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    Personally I track my wife's movements on the Visa card.
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    Just received this guitar and love it...love to hear about and see pics of other Original Collection guitars!
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    So, I'm having to go down to Dothan, Alabama for a wedding on the last weekend of June. There will be my wife's family, and family politics, and stress, and a long drive to and from. Two nights spent in a hotel, and we are carrying the 90 year old father-in-law down with us in the rental car. My wife sighed to me this evening, "Look, I really appreciate your doing this. I know you hate weddings. And I know you're going to go crazy on a long weekend without your guitars and band-mates." I told her, "It's okay, darling. I have been doing some shopping-ahead on the internet. I'll be alright." 🙂
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    Thank you all so much for the kind replies. Her memorial was at the Armuchee Bluegrass Festival -- a place we both loved. Here are the videos of the musical part of the celebration. https://vimeo.com/showcase/6034122 There is a 32 RB-3 Gibson banjo and our 35 Jumbo Gibson guitar there, as well as an old Kay bass, a 46 D-28, and up front Aina Jo's 39 S-51 five string Kay bass and her late 50 MWard (Kay) guitar she learned on and played for me the night I met her in 1967. [For those who like such trivia, that bass was the main instrument of Mike Fuller (Fuller's Vintage Guitars) for many years. Aina Jo liked it better than the near identical one she already had, so she left her older one in Texas and brought this one back to Georgia.] I love all the odd threads of our musical lives. Best, -Tom
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    After always playing Gibson's and saying that I'd never get a Fender, I suddenly got a yearning for a Stratocaster, so I went out and tried a few. I eventually decided that I liked the made in Mexico Player Strat which is the cheapest one in the Fender range. I'm particularly impressed by the build quality and playability, it's perfectly set up straight from the shop and it shocks me to say it, but the quality is flawless and better than my Custom shop R8! I can't ever see me gigging it, I'll stick with what I'm used to live.
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    Once you get settled in you'll probably find there's lots of action going on in most bridge communities, drugs, sex, fights. In fact with that LP, you better start practicing your Kung Fu if you wanna hang on to it. Or you could just use it to serenade Chuck and she'll fight for you. She already has no teeth.
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    This is the last post I will be making for a while as the battery on my phone is dying. I am currently posting from under the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, on the Jersey side. I have made friends with a toothless woman names Chuck. She bought the Gibson box from me for a 3rd of a can of Spam and 2 cigarette butts, she is sleeping soundly in it now. Now I'm just going to sit here and stare at this Les Paul, it's the only thing I have left to do.
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    Whilst these might seem pretty straightforward questions to ask they are almost impossible to answer in a meaningful way without writing a very long essay. First off; although I've played a few P-90 Les Pauls from the '50s and a couple of PAF-equipped Gibsons from the same era I've never played a '59 Les Paul 'Standard' so everything I'm about to type is simply 'to the best of my knowledge and experience'. "Do all these lps of that era sound great or it a myth and some of them are not so good?" You might want to start with reading the comments made by the half-dozen Collectors in the 'Interviews' section of Yasuhiko Iwanade's book "The Beauty of the 'Burst" if you can track down a copy of the book. In it you will read that, like any Les Paul from any era, the original '59s varied from one to the next. Whilst it's a fair assumption that they will all sound good - in a general sense - there is considerable written evidence to show that most are very good; some are less so; some are outstanding. They also vary considerably in the 'playability' stakes. Shall we take just two famous '59s as an example? Peter Green's "Greeny" might sound superb but it has often been described as a right b!tch to play. I first heard this viewpoint from someone I know who has played it a few times and he said it was a real handful and didn't like it at all. I've since read that both Peter Green and Gary Moore (who subsequently bought it from Green) found it a bit unweildy and Moore stated that he always felt he was having a bit of a fight on his hands when he played it. By way of contrast Peter Green said that by far the best Les Paul he ever played was Eric Clapton's first 'burst - known nowadays as the 'Beano'. "Do you think that the main reason of that great sound was the original PAFs or the good wood era?" The concept of a '59s 'great sound' varies from one individual person to the next and from one individual '59 to the next. The first thing you have to ask is 'What does a '59 sound like?' I