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    hey Ron did you know Yoda had a last name? Layheehwho... (plz don't unfriend me man....)
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    You two should start your own thread. That way you can continue your juvenile arguments without all of us having to sit through it.
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    I could give a flying fig about what others think of my guitars. Just flash them to peace sign and advise them to stop drinking too deeply of the Tone Wood Kool Aid. It ain't about the lumber you are holding in your hands It is about making music. And the day that I do not have as much of a blast and get as much enjoyment from playing my Harmony Stella as I do one of my Gibsons is the day I will hang it up. Because I will have forgotten what it is all about.
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    Thankyou so much for the kind words all! I'm humbled by all of your kindness and very much moved. Things have, indeed, been better, but I'm still here and fighting hard. Determined to come out of this swinging, singing and playing the heck out of my Gibsons! I'm likely to be stuck in here for at least two weeks if things go according to plan...if they don't, it will be longer-potentially a great deal longer-but at the moment my bloods have improved and the stuff they're pumping into me is super strength, the highest strength antibiotics they have, and I'm on two of them...I am determined to stay positive and kick this thing in the nuts. I'll check in as often as I can...I have my phone but my eyesight is poor at the moment so it can take a long time to write a message, but I'll be here. Thankyou, again, for all the lovely words...so very much appreciated!
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    I wasn't going to say anything but some consider 41 years together a mile mark. So yes, Today marks Debbie & my 41st wedding Anniversary. We plan on ordering a steak dinner out and bringing it home due to the covid numbers so high here. The Outback isn't far from our home and they bring it to the car. Sundance also turns 8 years old today. I used to show Doberman Pinschers and thats how Deb & I met, through the dog shows. Sundance is from Georgia and was born on our Anniversary and was supposed to be flown to our house on Valentines Day, so Debbie said, "Oh Butch, We Have To Get This One." Then she named him Sundance because I'm Butch. The brains of the outfit, Haha. I told her on one condition! She make a sign for my art room / Guitar room, that says: The Hole In The Wall Gang. Yep, Thats our hangout. Art table, 9 guitars and 8 guns. I keep them up here so they don't tarnish in the gun safe being they are nickel plated.
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    Picked up my 1st Gibson guitar a few weeks ago. 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 Vintage Sunburst
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    quality will allways hold or increase in value. To bad it wasnt 0 007...
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    This tea strainer might do in a pinch
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    I love the day after an election. Not because I want to know who wins. But because finally there is a stop to the ubiquitous political advertising on TV, on my phone, and in my mailbox.
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    Last month I asked reddit for advice on choosing between a Martin HD28 or Gibson Hummingbird for my first guitar. In the end the Hummingbird stole my heart (though the Martin will definitely come, just down the road). Went to GC and took home a Standard Hummingbird from 2019 that has a very nice tone and feels like a monster when I reach around the body to strum. The action is insanely high, but I played most everyday for at least an hour (or until I swear and curse, whichever comes later). There was just one thing though: that cherry sunburst finish ๐Ÿค”. So after a couple of weeks of going back and forth I decided to exchange it for a different version - this time with a finish I actually like. As luck would have it the guitar was already on clearance and reduced by 15%, not to mention it immediately struck me as more comfortable to play thanks to a lower action and smaller nut width. The tone was warmer and more mellow than the Standard hummingbird, but tbh the strings were in need of a change so the tech replaced them with Elixir 80/20 Bronze, too. Oh, and I can't forget about the hummingbird pickguard which is etched into the guard so it has a more pleasant tactile quality. Last, but in no way least, the finish is significantly nicer and more subtle than the bright red and orange Standard. I just got it back from the luthier yesterday and the action is soooo low!! No buzzing or humming strings until about 3 hours of play and even then it was because my finger tips started hurting from learning the A and D chords.
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    Glad GC was accommodating, and had an upgrade on hand at a discount ! Sometimes things work out really well like this. Congrats! Based on the case, I'd say this was a serious upgrade. What model ? Vintage? Aged top ? EDIT: Not sure what the reason for the 'CONFUSED' emoji was. I'd be happy to explain my rather simple, pleasant, supportive comment to you if you'd care to specify what confused you about it.
