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    Bohemian Rhapsody just won't go away. I'm sick of it. I was there the first time in the 70's. Then Wayne's World dug it back up. Then the last movie dug it up again. Pour some concrete on it...
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    What did I do wrong? During the past 4 years I've spent roughly $10,000 on Gibson guitars. I think I posted pictures of every Gibson I bought - I was making sure what I was buying an authentic Gibson. (they were all used guitars). So, yeah, anyway, about the -2 reputation: Did I offend people or something? I can't imagine what that would have been. =/
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    they are still among the coolest of the cool guitars to play. Massive fret access, light, but still hit like a sledgehammer when you need them too. I never thought I'd like SGs as much as I do,, all I had to do was try one and the lights went on... "YEA! I GET IT!
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    They saw that almost all the saddles were wrong and they decided to put a new bridge and do it all over again. The important thing is the guitar has perfect intonation now.
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    Personally... - I would not trust a smart phone app to intonate a guitar. suggestions for tuners depends on what you want to invest. Peterson makes some of the most accurate standalone and headstock mountable tuners on the market. But they aint cheap. Also the TC Electronics PolyTune, or Boss TU3 would do the job.
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    Would have better tone. Just sayin'. Steve was real fast and stuff, but this thing never did sound that great.
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    Chicago Dogs hold the tomato! I like regular dogs as well with mustart or with chili sauce a good coney dog and Skyline dogs as well. Now I am gonna have to have a dog today. I too love avocado's but I dont believe I have ever had one on a hot dog. have had them on a burger.
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    Ha! Life is good, the world is going to crap but we have our guitars. Rock on!!
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    That is spooky!!! I never play guitar along with it. But I long to sing along, especially after a couple of beers.
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    Sweet! I wish Gibson would bring back the ES Goldtop Les Paul with Bigsby & P90's......
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    Love the long version of "Time Has Come Today". Happy trails, George.
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    I have a Laney Cub 12 and am very happy with it. I would also recommend the Blackstar HT5 NHTom
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    This is excellent advice. An underset neck means the guitar is screwed right out of the gate. They should never get out of the factory this way but stuff happens I guess. There are a few good ways to check for an underset neck: Sight the neck. Put the end of the guitar on your toe and look down the neck trying to align the edge of the treble or bass side of the neck until it becomes a straight line to the bridge. If the top of the bridge (not the saddle) and the end of the fretboard align, then the neck is set properly. If the line of the fretboard points below the bridge towards the body, then it is underset. Put a straight-edge down the fretboard, on edge, between the D and G strings. As you slide the straight-edge towards the bridge, the bottom edge should slide smoothly over the top of the bridge and then butt up against the saddle. If it hits the front thickness of the bridge, the neck is underset. Check for a low saddle. If the guitar is new or just a few years old, the saddle should have substantial material above the bridge. If you are looking at a new guitar and the saddle is low, then the neck was underset when it was made and the factory lowered the saddle to compensate. Once the guitar ages, there will be no saddle material left to adjust the saddle down to lower the action from the rising neck. In EVERY case, a new guitar with an underset neck should be avoided as more trouble than it is worth. I don't care if it is a new $5000 Gibson or Martin, they aren't worth being reset. Find a good one. On a personal note, any SJ200 with an Adirondack (red spruce) top will be superior to a standard J200 in my opinion.
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    Nice looking guitar. Sorry about the earlier comment. Sometimes I forget the "never post until after the meds kick in" rule. D.
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    Shipping boxes are worth minus fifty cents, unless you need to ship a guitar. Then they're worth a few bucks.
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    Love my Alpine LP Studio. 14 years and I can really notice the fading, though it is still quite white. I'm pretty sure in my Avi Pic, the guitar was like under a year old at that point.
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    I'd say stick with the white - there are many wine reds ones out there, but not so many white so you have something people will remember when they see it. Fading to yellowish will take a long time, and wine red will eventually fade some as well so don't be concerned about that.
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    He was a great one. The documentary, Beware of Mr. Baker is well worth the viewing. R. I. P.