will copy a few quotes from a review of six original 1959 LPs published in the April 2008 edition of 'The ToneQuest Report'; "...X XXXX revealed itself to be a brute with powerful PAFs that were not subtle..." "...if we had heard X XXXX on a recording blind we would incorrectly assume that we were listening to a semi-hollow body guitar..." "...a thin, penetrating and incredibly powerful treble presence far more likely to be associated with a vintage Telecaster..." Which of these descriptions sounds most like a '59 Les Paul to you? A brute lacking in subtlety? An ES-335 type guitar? A vintage Tele?... Lastly on this topic; it is essential to remember that when Clapton, Green, Bloomfield etc. first used their '59s to record their seminal albums these guitars were NOT 'vintage' instruments; they were all aged between six and ten years old. Think of it like this; how 'Vintage' is a 2013 Les Paul today? Same story as back then. I don't buy in to the 'vintage' PAF idea nor the 'good wood' myth. Not even remotely. "Which nowadays paf clone you think is very close to the original pafs?" Everyone here will have their own personal favourite. In my experience the p'ups which most closely sound like the PAFs I've played are Gibson's own '57 Classics. I played a '58 Gibson and my own 1960 Reissue (with '57 Classics) back to back and, although the guitars sounded different when unplugged, the character of the pickups sounded - to my ears - pretty much identical. FWIW in the same issue of ToneQuest Report as mentioned earlier the reviewers compared seven original PAFs (in addition to the dozen already fitted to the 6 guitars) and also a trio of Pat No. p'ups for good measure. These ten pickups were installed - one by one - in both the neck- and the bridge-positions of a '59 reissue for evaluation. Bottom line was that they all sounded different. The 'favourites' turned out to be a couple of the PAFs and two of the Pat No. pickups. To finish on the subject of "Which PAF Clone?" I will type this final - and extremely important - extract; "We are reminded of a humbucker 'shootout'...where a set of real PAFs were included in a group to be evaluated in blind tests and none of the 'shooters' cared for the PAFs much at all.........How many players today...have ever truly experienced the sound of PAFs not on vinyl or a CD but in a guitar?.........we suspect that 'PAF' is often referenced for and by people whose actual familiarity of a pickup that ceased to exist over 40 years ago is virtually nil." Pip.
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    Especially the bass player.
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    Yes, the finish of metal hardware on a VOS guitar will be dull, uneven with some light pitting and corrosion. BTW, any mention of a new instrument requires pictures be posted for close examination. It's kind of a rule.
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    Very sorry for your loss, Tom. It's wonderful that you had such a great partner in life with whom to share mutual interests and passions, and that you complimented each other's strengths. I'm sure you will think of her every time you pick up one of the beautiful vintage instruments you both treasured. When you strike a chord, you will feel her embrace. Take care. Red 333
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    Had a good day. My wife, me, our kids and grand kids took my dad (96 years old) to Texas Road House to eat. Had a great time. Tomorrow, my wife leaves for Branson, Mo. for six days with our daughter and her family for my grand daughter's softball tournament. I'd go, but me and my wife (I've got a real good one) are the primary caregivers for my dad. He lives four houses up-the-street and is independent as all hell, but we still watch over him like hawks. Anyway, he's a "tough old bird" like so many of his generation and we don't mind helping him. So, I'll watch TV with him this week during the day. Then when he goes to bed, I'll come back home to play guitar and run my n scale trains until the wee hours of the morning.......I do a lot of *****ing and complaining at times, but most of it is bullcrap. I'm a lucky guy.
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    I agree. And I'm sick of blurred out logo's on t.v. And all of those commercials with side effects that "might include death".
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    Its of no consequence to me.. These aren't my words, I was just sharing the information. Its kind of an odd video.. As you say, who is this aimed at?.. The Chinese copies? ESP? Go after PRS again? Small builders who think Gibson wont bother with them? In the video Mark says its not all about the headstock logo.. From what I remember of the PRS court case, that's exactly what it came down to. The Gibson name and the headstock shape. Then as long as its not an exact LP copy which ESP and PRS aren't then that's all they are, a very similar shape with a different headstock.. Im not sure they can do anything about that?
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    Good for him. I'm tired of seeing copycats. Every time I see someone claim they have a Les Paul, but it's not a Gibson, I laugh. If it's not a Gibson (or Epiphone, because it's owned by Gibson) it's not a Les Paul, period...
