds loudest band,, Frikken gre
  24. Oops. Sorry! Yeah, I sure noticed my tinnitus more just after I'd seen it.
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