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    This thing is more guitar-like than ever. Neck shaping is done and Iโ€™m super super happy with how that turned out. I did my best to copy the neck on my R9 and I think I did a pretty nice job. It feels fantastic. The heel and headstock transitions came out nice. Neck joint is nice and tight with no gaps. Neck set angle is good I did pretty much all of the sanding today while the body and neck were separate, then glued on the neck. Now I just need to cut the end of the neck flush to the top of the body, do my final little bit of sanding, drill for the tailpiece and tuners, and then Iโ€™m going to start finishing next Saturday. I think the grain is really going to pop with the analine cherry red finish Iโ€™m doing. If all goes to hell Iโ€™ll paint it black but Iโ€™m gonna do my best to make the cherry look like it does on my R9. The grain looks really nice in person and itโ€™s just begging for a contrasting pore filler. Weโ€™re looking really good so far!
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    Looking to buy a ES 339 Gibson at musicians friend,15% off which gets the price down to 1954.00. Waiting to hear how many dollars in loyality points I have to bring down further. I have an Epiphone ES 339 which I really like, but really want the Gibson and 57s. I was on the hunt for an ES336 but there's only used ones,and if I'm gonna spend that much on a used guitar I need to look it over as I got burned on a used guitar before. Prolly gonna end up buying this one.
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    Lusting after this for quite some time. First one at our local GC had obviously fallen off the hanger and had a big, like golf ball size gash in the lower bout up onto the front. Man, what a neck. And that disappeared, I wasn't buying it. Well, they got another one. Spent two hours with it yesterday and another two today, bought it at retail in a gig bag, I don't have to worry about a case, at least not yet. It's called Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, White Blonde... What it really is is a 12" one piece maple neck, just a delight to play, screwed to a Tele body with three Noiseless that I'll actually keep... And it has those new fangled fancy schmancy lockin tooners you kids are all using these days... Nice all around junky Mexican Tele that needs nothing but a White Pearl guard. And straplocks. A jack. And a three way switch, I hate 5 way switches by any name. rct
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    The important thing here is that the mods you want to make are not irreversible. If needed you (or next owner) could restore to its original condition. So best to keep the old pickups for that reason. Go for it ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Fingerpicked or...slide?
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    DD is alive and well, isolating in his basement with 3 Gibsons, 2 Martins, his dog Powder and an unfinished book.
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    Thank you my friend! You're an awesome dude yourself!!!
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    $30,000 for the set? Let me check inside the couch. Milk Bone, old sock, petrified fig newton, wait, wait, here's a quarter, getting closer...
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    A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are sentenced to death by a firing squad, one by one. While they wait to be executed they come up with a plan. Right before they are to be shot, each one will yell that some natural disaster or emergency is happening to distract the soldiers and they would be able to escape. The brunette is first. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells "Tornado!" As the soldiers duck for cover, she scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom. The redhead is next. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells "EARTHQUAKE!" As the soldiers duck for cover, she scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom. Last is the blonde. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells "FIRE!"
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    it's not glue fellas, it's 3m adhesive double sided tape.
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    I have been learning my new guitars and procrastinating posting a video. I have such a crazy stress response. My hands are literally shaking when when I turn on the mic and camera. I do love that it is a life long journey...I am going to need it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, thought I would do something silly to take minds off of election day. How many of you know the words to these Peanuts clips? Cheers and thanks for all the great support on this site! https://vimeo.com/475140299
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    I just want to thank all the Military Veteran's for their service to our Country. Today is a National Holiday here in the U.S. My Father retired from the Air Force a Lt. Colonel after serving 28 years. One tour of Vietnam. He was a Navigator, the last of his kind. (they phased out navigators). I comend those who feel the call to duty. I am so honored to have men and women who defend our great nation, and have for so long. Not only was my life wonderful as a kid; I got to live in some really cool places. But today I have the day off from work. So I thought, why not spend a few mintues on my day off and start a thread on this Veteran's Day. And say, "Thank You Military Veteran's for all you do!" God bless you!
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    Thank you to all who Served & Serve.... Our Family Cemetary is very sobering on days like this.. I'm reminded of my Dad, Uncles & Great Uncles, who Served in WWI, WWII & Korean War... They are no longer with but they are my Heroes... Also, my Brothers, Cousins who Served that are still with us & my Brothers in law who have Passed on. Also, my Son in Laws.. I am a Vietnam Veteran..
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    Happy Veterans Day to all that served from a Marine Corps vet.
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    And that R9... If someone came to me and asked me to do that to an R9 they would get a slap ๐Ÿ˜„
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    I too liked the song Sparky. I also spent 4 years active duty from 77-81 US Navy..would change a thing in that period. great time spent with great people. My grattitude goes out to all veterans, thanks for your service. Happy Veterans Day.
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    I told my doctor last month I have a shot and 2 beers every day. He said to cut it down. So, I'm buying 16 oz. bottles now instead of the quarts.