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    I was lucky enough to see him when Blindfaith did their only US tour, he played with such energy. Though he will be remembered as a rock and roll drummer, he was an established jazz artist as well. If you read Eric Clapton's autobiography, "Eric" you will see that besides being the energetic backbone to the first Rock Power Trio, it was Ginger who Eric credits for intervening and saving him from heroin and alcohol fueled self destruction along with Jack Bruce, the two actually went to Clapton's Hurtwood estate, pounded on the door until Eric let them in, they stayed there until he dried up. So his contribution to music went far beyond that of a drummer.
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    Cruzin'... Do kitties count?
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    That's a beauty. Congratulations! I have to say that I've been playing my SG a lot more lately. Even more than my beloved Les Paul and Strats. It took awhile for the SG to grow on me but now I really appreciate what a great guitar it is. Have fun!
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    Nice one! Brown case also looks good with it. Is it a black interior or reddish?
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    That's one of the most beautiful Les Pauls I've ever seen!
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    As we are considering an Explorer I thought that the use of the word 'Angles' was intentional.... FWIW I also agree with Keefoman that 57 Classics would be a good choice. Pip.
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    I kind of go for red-heads, myself. Well, and brunettes, too. Right now, I'm seeing a blonde, but I just hate it that she dyes her roots black.
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    Congratulations!!! I love my SG, too.
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    You know, I've always read about how terrible Gibson has gotten. But I've owned two 2012s that were perfect. And while I expect this, the '99 R4 I got is also fit & finish. Yeah, I suspect that since PLEK, Gibson has been more ON than OFF for players. Maybe not always those wanting true historics, but that's a work in progress spanning decades. And I bet most with actual historics would rather play the more modern ones (less muddy b/c the caps and magnets are new, etc) I agree, Gibson is "back" and the used market is their biggest competitor. I wouldn't buy a Fender anymore. I buy knockoffs (Suhr, Anderson, Ron Thorn, etc) but while I know there are boutique Gibsons, the real company wares don't dissuade me at all from experience. (that said, can someone sell me a 1962 left-handed 335 please? haha)
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    Here a Soundsample of the Oripure Alnico P90 pickups: Sorry for the sloppy playing - this was the 2nd time I played that song... ๐Ÿคช Recorded with my cellphone.
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    sounds like a good year
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    I am now a proud owner of both a Nighthawk and as of today, a Blueshawk. Never heard of the models before but I must say, I am loving them so far. The Nighthawk is a little more beat up, being the older of the two and has obviously been used and loved way more. Posted these pics elsewhere (with standard apologies for the low quality of them) but here my two are: Also, I am looking for info on resources on exactly what the various knobs and switches do on the Blueshawk - beyond the obvious! Mine didn't come with an owner's manual so I am a little in the dark.
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    Actually, all the regular issue '61 Reissues probably have less wood than the same year Standards. Other than the '61 RI having the slightly larger headstock, the Standards have a thicker neck, beefed up neck tenon, and shallow cut bevels, all of which carry more wood. Either way, the difference in the amount of wood is minimal. '61 RI does have a one piece body, so I guess in that sense it doesn't have the line of glue that the Standards would have in theirs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think any sound differences I hear comes from the different "shapes" and construction of the aforementioned part changes between the two models, not to mention pickups. I do know, to me anyways, that RIs, have more resonance and are louder when not jacked up to an amp. I personally think it's the one piece bodies, and thin necks that make this difference, as I've also noticed this withother models that are built similarly (Originals, and some 2015s) but that's just opinion and you know what everyone says about that! Now after saying all that. I love them both! Of all my SG, my two favorite and played the most are a pair of 2005s. Ones a Standard, and ones a '61 RI. Sometimes I think one is better than the other. I always lean towards the '61 RI, but every time I start to think this is the one, my old '05 Standard comes through and sets me strait. I do like the looks of that '61 more, but that's all I can say that is actually "better", the two are just different. just get both! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    What he says. You are hitting the A with harder and harder force until you get the buzz. It's a self-fulfilling action. It could be that the A string nut slot is a tiny bit deeper than it should be, but that isn't obvious. I can make any string on most of my guitars buzz if I deflect them enough and then release them.
