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    Thank you all so much for the kind replies. Her memorial was at the Armuchee Bluegrass Festival -- a place we both loved. Here are the videos of the musical part of the celebration. https://vimeo.com/showcase/6034122 There is a 32 RB-3 Gibson banjo and our 35 Jumbo Gibson guitar there, as well as an old Kay bass, a 46 D-28, and up front Aina Jo's 39 S-51 five string Kay bass and her late 50 MWard (Kay) guitar she learned on and played for me the night I met her in 1967. [For those who like such trivia, that bass was the main instrument of Mike Fuller (Fuller's Vintage Guitars) for many years. Aina Jo liked it better than the near identical one she already had, so she left her older one in Texas and brought this one back to Georgia.] I love all the odd threads of our musical lives. Best, -Tom
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    Yes, the finish of metal hardware on a VOS guitar will be dull, uneven with some light pitting and corrosion. BTW, any mention of a new instrument requires pictures be posted for close examination. It's kind of a rule.
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    Tom, those are wonderful tributes by some great musicians. Mark Bramlett has an incredible voice.
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    It is here - "Advanced Jumbo Deluxe Custom Shop" - serial number 10426012 - a "Certificate of Authenticity" is in the case. The guitar is in very good conditions, some small traces of playing, seems that it was in a showroom and the colour of the top looks as if it has seen some daylight over a longer period. Had no chance to play it longer just a visual check. Neck is ok, playability from the first few chords, too. It was shipped with new strings and an inspection checklist of the store. Maple AJs seem not to be the most preferred guitars in this store, the original price tag hanging at the case shows 550€ more than I have payed. So we have a very exclusive Instrument
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    I have a few bits of advice, based upon many years of owning, gigging, buying, and selling guitars: * If you are going to drop $1,000 to $1,300 on a Les Paul, do yourself a favor and get out there and play EVERYTHING. If you take your time, you will find one that sings to you, and that grabs your heartstrings. * I am a fan of going for the genuine Gibson when I'm ponying-up that kind of money. Better resale value, and the brand reputation means something to other gigging musicians. But that's just me. * If I find a non-Gibson in a pawnshop, and I think it's kind of cool, yes, I will pay $200 for it. Just last week I bought an early 1970's Kent copy of a Les Paul. I paid $180 for it, and it's a really, really cool lawsuit guitar. * Our opinions here are just that. Opinions. It's unlikely that you will find any definitive, "from the burning bush", blinding flashes of enlightenment and wisdom. But as you filter out the wheat from the chaff, you'll discover that you got the advice you wished to hear. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. :(
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    It was a lovely celebration of her life.
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    There are a couple of approaches you can try here...to come up with the melody first and build the chord structure around it, or try to find chord melody within the existing structure. Mother Maybelle Carter was brilliant at chord melody, and would often shadow the vocal melody with arpeggiated melody within the chords she played. I often do this in reverse, and find a vocal melody within the music. Songwriting is an absolute enigma. Nobody actually really knows what they're doing. I've been writing songs for 25yrs, am a former staff writer for Universal Records, have written and recorded ten albums for five different labels and a load of songs for other acts...I still have no idea where the songs come from, how to write a song with intent or what the formula is. Ask anyone from Carole King to a newbie and they'll all tell you the same thing. Magic can't be mapped. I'm just glad and grateful when a new one comes along.
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    I like the white also. That one sure looks good with switch washer and top hats with the silver inserts. My 2017 Standards came without the washer and the black top hats. Not a fan of those 😕. I usually keep my SGs stock in the looks dept, but I did upgrade to the washer and silver inser pt knobs the cherry SG. I think it's time I do the same to the 2017 Alpine White. 😉 it just don't look right without them.
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    It's an ES-330.
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    Ohh go on then
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    I previously posted in this thread using Photobucket; those are now gone so I have an excuse to post pics again!
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    Hi - here is my Little Lucille - 2 Blues 90 pickups + dummy coil in body for hum cancelling. Great little guitar and not too many bout these days!
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