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    I had arthritis in my little finger from a former basketball misadventure that I skipped over G# notes on my sax, changed keys of songs to avoid them, and substituted my ring finger on the guitar fretboard. I also had bursitis in my hip so bad that I couldn't walk 2 blocks without stopping to sit, and couldn't drive without a blue-ice pack behind my right hip. Then a doctor gave me the Arthritis/Bursitis diet. Now I can play all the G#s I want, use the little finger on the guitar, walk 3-4 miles at least 4 days a week, and can drive 8 hours with no pain. Note: I'm not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. Check with your doc before doing anything (legal disclaimer) The diet: For both arthritis and bursitis, treatment is similar: Try the dietary approach first, and if that doesn't work, take stronger action. Foods that may contribute to chronic inflammation are foods with a high glycemic index (foods that convert to sugar quickly), such as fruit juices, sugars, simple starches, or rice cakes, foods heavy in polyunsaturated or saturated fats, and foods high in arachidonic acid. Some specific foods to avoid are: * Fatty cuts of red meat (high in saturated fats) lean is good * Organ meats: liver, kidney, and so forth (very high in arachidonic acid) * Egg yolks (very high in arachidonic acid) * Poultry - chicken, duck, turkey (very high in arachidonic acid) * Pasta (high glycemic index) * Juices (high glycemic index) * Rice, especially rice cakes (high glycemic index) * White bread (substitute whole grain breads such as rye) * Nightshade Plants bother many but not all people (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, paprika) Glycemic index charts can be found on the Internet. Better choices are foods with a low glycemic index and foods that are heavy in monounsaturated fats. Some specific good foods are: * Salmon and other fish * Oatmeal * Low glycemic fresh fruits and vegetables * Olives and olive oil * Peanuts and other nuts * Whey proteins * Lean beef is good, 100% grass fed is better My mother-in-law had dietary restrictions so she couldn't do it. So I bought her a PEMFT device (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy). My brother-in-law did some financial work for a guy who makes these devices for medical professionals, and he helped me pick a small portable unit for use at home (he doesn't sell home units). If interested PM me. Once someone buys this device, they can sell it and make a profit. I have no intention to make a profit, so if you decide you want one, you can get it from me, I'll send you my commission, which is close to $100. I already have 2 businesses, I don't need to sell these things, but I'll be happy to help my friends. But take my advice, try the diet first, it's free. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Mine arrived late last night. A 2002 335 Dot. I love it. It is more than I hoped for. I have a Proline Gretsch and a Duesenberg which are both fantastic, but initial impressions are that this just has something extra. A feel and vibe the others just don't. It plays fantastic. Good luck with your delivery!
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    Finally, I found myself with an hour this evening to relax with the new Indy T-2 guitar. I'm really pleased with it. The fit, finish, and feel are really nice. It's heavy. 8 lbs, 10 ounces. But it feels pretty comfortable strapped on. The red paint and racing stripe are sporty, and nicely done. Neck plate tells me that she's number 057 of 100 made. Really cool number. My first wife was born in 1957. Not that that makes any sense necessarily. The single pickup is expressive, warm, and tasty. Capable of some trebly bite, to be sure. But amazingly deep, and comfortable, like a cinnamon bun fresh out of the oven, with a dab of butter melting over it. Volume and Tone Knobs are nicely graduated, and they offer tonal options and versatility that you normally don't find in a single pickup guitar. I opened the single back plate and examined the pots and wiring. Really nicely done, and properly shielded. The pots have no numbers on them, but rather an odd, abstract, almost Suzuki-like 'S' logo stamped on them. I plugged her into my Crate V18 tube amp, found a comfortable Master and Gain, and I played thru the main chords, riffs, and arpeggios of Def Leppard's song Hysteria. Then I plugged in a Les Paul, and then a Tele, and then a Gretsch. And played the exact same figures. Using bridge pickups. Same Volume and Tone guitar settings. Over and over, and then came back to the red T-2. And played them again. The sounds and tones are unique, and can't be described simply or categorically as 'Tele-like', or 'classic Filter-tron'. Definitely a singular and engaging sound. All in all, a really rewarding outcome to a long wait for an odd guitar that cost just three hundred bones. She's a keeper. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Seven hours of hard work yesterday, and with help from my brother and the ex-Marine son of a good friend, we got the picket fence done. Here's the end result of all that manual labor. The dogs were previously confined to the black wrought iron fence, but now they get the run of some of my woods. Sophie loves it. Guitar review to come in a short while. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Bottle of Moet chillin for the late night after party. Mrs going to "work" late tomorrow. I'm retired, I give a fukk right? lolz rct
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    I could have done without this bit of news. He was THE James Bond to me.
