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    Woo hoo!! Here's the replacement. And look at that neck joint! Nice!! Neck's straight. Sounds pretty good so far... Oh, wait, there's a speck of glue on that fret, lol.
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    You seem to be basing this on Les Paul's contribution to the electric guitar, but in reality, his contribution was simply one of many. Charlie Christian did more than anyone to initially bring the electric guitar to the forefront of the musical world (in terms of actually playing the instrument in a big band setting) in the late '30s and early '40s. At the time, Les Paul was a darn good guitar player who was trying to develop his own unique sound, and later built his "log" guitar on the Epiphone premisis, and then recorded with it. Paul Bigsby built a guitar for Merle Travis that looked like a solid-body LP with a Fender-ish headstock (but it actually had hollow wings). Leo Fender saw that (but said he didn't) & then built his first solid body. Gibson then jumped on the bandwagon & wanted Les Paul as an endorser, so they struck a deal, but Les actually contributed very little to the design of the Gibson LP. It's somewhat of a long & winding road, and while Les Paul played a significant part, he was just one of many who made important and lasting contributions during this period of major development. The Greatest Guitarist question is somewhat similar. There's a very long line of contributors to guitar playing that have made a lasting impact, and from which others have learned or been infuenced. I don't believe anyone's yet mentioned Chet Atkins (inspired by Merle Travis), Michael Bloomfield, Lightnin' Hopkins, and so many others. Trying to say one, or even a handful, is the "greatest" is rather pointless when you consider different playing styles, genres, and periods in history along the guitar continuum. But if I were indeed forced to name one person, the one guitarist whose contribution I value over all the others, and who I listen to today more than anyone else, it's the guy Les Paul spent years trying to emulate: Django Reinhardt.
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    Les Paul never seems to be on the lists and he was a great player. If people looked at his work they'd see that Bing Crosby hired him and for such a clean sound he was fast. Plus he probably gave more to modern music than anyone. If you have to ask, research him. He was no fool and constantly tried to improve equipment all his life, right up til the end. A guitarists guitarist. Notice that his P90's are different here in this clip.
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    It's Vladimir Putin messing with our upvote - downvote systems! He's trying to influence out leadership board!
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    I think your fretting (no pun intended) over the wood grain. To me, that's what makes wood like this amazing, how nature spins these cool shapes and patterns. The 50s Standard comes with a AA maple top which is not as fancy as the reissues and such. I just purchased the same guitar and I love it and I'm sure you will too.
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    I was in a band that hosted a local blues jam and when the Blues festival arrived in August, we would host a jam with people who were playing in the festival. Well, one year, Gatemouth Brown was in the show and he came down to the jam! Needless to say, we were all very excited! When Gatemouth was up, he played a couple of tunes with Deborah Coleman (a semi-famous blues artist) and after her, I got a chance to play. Deborah handed me her guitar and off we went on Stormy Monday. I guess I got a bit excited when it was my time to play a solo and I played some things that were a bit fast. When I finished my chorus, I looked over at Gatemouth and he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me...It scared me to death! If looks could kill, I'd have been dead three or four times! I guess he really hated my playing! I learned in that moment to take my time and try not to overplay even if it's what you want to do! As I relate this story to you, I can still feel the shame that I felt then and my arm hairs are standing on end! I don't think I ever felt worse when I was playing! That was about twenty or more years ago and it still stings! Whew! I've played a lot of blues since then with a lot of folks but, I never got a look like that (and I hope I never do!). P.S. I just this minute looked up Deborah on You Tube and found out that she passed in April of 2018. Rest in Peace and thanks for letting me use your guitar!
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    Les Paul through a Fender Twin Reverb. Nuf said.
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    Yup, it was fun and cool and I think I might have gotten a couple hundred bucks out of it. Just lucky though, no more. We all got guitar stuff here, no need to pal around with famous people to have any cred here. rct
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    That'll sure coax you to play. Heartiest congrats sir!
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    Yes, that was a good one!!!! Thank god you got it at Sweetwater, they will take care of you. I bet someone was thinking "F**k it, nobody is going to take the pickup off!"
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    Thank You. It isn't easy being you guys. We are lucky to have this place still, you guys have enough to do. rct
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    I agree. I've always considered them the "working man's amp".
