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    Got the first iteration of the rebuild plans. I think it is great!😁 My wife said she is willing to negotiate.
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    Hoped y’all had a great holiday season and now that it’s all but over I thought I should treat myself to another Les Paul... and in this case a 2009 Traditional. It comes loaded with Sigil Chicago 68 Set and of course I’ll change out the bridge to a Faber ABR and an aluminum tailpiece. Funny thin is this guitar has been sold a few times on Reverb at different points during its life... so see the images.... I hope to have it in my hands by Thursday.
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    this one seems to cover a lot of sonic territory. that said,, and I may get flogged for this.. but I believe that any guitar can be the Right Tool if it's in the right hands.
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    Just because I’m home on this New Year’s day ...and still in the midst of this love affair
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    If you are good enough, and follow the rules, you won't need a day job. I've had two real jobs in my life to see what normal was all about and found normal to be soooooo overrated. Phone man for a while (back when phones had wires) and Cable TV Field Engineer. During these gigs, I still played music on the weekend. I could have made more money if I stayed in the electronics industry, but I'm living a very happy life, and that's worth more than the money. I have enough to live on, the mortgage is paid, I take mostly foreign vacations every year, and other than car payments I'm debt free. I am not a corporate wage slave doing the weekly grind. I get up in the morning, go to bed at night, and in between, do what I want to do. In other words, I'm successful and I'm free. There is more than one definition of success. Notes
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    So this happened the other day. Electromatic G5422.. never had a Gretsch before. So far, I like it. Came with.. I think.. 11s, plays good but I think I want to try 10s..
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    My 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop with P90's came with a gig bag. I've been semi-looking for a hard shell case for it. I found a case on Facebook Marketplace for a decent price and drove over to Lexington, KY to buy it. It's in great condition and is one of those brown cases with the shroud and combination lock. I'm not sure what year it is or what years they were produced. He didn't know the combination so I found a video to figure out what the combination is and reset it to 000. Video URL is: Gibson Combination Lock Anyone know what year this case might be or when they quit making them? I've heard 2002 but just checking if anyone knows for certain. And, here are the pictures of the guitar with the case.
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    Well I didn't say it had to make sense 😄 And since when did that stop Gibson from doing something 😛 There are plenty of nice Gibson DCs anyway when they decide to make them.. This would be a nice cheaper end version I think... Damn the logic, this is art 🙂
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    My Ibanez jazz box. Man, she's a lot of bang for the buck. 🙂
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    I have to agree. The word "versatile" has to have limits of some kind. I think a guitar that does the things I need it to do is "versatile" enough for me, because I'll make it do what I want. If you ask me to do the banjo in Theme From Deliverance well, I don't have a guitar for that so no, I'm not very versatile. I guess I don't ask my guitars and amps and pedals to do anything I don't do, so in lots of eyes I'm "limited". I'm not. I get paid for this, not that, that's why I can't/don't do that, I do this. yeesh that took too many words. rct
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    I have to say my ES-339. I can get about any tone I'm looking for out of that thing, plays nice and clean and can get down right dirty when I want it to. Those 57 Classics are awesome!
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    Carl Sagan! As a kid, I have exchanged a few mails with Him. He was generous enough to answer a Hungarian kid - age of 8 - writing from Moscow. Bence.
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    Yes it was scripted and he was reading it off teleprompter. To be honest, I always thought he was a horses arse, but I agreed with his opinion. Right now I'm really having a lust fest over the CBS Philly meteorologist, is that bad? Kate Bilo
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    That’s how it was done. All it takes is a modified P90s cover, and two screws with locking nuts. Bence.
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    Good luck Digger, I hope everything works out ok for you.