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    I had a P93 and should have kept it. This great guy made one professionally for me and it fit perfectly. https://www.wdmusic.com/wd-custom-pickguards.html
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    Long-term review (one month later) Excellent, excellent strings. Consider me a convert.
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    I like to golf. Didn't start playing until I was in my late 30's. But for a few years I was really into it. Never did the handicap thing. My lowest score is an 87 on 18 holes. I havn't played in a few years however because I've just been too busy. Golf takes time. My favorite sport to play is basketball. Play regularly and watch for most of my life.
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    Stop showing off! ๐Ÿ‘
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    I've never heard of this before and I dont own an SG. I do however have some long necked (neck joint at 24th fret on one) guitars and a couple of thin necked guitars. I have had to learn different ways to play chords due to thumb osteoarthritis. This is the reverse of your issue. I cant apply back (thumb) pressure to the neck, so use my fretting fingers unsupported. Obviously this can be done (because I've done it). The neck is kept steady by bracing the body against my torso using the left arm. This might be an extreme 'fix' for you, and it might might still de-tune your neck due to the lack of support? I feel sure your problem is fixable though. I cant help but wonder. Is your SG ok? Could it have taken any damage somehow?
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    Good to know. Glad the guitar escaped intact. ๐Ÿ‘
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    Your guy was an idiot, but it's doubtful that he intended to cause you this grief. For whatever reason, he probably thought he was proceeding with the best option. If it were me, I of course would not pay his bill, and would then sell the thing for $1800 just to get it out of my sight & be done with it. Lawyers are going to cost money, and dragging it out is going to cause personal stress - which isn't worth it imho. Keep all the control in your hands via your own actions, not his. He won't really be getting away with anything, as there probably was no intent to harm - and you can then essentially make him pay, by spreading the word & costing him future business. Best of luck in working things out.
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    Congratulations man, that's a sweet setup!
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    Apart from having owned a few I can't even remotely claim to know anything comprehensive about Epi guitars but my first thought would be are you 100% sure that the (bolt-on) neck comes from that guitar body? Because I have a few doubts; foremost amongst them being the absolutely shocking 'fit' (for want of a better word) seen in your first snap. Do you have anything else to show us? Like a serial number perhaps? Small request, I know, but serial numbers are sometimes surprisingly informative. Looking forward to the update! Pip.
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    Thatโ€™s the same adapter that came with my HP. There are some generic ones available on Reverb.
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    thanks for the sentiments guys but. it was reported a while ago, one person is unaccounted for. it's possible that was the unit the explosion was in. so there may be one fatality. And pip's right.. if not for the firefighters, police and first responders, the world would be a much less safer place. '
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    ...in which case - and in the interest of accuracy - I should point out that I was indeed wrong about the type! It's a clipped-wing Mk XIV - which was (and I quote from the 1962 edition of Owen Thetford's pretty comprehensive 'Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918'); "...an interim production version (of the Mk XII) released to bridge the gap until the fully re-designed Mk XVIII became available..." I was fooled by the bubble canopy - thinking that this first became a feature on the XVIII whereas it turns out that whilst the Mk. XIV had a regular canopy when introduced the later examples of the Mk. XIV had the more aerodynamic 'bubble' modification. I had actually seen that particular JEJ example somewhere before but only after I googled it this morning did I discover that it is a Mk. XIV and not the XVIII as I had assumed previously. My Bad. FWIW the XIV was intended for operations at high altitude (hence the Griffon 65 and clipped wings) and was the most successful Spitfire Mk. in shooting down the V1 flying bombs - accounting for over 300 of the 429 claimed Spit 'kills'. Hope that helps clarify things a bit more! Pip. EDIT : Here's where further details about the Johnson tribute Spitfire can be found; https://www.flyinglegends.com/aircraft/vickers-armstrong-spitfire-fr-xiv-g-spit-2.html
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    "London Homesick Blues" - Jerry Jeff Walker
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    I am listening to early beatles when they first made it big in the USA. Twist and shout to please, please, really fun stuff
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