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    I want a Delta Blues too. Back in the 1960's Peavey amps were the preferred amp among many. They still maintain a stellar reputation today.
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    My name is an anagram. Researching my grandfather's work at Gibson lead me to this forum where I found some fantastic posts and people, so I joined up.
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    I guess we razzed him so much that he took the sale down!!! Or Gibson filed a lawsuit for destruction of an American Icon!!
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    My story is pretty complicated. I'm from Missouri and I fingerpick guitar.
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    No, not normal - you definitely have a computer virus. The pop-ups are probably not from Gibson; what streaming service? I must warn forum members not to click on the links in the OP's post.
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    Still slogging miles - 4,660 miles and 100 hours of windshield time. made it thru Connecticut,Vermont, Lake Placid, Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Lower Michigan. Played along the way with campers, and a couple of houses. Now in Minnesota, gonna jam with a couple friends at one of their studios - expect little to no recording to be done, we always get lost in the music, with some concentration on trying to find our old harmonic groove with some CSN. Still have not finished any new songs, but have a couple cooking. Played an Open Mic in Duluth MN - they asked if my vested dog was a service dog, and I said "No, that's Powder" her name is right on the vest. got my three songs in with Powder laying quietly on my feet.
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    Ah nuts, I thought it would be to make you sound like the late great Gehrry Mooer.
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    Dude, at the end of the day, your only problem is a having a real BEAUTIFUL guitar! 😉
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    This is slightly interesting. If you go to the Gibson archive page you can find specs for some 335s and other Memphis guitars going back to 2015, I think yours is a 2014. Interestingly, most all indicate 500k +/-10-20% pots. But, the '63 and '64 models (not the Robinson model) indicate 550k +/- 5% pots. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/1963-ES-335TDC-Figured.aspx http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/1964-ES-345TDC-No-Varitone.aspx You could always call or e-mail Gibson, or you could check the value of your other pots. I doubt you could hear the difference between an actual 500k and a 550k pot. But a 20% tolerance means the 500k pot could be anywhere from 400-600k. The 550k pot with 5% tolerance could be 522-577k.
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    Venus by Shocking Blue In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry
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    I think he carried us all through the 60s. And well beyond.
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    That is one heck of a cool employee lounge!
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    Hey, 'Scales! As far as the reverb goes, it works on both channels and as Pippy said, it is a nice reverb. I watched your video and think that the MM might not give you the midrange gain that I hear on the video. Some people are not fond of the gain channel on the MM amps...it's not a modern type high gain sound. I would say that it's more of a classic overdrive sound; very good for most everything but, for heavy music, maybe not so much. I will say that MM amps are very good pedal platforms and will deliver a Fender clean (they were designed/ produced by Leo) with good headroom and they are plenty loud. I'll include this video of a recording that was made some time ago to give you an idea of the sound of the amp...no effects, no reverb, just switching to the O.D. channel for the solo. The solo starts at around 3:15 so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, unless you like it. Also note that the amp is not mic'ed. I hope this helps! The sound of the Music Man RD 112 50.
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    Hey, Rabs! That's frigging hilarious! I've often felt that it might be time for rock's demise based on the reactions of some of the people at some of my gigs..."The Maestro asks if the guitar could be a little softer...". I began my quest as a rocker and am still a rocker at heart but, occaisionally it seems so stale. Maybe I'm just an old fart, eh? Rock isn't dead, it just smells funny! Into my favorites it goes! Pow! Thanks!
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    The '53 model is extremely easy to identify for several reasons. Pictures, obviously, would help... I sincerely doubt it's even a reissue for $1,500 but you never know. Serial numbers on their own mean diddly-squat. We need more info as to hardware etc. P.
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    The first rock concert I attended was Iron Butterfly, I was 16. The first act was Albert King. So technically it was also my first blues concert, but I digress, Albert King blew us I to the weeds! As his band was on stage playing the first song, he was walking through the audience in a cape wearing a big top hat, strutting, mining, and dancing on his way to the stage. Then he picked up his white flying V, and taught us punks what playing was!
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    Both Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash said that Steve Goodman was a really decent guy and that he was a blast to have on tour with them. The only downside to the deal was that since he was your opening act, you had to follow him on stage.......Pretty sad when you realize how few people (aside from folks like us) who even know his name.
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    V nice, what will the staple p'up do for you - I don't know anything about them?