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    All my thoughts and prayers, Digger. Hoping that your homestead and your other guitars survive the wildfires. Do ye have insurance, in case the fires get to the house? 😕
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    The Texan essentially IS a long scale J-45 (the J-45 is short scale), though with different cosmetics and (likely) a slimmer neck profile. I would be surprised if a US made version with a gloss nitro finish would be any less expensive than a Gibson J-45, given they are so similar. The Masterbilt version or the current Peter Frampton would be a good option if that price doesn't seem agreeable, though. The Frampton has an accurate 60's headstock, while the "Kalamazoo" shape of the Masterbilt's never appeared on the Texan, if that matters to you. You could also seek out a used Elite/Elitist Texan, which should be about half the price of the new USA made. By the way, I had to laugh when I saw the headline on the Epiphone website touting that the Texan was made in the USA for the first time in 50 years. A limited run were made in the USA in the mid 2000's. Red 333 he presumably recently discontinued Japanese made 1965 Texan. These are usually a few hundred less than what the US made ones will sell for.
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    I meant to say dime, but yeah. It's not small but barely visible because it's not deep. But you can certainly feel it. As far as being pleased: no not 100% pleased but I expected that. I chose a J45 over one of the Martins simply because I prefer the sound, look and feel - well knowing that Gibson still struggles with QC issues and will likely never be as well built as other guitars . I'm willing to chalk it off as part of the charm. The thing sounds and plays well and isn't a dud when it comes to the important stuff. I was able to work the fret ends and I'm ok with either living with the little dimple or polish around it if that helps. Not willing to go through an exchange or dealer repair for this since chances are that the next one I'd get has something else.
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    I don't blame any store for doing this, particularly if the store is large enough that they can't keep an eye on everyone every minute. A teenager with a flatpick and delusions of grandeur can trash the top of a guitar in less than a minute.
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    Back in 2012 I had purchased a Gibson V Bass in Heritage Cherry Gloss finish. I had to sell to pay medical bills. I have tried desperately to search the earth for one that is for sale, but have only found satin finished or ones from the 80s. If anyone has the lead on one for sale (legit), please respond to this post.
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    The serial number says it is from 2001. The rest of the guitar is not like any Gibson I've ever seen. That logo plain and simple isn't a Gibson logo that I know of. rct
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    After reading this, I dunno.... I think when I'm ready to move on from something, I'm just going to take it out back and burn it... people are nucking futz...
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    He's coming by me. I am gonna try to go. I saw him at that Grand Ole Opry last year. Damn good.
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    Gibson's lineup is certainly broad! I sure love my Songwriter12 (and CME for giving me a good deal on one):
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    I’ve always wondered what those guitars would sound like through a Mesa Boogie MarkIV cranked 😊
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    Studio One 4 Professional is very good, very intuitive and relatively cheap! Edit: if it's a DAW you want.
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    Come Dancing - Jeff Beck
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    Looks good on you.
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    I bought a used SG Special for $600 a while back. That is a rock machine. I preferred it to the Std. I had. Steve loves his Firebird V. If your gonna get a bird make it a neck through. Upper fret access on an SG is killer.
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    I had a 2014 J-15 that was one of the earliest ones made. I thought it had a wonderfully full & robust tone - more in the ballpark of maple with this particular example. As much as I liked it, it had a lot in common with my 2002 J-45 Rosewood (which still beat it out tonally) & that made it expendable. When something came along a few months ago that I absolutely had to have, the J-15 was sold to fuel the GAS. Imho, the bottom line is that walnut has the potential to sound darn good - but they've got to be assessed piece by piece, as always.
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    I am trying to figure out what this Gibson Is. Any help would be helpful and appreciated! Belonged to my late Mother!
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    Wow, rough crowd 'round here. I bought one (G-45 Standard) and it sounds pretty good to me. Walnut does have a different voice than rosewood, mahogany, maple, sepele, koa, etc., etc. But one man's wine is another's bourbon, no? And aren't modern, socially responsible companies supposed to be all about sustainability these days? Thus the walnut. No, this is not a $3000 j45 Standard and doesn't sound like one. It's not supposed to. And is there something wrong with a company producing products with a wide range of prices to attract more customers? And really "I will put the girl up first". ???????
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    A 335 is the one. I would take those over a LP or SG any day of the week. Nothing it can't do. Once you get over how big they are every thing else comes in second place.
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    Repair/restoration considerations for a guitar like this would be on a case by case basis. If you live far from a big town, where finding a skilled luthier is sketchy, you could end up devaluing. Folks looking to invest in this level guitar tend to prefer making their own choices about what to fix and who is permitted to lay hands on it. Dave
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    Nice guitars Twang!! Gotta love em Kelly, it's a 12 Road Series.