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    He was a great character in Game of Thrones, like a super assassin I guess, and really funny sometimes. Finished his mission, which was to take out his brother, and died in the process. He was a good one and I was sad for him. rct
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    Sorry to be late to this all-mahogany party. I’ve been on the road for the past 2 weeks. Yes, indeed, the Banner LG-1s were X-braced. Like all first issue Banners - LG-2s, LG-3s, J-45s, J-50s, and, of course, SJs, they had fancy rosettes and multiple purflings top and back. Quite fancy by Gibson standards and, to my eyes, gorgeous. No LG-1s shipped until a few months into 1943. Mine shipped June 23, 1943. Some researchers designate the guitars as 1942s, because that’s when the designs issued (I now have the original spec sheets to the Banner flattops, all created in fall 1942). I prefer to refer to the year by the shipping date. But, of course, it really doesn’t matter. Anyway, I love all-mahogany Gibson flattops. As for the snarkiness of my comments in the video, that was due to the stunning treatment I received from the prior management and the fact that the only way I could sample a copy of my own guitar was to buy a copy. A fascinating time. But, I’m very happy to report that the new management is eager to embrace the tale of the Gals and the great guitars that they built. More to come ... eventually. It’s a busy company right now.
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    Man, you got that place figured out in no time. Pretty soon you'll be the president of the box owners association.
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    Actually the temps got pretty low last night and some guy called Skeeter tried to put my Lester into the fire barrel, they were running low on wood! Yes, Chuck stepped in, she's still grateful for the deal she got on that Gibson box.
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    Unless you saw Mike in concert its hard to know what processing occurred between his playing and your listening. You could easily end up chasing mixdown/mastering changes; not to mention the reproduction on CD/radio/PCs etc.
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    I see the Unburst has gone. Which bridge have you chosen to call Home, Bill? Pip.
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    I will be the only homeless man under the bridge with a Les Paul!
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    Well, Thank You for that. I gave you a plus. I changed strings and did a setup on the Casino and surprisingly it now stays in tune. Have no idea what they had on it but I put Boomers round wound 10-46's on it. Now, next morning I had to retune a couple or so strings but now they all stay pretty much right on tune.
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    I''m a lazy picker. I kind of slouch all the way over the guitar when I'm playing. All of my guitars have elbow grease, spit, sweat, coffee stains, bits of chocolate chip cookies rubbed-in. I wipe them off when I remember. If I don't, I don't........When I see the stains and smudges in the sunlight, sometimes I say, "DAMN!"-----Then I just keep playing. If one of my Gibbys ever gets stolen, all they have to do is check the DNA on the guitar and match it to me. Better than getting your dog or wife micro-chipped.😎
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    Different needs for different folks. Your 5 guitars sound like a lot of fun. If I ever get famous and can hire roadies, I might join you :) Notes
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    Just taking a moment to remember all those brave people who sacrificed everything. I've been to Normandy and visited the American cemetery and most of the other sites. For me it was quite a moving experience. Just as a total coincidence, my wife and I were alone there for most of our visit. It was also right at noon when we were at the cemetery and they played the National Anthem and as a further coincidence two French Mirage fighters flew over just at that time.
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    My uncles were in during WW2..my father was in Korea, I was lucky and never had to be in during any conflict or war. I am very grateful for that generation...They were the greatest.
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    The Greatest Generation... We could learn a lot from them. We'd better - before it's too late. My father was a SSgt. USA. Visited virtually every country west of Germany, and then Germany. Talked a little about an estate they bivouaced in while in England. He couldn't get over the fact the heating system consisted only of fireplaces five men could fit in standing up. He mentioned once and very briefly that they were bombed and someone in his tent was killed. One uncle was shot down and a POW, lost an eye. The other uncle was apparently in very heavy fighting, also Europe. He drank a lot. None of them ever talked about it - though they may have amongst themselves. And, one Uncle went to Saipan as a Pvt. and died there. My mother never really 'got over it'. I am unable to adequately express my love and admiration for that generation. Words are inadequate.
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    My King has ebony. I want to sell it. It is a fabulous axe, but I don't touch it anymore. Gibson needs to stop with this Richlite on multi thousand dollar guitars its insulting. On a $700 guitar yes, on a 5k guitar F-U.