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    Mr Gibs sounding fantastic. Very well done Krasi. 😎
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    Awesome guitar Chris!....and hey, that extra space in the left side of your pants will probably be welcomed in the heat of summer. rock on!
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    In truth, because Gibson did not record the FONs of shipped guitars in the shipping ledgers, dating Banners, or any vintage Gibson without a serial numbers (only awarded to high-end flattops like the Nick Lucas and to archtops) is guesswork. I love the truss rod-less Banners! They are lighter and a bit more resonant, I think. Here's the video I also posted in Dan's "Powder, 2 guitars, and a trailer" thread of Dan and me playing my two truss rod-less Banner SJs:
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    You need to play them. Looking good and playing good are two different things. I had a LP that was hard to play, resulting in much frustration. Sold it and bought a LP Standard HP-II. Wow what a difference, I can't put this guitar down, best I've ever owned!
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    I don't think you got the correct replacement part. The correct part would have the same wiring terminals as the one that broke, not something completely different. You can probably make it work - but the wiring diagram won't help much as the terminals on the original switch are different from what you're now working with. I had a problem with this switch in a Les Paul Custom Lite (which has a thinner mahogany body than normal LP) and had to order the switch from Switchcraft direct as Gibson did not carry the one I needed. (they don't always carry every little outsourced part from guitars that are 7/8 years old) Take some measurements of the original switch, and look at SwitchCraft's website where you will find all the varieties they offer. I still had questions about mine, and I called their customer service and the technician looked up the specs to make sure I got what I needed (very helpful for such a low ticket item).
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    I didn't see one headstock break. WTF!
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    I've had a few T-60s, a couple T-40s, a T-15, a T-27 and a handful of "later" USA models (mid 80s maybe?). All heavier than rocks and just as hard to drive a screw into. Good workmanship though. Nice guitars.
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    Hate to admit it, but I totally missed the three screws! I was too focused on the fretboard I guess. I hadn't bought it, but was considering it. Thanks so much TheLeadFlatpick for opening my eyes a little wider.
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    Have you considered something like the Bose L1 or S1? I don't have any personal experience with them, but they seem very highly rated.
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    Saguaro National Park is another beautiful area. Some pictures of it: I miss Tucson a lot. I moved for a great job opportunity but I have my regrets now that I'm retired.
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    I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you what it isn't... It isn't a Gibson. It's not even an Epiphone!
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    That is stunning! Oregon is such a beautiful state. I need to spend more time up there. Plus no sales tax 😛
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    I needed a new case for my phone, so I went ahead and got the SG with Brazillian Lacewood. They're expensive, but they have a lifetime guarantee... and they look cool....so what the heck!
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    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Indeed things are looking up. Refrigerator tomorrow! No more camping coolers. Eventually I'll let you know of some stories of surviving calamity from the last 9 months. Here's one: In the beginning of May when we finally received permission to temporarily move back onto the property and I was able to stop commuting from my wife's office in Torrance (2 hour, 15 min one way), I rented a small trailer. No water and the generator didn't work (turns out someone put oil into the gas tank and it clogged it - since we were forced to have insurance I thought it was scam). No one came to fix it and they even accused me of putting oil into it - I didn't and I know the difference. Last storm of the season, the wind was strong and the trailer rocked back and forth and woke me up at 02:30 when the awning ripped (which they also charged me for). I couldn't retract it because the generator didn't work (in spite of many texts to come and fix it - I should have gotten my own). I abandoned ship and walked down the hill to our 500 sq. ft. concrete in law unit that only had the garage burned out. My father in law lived there when the fire happened. No electricity or water. It was rat infested (I even had myself tested for hantavirus - 40% fatality - luckily negative). On my way down the hill I slipped in the mud and landed on my arse. I looked up to the pouring sky and started crying. My dog came out of the building where she was sleeping and came and licked my arm. I knew then I was going to make it. I will take some snaps of the guitar outside of the case. One of the things I love is the contoured heel. Contoured like the HP but not a wide neck, it has a standard 60's thin tapered profile.
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    So that's what turns my underwear yellow!!!
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    Here's my 2009 R8. Killer guitar. Nice big neck, 9 pounds 2 ounces. Actually found the original owner of this guitar on this site, but he hasn't been here since 2013 lol.
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