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    Very nice, Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you and all the other forum members.
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    Congratulations on your new Amp... I have heard that the new generation of tube amps sound great, but do you lose anything when you use external digital effects?
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    It’s just a great sounding guitar, coupled with the thrill he displays upon first encountering it’s tone (in Part 1).
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    With few exceptions, the musicians never got paid beans. When Motown was courting us their highest offer was 2 cents per song sold. Out of our royalties would come inflated recording costs, inflated promotion costs, and inflated distribution costs. Our manager figured we would have to sell at least a million copies of our first album to end up not owing Motown money. This is why you had so many 'one hit wonders' or 'one CD wonders". They didn't make their 'nut' and in order to record again, they would have to pay the record company what they owed. So the label dropped them, called it even, and they didn't get another chance. However if your record went viral, and sold enough to pay of your debt to the record company and make a lot of money, you could negotiate better terms for your next album, and you would be considered "an automatic" like The Rolling Stones, Garth Brooks, or Taylor Swift. The gatekeepers keep all the money. It's just like open-mic night where musicians work for free, the owners reap the profit, the bartenders, wait staff, chefs, and even the janitors get paid, but the musician gets zilch. Artists love what we do, and that's why we are so easily exploited. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Record Co's always got a big percentage as they fronted all the expenses. Nothing new. Spotify pays literally 0.. An Indy Artist with a strong following can release his or her Music & keep about 80% these days. Of course they pay all the upfront expenses. If that Artist could sell 100,000 Downloads per year that would be about $80,000. If they could sell 100,000 Albums that would be about $800,000. You would definitely have to be out on Performing over a large area to build a huge Fanbase. You'd also. Be making $$$ from performing. Is it realistic? Who knows? Depends on the Artist & the Music. It's a big crap shoot. But, it's doable...
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    Well. Jay is already a nickname for John. No one calls me John except banks, doctors etc. But somewhere along the way I almost always end up being Jay Bird. In my currant band, when I first met them the original singer's name was also Jay. So they called him Jay me Jay D or JD to not mix us up. It stuck with them and that's the only place I'm called JD. My wife hates it. In my other acoustic/electric band, my mates Mark and Steve go by Quinny and Beef. I don't call Steve Beef so much cause that goes back to High School for him. But you can imagine why he's called that. And if you hang around just a little bit it won't be long before you see.
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    Jinder, beautifully written song. Everything was very professional sounding but I would come up with a slightly different arrangement and melody and simplify it.
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    Very cool hearing about all y'all's nicknames! I've been "G Mac the Heart Attack" for the past few years...that is, until I had a heart attack. Now, it's just "G Mac" here on the forum. When I was a youngster they called me "Flash McNasty" for awhile. They called me "Thumper" at a music store where I used to teach...the studios were upstairs from the store and I was always stomping on the floor to help my students keep time. Like most of the rest of you, I've had some monikers that I cannot mention here...
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    Congrats the retirement and new fly fishing abode! As to guitars I would say you deserve a 335. But if you start leaning that way also consider a 336. I like the tone from the mahogany back/sides/center block with maple top so much better than a 335s maple/poplar/maple sandwich and they are way more comfortable to play (just slightly bigger than a LP, but much lighter). The range and quality of tones is just amazing. Everyone that has one will never give it up. I'm not sure if they are currently in production, but look for a used one. If you find one and buy it you'll never regret it.
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    What did I do wrong? During the past 4 years I've spent roughly $10,000 on Gibson guitars. I think I posted pictures of every Gibson I bought - I was making sure what I was buying an authentic Gibson. (they were all used guitars). So, yeah, anyway, about the -2 reputation: Did I offend people or something? I can't imagine what that would have been. =/
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    I’m heading into hospital for surgery on Monday actually. I’ve been having trouble with my throat and voice box for about 10 weeks, affecting my voice badly They’re going in to see what the cause is and depending on what they find, removing it. I may have to be on a beer diet for sometime after that...Grin~
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    Killing Floor - Electric Flag (from 'A Long Time Comin')
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