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    I thought I'd share some pictures of the newest member of my collection. The New TKL Gibson SG HP Premium Composite Hardshell The Guitar Headstock Headstock: Grover locking tuners 2 piece Mahogany back slab, with cover plate instructions for dip switches & coil taps Imput jack and a side view of the maple and mahogany sandwich Under the rear coverplate Cover plate instructions for dip switches & coil taps Case candy
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    These soilders truly were part of the greatest generation. The men and women of that era were the backbone of America and we should all be eternally greatful for their devotion and sacrifice to this great country. The history of these events should never be forgotten.
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    The truss rod cover is not fake. The guitar is a pre-2004 model, which also means that it's not a Pro. Just a plain ol'custom. From the late 1980s until around 2004, Epiphone used that truss rod cover to connect the brand to Gibson. It was a way to boost their reputation after the quality issues they had during the 1970s and early 80s. From 1986 - 1988 many of their guitars had "Epiphone by Gibson" inlaid on the headstock. The truss covers were a less expensive way to convey the same message. If you want more info about this guitar, we will need to see the serial number. Some of the earlier models had the serial on a sticker on the back of the headstock. If that sticker is missing, and there is no serial at all, it just means that the guitar was made in Samick, Korea and the year will remain a mystery.
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    My dad was in the Army and went to North Africa, Italy and France but not involved in D-Day. My uncle was in the Navy, in the Pacific. They both made it back home.
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    Oddly, everyone on my Dad's side of the family during that time fought in the Pacific Theater. I saluted the flag in honor of those brave men. My time in Vietnam pales in comparison.
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    My Mrs' Uncle Joe was on Omaha Beach. He went to the 50th. I miss him very much. rct
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    They are simply the bravest of the brave We all should be eternally grateful.
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    I haven't seen him since 1982 or so. He's still God to me. rct
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    I live in New Jersey. (...Bill drops mic and walks out of thread...)
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    I have a few bits of advice, based upon many years of owning, gigging, buying, and selling guitars: * If you are going to drop $1,000 to $1,300 on a Les Paul, do yourself a favor and get out there and play EVERYTHING. If you take your time, you will find one that sings to you, and that grabs your heartstrings. * I am a fan of going for the genuine Gibson when I'm ponying-up that kind of money. Better resale value, and the brand reputation means something to other gigging musicians. But that's just me. * If I find a non-Gibson in a pawnshop, and I think it's kind of cool, yes, I will pay $200 for it. Just last week I bought an early 1970's Kent copy of a Les Paul. I paid $180 for it, and it's a really, really cool lawsuit guitar. * Our opinions here are just that. Opinions. It's unlikely that you will find any definitive, "from the burning bush", blinding flashes of enlightenment and wisdom. But as you filter out the wheat from the chaff, you'll discover that you got the advice you wished to hear. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. :(
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    After playing a 70s Yamaha FG500 for the past 10 years (a sweet guitar that plays way beyond the $485 I paid for it in Seattle) I got a 2016 Hummingbird Vintage today. Having fun playing all my favorite Stones songs, as well as Say Hello Wave Goodbye by David Gray. Came with the original case and a LR Baggs Anthem pickup installed. Woot!
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    Do you guys realize how many sophomoric jokes I am resisting to post right now!!! I can't count them!!! I need to lay down,,
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    Sal, you are a fickle creature! You buy great guitars, sell them, and then sometimes buy them back. But you almost always seem to miss them when they're gone. A good 'bird would seem to be a natural for you.
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    if you'd like, I'd like it if you find the time to take a look at my YouTube channel, there are many Mister Atkins covers.
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    Truly sorry to hear this, Tom. How does one replace someone who cannot be replaced? God bless you and RIP for your beloved wife. My heart and prayers go out to you, my friend.
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    I always enjoyed the vimeos of you and your wife playing together Tom. Her smile said it all! A special connection with the music. The solid notes from the bass and beautiful harmony soaring above the melody. May her memory live on in the music that you made together and the beautiful instruments the two of you collected. My deepest sympathy to you, your family and friends.
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    Are you guys saying if I adjust the tone and vol on my amp and guitar the sound will change? I'm gonna go try it right now and see if it is true.
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    The Burstbucker Pros are pretty bright, but so are the 490T/498R pickups. In general the Les Paul can be super bright if the Tone control is cranked up—that is after all what she was made for. Turn down Tone a few notches. I would have left the hardware as is. Alternatively, go 57Classics, Custombuckers, P90s or the Strat route?
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