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    DickAllgire from UMGF - arguing with his wife over Martin 000-45EC: BluesKing777.
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    "so...... If your Gibson Forum buddies jumped off a bridge, would you?" I think the correct response is "yes, wouldn't you"? And then when she counters with "no" the only logical response is "well, that is because you have a geranium in your cranium, case closed, good day".
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    Oh dear, I forgot to show the new Crestwood.. In the early 80's I found a Silver Fox in a pawn shop which I thought was just weird green Epiphone. Later traded it off for something with a Floyd Rose, now, a 60's Coronet Silver Fox can bring up to about 6k. One of the many times I fumbled... Oh well... ๐Ÿคข ๐Ÿคฎ
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    I'm not sure it even rises to the level of "fake." More like, "bad joke."
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    This Epiphone 339 is a limited run with the new headstock, the previous version currently being sold has the more ornate headstock, coil tapping, Epiphone Deluxe keystone tuners and is also available with P90's. This one with the new headstock has Grover tuners, 2-wire HB's, full sized CTS pot and a C profile neck. Since P90's were not available yet on this new model I'm installing HB sized Mean 90's. Also note that the full sized pots were not too difficult to get out of the F holes, they seemed to have plenty of cable length which made it a lot easier for me to work on them.. The Epiphone USA Alnico Classic PRO Humbuckers actually do sound pretty good, but since I'm a P90 enthusiast, they don't get the right sound for me.. The Mean 90's installed easily and I added a Les Trem II. I like the way it looks without a pickguard so I'm going to leave it off for a while. Also I have a roller bridge coming that I will instal in a few days.
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    Box of new capos turned up at last, so to celebrate I recorded a track on my 2005 Dove with the new capo on the 3rd fret. Recorded through the Anthem pickup - way too much noise going on around me to use a mic....... So, the gold plate G7 Heritage capo - I was bending strings for the blues a little bit and the strings return to normal position! Hooray, most of my capos leave the string out of wack, except a Shubb...: And a short blues on the Dove, capo 3!: BluesKing777.
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    I've never found one more than two-to-three inches in length. You know they shoot a stream of blood out of their eyes when agitated.
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    Not an uncommon occurrence with Gibson..........maybe it as something to do with the gassing of a nitro finish. Mine did the same many moons ago. Get some of THIS STUFF from StewMAc, remove the guard, clean the guitar and underside of the guard with lighter fluid, apply the new adhesive sheet and stick it back on the guitar. Sounds tedious......perhaps it is, but the reattached guard never lifted again. Clean well, grasshopper, as this is much of the secret. Now there are many suggestions and methods for removing the pick guard, most of which I am sure a valid. More lighter fluid, dental floss, etc. I've removed several over the years with just the application of a little heat from a blow drier and a steady, gentle lifting pressure as the adhesive softens, working from one end of the guard. Never had any issue at all and the thing is off in a couple minutes............no biggy.
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    I did 4 Navy 19 Coast Guard. My dad was in the Navy for 4 and I've had tons of relatives serve in all branches.
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    What did I do today... dusted off the SG, put into drop D and rocked out through the blues jr. guitar bliss.
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    Voting is done, no rioting or looting was evident, package outside of front door appears iconic enough: Iconic Maple Leaf prominently displayed, some scuffage evident, reports of fisticuffs at the local Wal-Mart prove to be unfounded (it was only an elderly patron with a gas problem at the 20 items or less Express Line) ...
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    Yes, pensions and 401Ks are totally different. Pensions are fairly rare these days and are often lately being "re-structured" so that the money does not run out, and are (generally) not guaranteed. Pensions are like Social Security where the money you pay goes to people receiving benefits right now, and your eventual benefits will come from those paying in at that time -- this is a bad model for companies that are large but dwindling businesses (like in the nuclear power industry such as Westinghouse). The nice things about pensions is that they pay out until you die. Typically the re-structuring changes are to vary/lower the payouts based on when you want to start getting payments, and if you want to pass it on to your spouse, etc. Then there are 401k's which are supposed to be solely YOUR money and 99% of the time, they are. But if the company administers the 401K themselves, there are cases where the money gets borrowed/stolen and sometimes completely lost (people usually will be going to jail if that happens and is hugely rare). If your 401K is administered by an outside financial house (e.g., Schwab, Fidelty, etc.) then you have pretty much 0% chance of it being violated in any way. There are also cases where companies have retirement plans that are based in company stock where the value becomes close to nothing wiping out retirement plans' value (remember Enron?).
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